[gst-devel] PWG

Richard Boulton richard at tartarus.org
Sun Mar 18 15:49:16 CET 2001

At http://www.tartarus.org/~richard/gst-plugin-writers-guide/index.html
there is a generated copy of the latest version of the PWG.

One section I need help with is the list of types for data being passed
between elements: this is at

Please, please, please, could people read this page and give me feedback on
it, preferably by email.  In particular, the properties for the video data
types are very sparse.  If you know of other mimetypes I should be
listing, please give me their details, too.

(Note that the PWG is undergoing major work at the moment: if you see
things which are factually incorrect, please draw them to my attention,
otherwise please be patient...)


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