[gst-devel] streaming server

Manuel Groeneweg ngroeneweg at chello.nl
Tue Jul 10 11:15:24 CEST 2001


Is GStreamer in it's current state capable acting like a streaming mp3 (or
video) server like Icecast?

In the status table i see plugins like
UDP transport
What are there plugins capable of?

I need a streaming server that can stream audio or video files to a remote
application in a non-standard format. What would be the best way of doing
this? I really would like to use Gstreamer for this as it is capable of many
different types of input (streaming c64 sid files would be awesome).
Would an Apache mod with Gstreamer at the back-end be a good idea (or even
The server should be capable of a large number of connections..

Any help/ideas are appreciated..


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