[gst-devel] [Caution: new guy on list] VideoConferencing

Brian Fahrlander brian at leelumber.com
Sun Mar 4 05:31:10 CET 2001

    I'm watching my daughter on the webcam; she's in Evansville, Indiana
where the computer jobs, especially Linux jobs, are rare...and I'm in
Chicago.  For a while we held out hope that mbone tools like RAT and SDR
were going to solve our problems, but finding someone versed in
multicasting seems pretty rare, too.

    I've toyed with the idea of piping /dev/video2 to her, and
vice-versa; it's not like I need some multiparty-chat thing, just a
simple way she can click on something that says "talk with dad" and
start the conversation.

    But then comes GStreamer, answering the call of the Linux-based
codecs and such, and I was wondering if anyone has been trying it in
this application?

    I'm no programmer, more like a sysadmin/network guy/database
guy...can anyone point me in the direction of the details, and I can
test'em out?
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