[gst-devel] Gstreamer an distributed computing

stefan.p at noos.fr stefan.p at noos.fr
Sat Mar 3 18:33:23 CET 2001

Hi !

I have a system programming project for school, wich is to implement a
distributed storage facility that can support
file stripping/mirroring across a set of disk-nodes... My teacher would like
the project to be evolutive, so it can support
streaming for example.
The project is named Random (Redundant Array of Networked Disks Obfuscately

At this time, we have defined a set of Corba interfaces representing the
various objects in the system (volume, disk, download/upload manager, ...). 

So I though we could have a RandomSource & a RandomSink wich could interoperate
with Gstreamer...
Would the Gstreamer project need to have distributed storage ? Do you have that
in mind already ?
How easy do you think it would be to implement ?

I hope this is clear enough, if it's not, please contact me for more infos...
Thank you for your time ! 
Even if I don't realy know/understand it totaly, I think Gstreamer is great !
Good work dudes!

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