[gst-devel] Control Data Connection (and more)

Ted Gould ted at gould.cx
Fri Mar 16 20:53:56 CET 2001

I have recently gotten the GStreamer CVS stuff and I have a few

Q1 - What I would like to do is write a small plugin that would be able
to do FIR filtering.  It would be nice if the coefficiants for this were
able to be passed similar to other stream data, where there could be
other plugins to generate the coefficiants (i.e. a notch filter, maybe
some sliders, a poll zero plot).  How would I do this?  I think that the
best way is to have a sink, but is there a type of data for 'control
data'?  Should I just create one?  I don't think that I want to use the
properties, they don't seem like they are adjustable real-time.

Q2 - I think that there is a typo in plugins/au/gstparseau.h line 43
where it says 'obj' it should be klass'.  I don't know if this is true
since I am not really familiar with the GTK typing stuff.

Q3 - Has anyone gotten this package to work well on a PPC?  I have
successfully compiled it on mine, but it crashes pretty regularly.
Things like gstreamer-register crash when I run them, but when I run it
under gdb, it runs fine...  Maybe it is a tool version problem - I am
running LinuxPPC 2000 Q4.

Q4 - I am just niave on the whole autoconf configuring everything
process.  Does anyone know a good resource for learning this?

Sorry about all the questions.  Thanks in advance,


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