[gst-devel] streaming server

Manuel ngroeneweg at chello.nl
Thu Jul 12 19:53:46 CEST 2001

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From: "Erik Walthinsen" <omega at temple-baptist.com>

> > It /can/ be, but I seem to get shouted down everytime I start talking
> > about a monster plugin with a builtin queueing and I/O dispatch system
> > to handle multiple clients at multiple rates... ;)
> >
> > m, thinking 'gstreamer-launch v4lsrc ! jpegenc ! webcamsink port=60000'.
> Shouted down?  I thought I explained how to do it! ;-)
> As I mentioned in IRC, gstreamer would work well as a 1-to-many server,
> like above.  It's entirely the wrong solution if you're doing media
> serving, even seeking.

Hmm, i'm getting a bit confused here, whats the difference between a
1-to-many server and a media server?

In my head the idea is as follows (very simplistic visualisation):
radiostation -> soundcard_line_in -> mpg123 -> httpsink

The radiostation input can be changed to whatever input is needed, like
mp3's on disk, or whatever.. The 'httpsink' should be a icecast type of
streaming server, as Bastien Nocera says in his mail. There is no need for
seeking forward or backwards, the clients just have to eat what they get
served ;-P

> If you start adding reconfigurable server-side
> filtering. you might be wanting to use gstreamer for obvious reasons.  But
> it's not designed to scale to a many-to-many server design.  Not to say it

Can you give me an example of a many-to-many server application? I'm not
sure what you mean by that..


PS. Please excuse me for any ignorant views, i'm not that familiar with
network programming, and am just starting with media programming..

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