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Wed Mar 21 20:07:55 CET 2001

[03:05] <richardb-asleep> dom_ludlam: Put what your problem was, and how you solved it, on the wiki, for others to learn from your experiences... ;-)
[03:06] <richardb-asleep> (http://www.gstreamer.net/cgi-bin/wiki/moin.cgi)
[03:06] <richardb-asleep> Oh, and while I'm sleep-talking, there are now snapshots of the latest documentation from CVS at www.gstreamer.net/docs/cvs/ 
[03:06] <richardb-asleep> Updated nightly.
[03:10] <dom_ludlam> oh, sure
[03:11] <dom_ludlam> cool
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[03:34] <dom_ludlam> hi
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[04:17] <dom_ludlam> Sweet!
[04:17] <omega_> ?
[04:17] <dom_ludlam> my build animations program works
[04:17] <omega_> which?
[04:17] chillywilly (baumannd at d87.as26.nwbl0.wi.voyager.net) joined #gstreamer.
[04:17] <omega_> yo
[04:17] <dom_ludlam> static jpegs -> mpeg
[04:17] <omega_> oooh
[04:18] <dom_ludlam> the gstreamer pipeline is running in a thread in the background, and I've got it updating my progress bar
[04:18] <omega_> ooooh
[04:18] <omega_> http://gstreamer.net/cgi-bin/wiki/moin.cgi/GstUsers
[04:19] <dom_ludlam> I wrote the multidisksrc for it aswell
[04:19] <omega_> how do you handle the file list?
[04:19] <dom_ludlam> GSList
[04:19] <omega_> internal or external?
[04:19] <dom_ludlam> as in who owns the memory?
[04:19] <omega_> yeah, does the app hand it a list, or do you hand it file,file,file,file and it adds them to the list internally?
[04:20] <dom_ludlam> well, it has a 'locations' arg which is just defined as a pointer, and that has to be a GSList *
[04:20] <omega_> ok
[04:20] <omega_> how might it deal with changing the glist while it's running?
[04:20] <dom_ludlam> hehehe - don't do that :)
[04:21] <omega_> I'd set it up so the multisrc only keeps one GSList pointer and does nothing but step through it
[04:21] <omega_> that way the app could append to it later, and not have concurrency problems
[04:21] <dom_ludlam> yes, it does
[04:21] <dom_ludlam> well, the head of the list and the current list pointer
[04:21] <omega_> as long as you don't *write* to the list from the multisrc, and don't race with zero pending files, you're OK
[04:21] <dom_ludlam> yep.
[04:21] <omega_> any reason to keep the head ptr?
[04:22] <omega_> since you should only return the current pointer when queried
[04:22] <dom_ludlam> yeah, I guess
[04:22] <omega_> I suppose it could have uses to return it as a separate arg
[04:22] <dom_ludlam> I thought it might be convinient if it freed the list when you set it to a new one
[04:23] <omega_> hmmm
[04:23] <omega_> I wouldn't
[04:23] <dom_ludlam> ok
[04:23] Action: omega_ wonders then what happens to the head of the list as the thing walks it...
[04:23] <omega_> the application could go about deconstructing the head ofthe list, maybe a signal from multisrc saying "I'm done with this one"
[04:24] <dom_ludlam> ok, it doesn't store the head anymore
[04:24] <omega_> you signal on the end of each file?
[04:24] <dom_ludlam> yes, I use a new_file signal to update the progress bar
[04:24] <omega_> cool
[04:24] <omega_> with the filename or the GSList ptr, or both as args?
[04:25] <dom_ludlam> filename
[04:25] sienap (synap at ipc379c04a.dial.wxs.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[04:25] <omega_> I'd add the listptr too, so the app can dealloc that
[04:25] <sienap> Omega!!
[04:25] <omega_> yo
[04:25] <sienap> omega you are in holland this saturday huh ?
[04:25] <omega_> next
[04:25] <sienap> or next..
[04:25] <sienap> next aah damn
[04:25] <sienap> that i am at my girlfriends place
[04:25] <sienap> so no meet ;(
[04:25] <omega_> were you coming to the amsterdam meet?
[04:26] <omega_> oh
[04:26] <sienap> else i could came
[04:26] <omega_> oops
[04:26] <sienap> hehe shit happens
[04:26] <sienap> aah i am sure we will meet some day ;)
[04:26] <omega_> yup
[04:26] <dom_ludlam> aah... you wouldn't want to free the list ptr from the signal, it gives you the current file not the one just finished
[04:26] <sienap> how is development going ?
[04:27] <omega_> right, just that element of the list
[04:27] <omega_> g_list_free_one or somesuch
[04:27] <omega_> after unlinking it
[04:27] <omega_> sienap: lots of neat stuff happening, anothe company is very interested in using gstreamer
[04:27] <sienap> ooh tell me !
[04:28] <sienap> TELL ME DAMN!
[04:28] <omega_> not much detail yet, but a DAW company with *killer* connections is seriously looking at using gstreamer as the basis for their product
[04:28] <sienap> *excited*
[04:28] <sienap> ow helll yeahhhhhh
[04:29] <sienap> this is GOOD stuff
[04:29] <omega_> yup
[04:29] <sienap> so you proved.. it is all about quality
[04:29] <sienap> if quality is good people are intrested ;)
[04:29] <omega_> so it seems <g>
[04:29] <omega_> dom_ludlam: how long did it take you to get that thing running?
[04:29] <sienap> omega i am really happy :)
[04:30] <sienap> must feel good :)
[04:30] <omega_> yup <g>
[04:30] Action: omega_ just hopes he can keep all these things straight
[04:30] <sienap> no doubt :)
[04:30] <sienap> http://wm.themes.org/themes.phtml?themeid=984895492 cute girl :) 
[04:31] <omega_> <g>
[04:31] <sienap> isn't she ? :)
[04:32] <omega_> hrm, /me assumes that a CD with no title is "self-titled"
[04:32] <omega_> yeah
[04:32] <sienap> not that i am searching for something else :)
[04:32] <omega_> hehe
[04:32] <sienap> but she looks cute :)
[04:33] <dom_ludlam> well, about 3 or 4 hours sunday to write the plugin
[04:33] <dom_ludlam> and ages to get to grips with GTK and glade :/
[04:33] <sienap> dom ludlam what kind of plugin ?
[04:33] <omega_> heh
[04:33] <dom_ludlam> then a while today getting the threading to work because it was blocking the gui
[04:33] <sienap> Wed Mar 21 04:42:32 UTC 2001
[04:33] <sienap> mm strange time to wakeup btw :)
[04:33] <sienap> dom hehehe :)
[04:34] <sienap> dom tell me about your plugin :)
[04:34] <sienap> wget /dev/cola
[04:34] <sienap> brb
[04:34] <omega_> hehe
[04:34] <dom_ludlam> its a multidiskdrc, outputs a list of files in sequence
[04:34] <omega_> it just uses read(2) ?
[04:34] <dom_ludlam> I'm using it to build mpg's from a set of jpg's
[04:35] <dom_ludlam> yeah, mmap the files
[04:35] <omega_> ok
[04:35] <dom_ludlam> I basically modified disksrc
[04:35] <omega_> I've learned some stuff about mmap()ing that should be applied to that, though I need to get more info...
[04:35] Action: omega_ sends mail
[04:35] <sienap> dom aah ic ;)
[04:35] <sienap> cute 
[04:35] <sienap> omega btw mrrazz atleast has a working flx codec and a almost working voc codec :)
[04:36] <omega_> voc?
[04:36] <sienap> the vocdec plays 2 times too fast :) while it isn't suppose to
[04:36] <sienap> .voc
[04:36] <omega_> need to timestamp the data
[04:36] <dom_ludlam> Oh no!
[04:36] <dom_ludlam> `gtk_marshal_NONE__STRING_POINTER' undeclared
[04:36] <omega_> what is .voc?
[04:36] <sienap> you don't know the format ?
[04:36] <omega_> eh?
[04:36] <omega_> nope
[04:36] <sienap> it is an old .wav afaik something
[04:36] <sienap> used a lot in the older days :)
[04:36] <sienap> like flx ;)
[04:36] <sienap> some ancient format support is fun :)
[04:37] <omega_> hrm, I see gtk_marshal_BOOL__POINTER_STRING_STRING_POINTER <g>
[04:37] <sienap> however some special things upcoming for the next release ?
[04:37] <dom_ludlam> quick, lets think of more arguments... it can return true to go to the next file...
[04:38] <sienap> btw what about someone make an xmms input plugin ? :) xmms has a decent gui atleast :)
[04:38] <omega_> sienap: there are xmms plugins for gstreamer in CVS
[04:38] <omega_> dom_ludlam: just pass the pointer to the GSList that's done with, it has the filename pointer in it
[04:38] <dom_ludlam> yeah, ok
[04:39] <sienap> omega i mean FOR xmms not the wrapper
[04:39] <omega_> oh.  well, we're hoping that xmms2 will be based on gstreamer
[04:40] <sienap> yeah guess what
[04:40] <sienap> xmms dudes suck :)
[04:40] <sienap> it won't be
[04:40] <omega_> yeah, well....
[04:40] <dom_ludlam> could the makefiles automatically run gstreamer-register on make install?
[04:40] <omega_> then we just build our own media player that kicks their a**
[04:40] <sienap> why not ?
[04:40] <omega_> dom_ludlam: not sure it's a good idea
[04:40] <omega_> theoretically, you don't need a registry at all
[04:41] <omega_> but there's a bug I haven't looked for yet that doesn't do a load_all when there's no registry, or at least that's what it seems like
[04:41] <omega_> either that or the structures loaded from the registry aren't the same as those loaded when the plugins load, which would be a major bug (not mine! <g>)
[04:42] <sienap> omega he :) there are anough tries left :)
[04:43] <sienap> omega btw i personally was thinking of some sort of mp3tool project that allows you to change id3 tag and convert from wav to mp3 and the whole bla bla :)
[04:43] <sienap> maybe i go look deeper in it
[04:43] <sienap> with the help of others >:)
[04:43] <omega_> id3tag stuff isn't really gstreamer's problem, though it would be easy to do
[04:44] <omega_> id3's aren't streamed unless it's icecast, and I'm not sure how that works
[04:44] <omega_> since id3's are at the beginning or end of the file, you'd be rewriting the whole file with no reason
[04:44] <sienap> i know :)
[04:44] <omega_> but the wav convert is trivial
[04:44] <sienap> but i don't have to use EVERYTHING from gstreamer :)
[04:44] <sienap> hehe guess so indeed :)
[04:44] <omega_> no gstreamer-cp ?
[04:45] <sienap> -cp ?
[04:45] <omega_> wtay joked long ago about rewriting cp(1) with gstreamer, just cause he could
[04:45] <dom_ludlam> can I flush a pipeline?  I'm terminating the thread on eos, but that happens before the buffers make it all the way throught the pipeline
[04:46] <dom_ludlam> hmm..
[04:46] <omega_> that's a problem that hte event system will solve, where you can call explicit flushes
[04:46] <omega_> we don't have a good solution yet, though wtay has a hack in place
[04:46] <dom_ludlam> I guess I need to finish when the last buffer gets to the disksink
[04:46] <sienap> ooh he :)
[04:46] <omega_> afaik, you can call iterate() until it returns FALSE
[04:46] <sienap> omega ftpsrc -> disksink >:) let's rewrite ftp as well then
[04:46] <dom_ludlam> right, but that would block the ui
[04:46] <omega_> right
[04:46] <omega_> there either is or should be an EOS signal for each pad that you could attach to
[04:47] <omega_> check gstpad.c, see if there's a signal that fires, you can attach to disksrc:sink's eos signal, which should fire after the last buffer goes out
[04:47] <omega_> the new event system will be pretty similar in that respect, even
[04:48] <sienap> oohcool they tracked down the mars lander :)
[04:49] <sienap> it is landed nice on it's "legs"
[04:49] <sienap> :)
[04:49] <sienap> the only thing they know
[04:49] <omega_> so the hope <g>
[04:49] <dom_ludlam> what's gst_pad_set_eos_function?
[04:49] <dom_ludlam> aah.. my brother worked for JPL during the MPL
[04:49] <dom_ludlam> they think it's unlikely that that's accurate
[04:50] <omega_> gst_pad_eos_function will override the default eos handler
[04:50] <omega_> the whole eos system is odd right now
[04:50] <omega_> if you dare, you can check out docs/random/wtay/eos*
[04:50] <omega_> eos-19012001 is probably pretty accurate
[04:53] <dom_ludlam> hmm.. I get this:
[04:53] <dom_ludlam> INFO:gst_pad_eos_func:1522: set EOS on sink pad disk_sink:sink
[04:53] <dom_ludlam> but not the signal
[04:54] <omega_> hrm
[04:54] <omega_> checking
[04:54] <omega_> using HEAD ?
[04:54] <omega_> hrm, there doesn't seem to be a EOS signal ;-(
[04:54] Action: omega_ is fixing that
[04:55] <sienap> hehe
[04:55] <dom_ludlam> yeah, using head but haven't updated since sunday
[04:56] <dom_ludlam> hmm.. 4:02, should probably go to sleep now... :/
[04:56] <omega_> heh
[04:56] <omega_> where are you?
[04:56] <sienap> he
[04:56] <sienap> uk huh ?
[04:56] <dom_ludlam> UK
[04:56] <sienap> as i thought :)
[04:56] <sienap> Wed Mar 21 05:05:07 UTC 2001
[04:56] <omega_> any chance you can make it Amsterdam on the 31st?
[04:56] <sienap> holland
[04:56] <sienap> but i just woke up :)
[04:56] <omega_> http://gstreamer.net/2001odyssey.shtml
[04:56] <dom_ludlam> I'd love to, I saw the posts on the list, but I don't think I can make it :(
[04:57] <omega_> well, if you can, let me know and I'll make sure you're on the list
[04:57] <omega_> it's a Sat... <g>
[04:57] <dom_ludlam> ok cool, thanks
[04:57] <dom_ludlam> right, I'll finish this off tomorrow and send in the code
[04:57] <omega_> cool
[04:57] dom_ludlam (dom at left irc: sleeeeep
[04:58] <sienap> omega the plugin base is heavily expanding huh ?
[04:58] <omega_> yup
[04:58] <omega_> it's a bit uncontrolled right now, which is going to have to change
[04:58] <omega_> we need a packaging means for external plugins, a list of them, pages for each if not hosted by the author
[04:58] <omega_> or move them into the core
[04:58] <sienap> rtpsrc / sink, alsasrc / sink, mutlidisksrc, flxdec (if mrrazz atleast post the code someday), vocdec( same story )
[04:58] <omega_> which is happening for a lot already (wtay's been doing all that)
[04:58] <sienap> xmmswrapper
[04:59] <sienap> great :)
[04:59] <sienap> we also need some sort of big list of all known audio / video formats :) so we can tag out which we support which are important and which are still to do
[04:59] tool-man (tim at fl35-d27.msen.net) joined #gstreamer.
[04:59] <omega_> wotsit.org
[04:59] <tool-man> howdy
[04:59] <omega_> but yeah, we need our own
[04:59] <omega_> yo
[05:00] <sienap> let me see
[05:00] <sienap> hmm unkown host name
[05:00] <omega_> hrm
[05:00] <sienap> Tim taylor :)
[05:00] <omega_> no heide jokes....
[05:00] <omega_> www.wotsit.org
[05:00] <sienap> ooh
[05:00] <sienap> sorry :)
[05:00] <tool-man> yes, that's my real name
[05:00] <sienap> tim really ?
[05:00] <omega_> I bet that sucked at times
[05:01] <sienap> damn you say you are happy about that ? :)
[05:01] <tool-man> embrace the nickname or go insane
[05:01] <omega_> yup
[05:01] <tool-man> does gst_pipeline_destroy also destroy the elements in the pipeline?
[05:02] <omega_> nope
[05:02] <omega_> it's broken
[05:02] <omega_> destruction is a major hole we have now, just waiting for someone to fix it <g>
[05:02] <tool-man> got it
[05:02] Action: tool-man loves automatic GC
[05:03] Action: omega_ doesn't like the limits of a GC-capable language
[05:03] <omega_> specifically, they're not C <g>
[05:03] <tool-man> point
[05:03] <sienap> he omega_ wtay is going to do some sort of organised plugin database huh ?
[05:03] <sienap> would be nice
[05:03] <omega_> dunno
[05:03] <omega_> probably should get someone working on something on sf
[05:03] <omega_> though there's a chance that gstreamer.net might move to a rr server, we still have to weigh the pros/cons for that
[05:04] <sienap> he
[05:04] <omega_> the rr server is colo at HostPro, but sourceforge may be able to provide better failover
[05:08] <omega_> tool-man: what are you up to these days?
[05:22] <tool-man> omega_: you there?
[05:25] <sienap> hej guys
[05:25] <sienap> i am off again
[05:25] <sienap>  bye erik / tim
[05:25] <tool-man> later
[05:25] <sienap> catch you guys up later
[05:25] sienap (synap at ipc379c04a.dial.wxs.nl) left irc: sienap has no reason
[05:30] Action: omega_ is back
[05:30] Action: tool-man is still here
[05:30] <omega_> yes, gstreamer-specific, or more generally if you like <g>
[05:33] <tool-man> well, I've figured out how to use gcc 3.0 to link my Java app to gstreamer.  I have it working so that 1 Java thread is roughly equal to one mp3 playing pipeline, and furthermore, each thread does all the gstreamer initialization (builind the pipleine) upfront while the current pipeline is playing, then it waits until the current pipeline has reached EOS before starting to play.  Get's pretty close to song concatenation...close enough for me, for now.
[05:33] <omega_> whoah
[05:33] <omega_> reading...
[05:33] <tool-man> hehe
[05:33] <omega_> ooooh
[05:33] <omega_> RNI ?
[05:34] <omega_> or whatever that's called
[05:34] <tool-man> CNI (Cygnus/Code Native Interface) yup
[05:34] <omega_> cool
[05:34] <tool-man> I'll share the code with the list once it's presentable
[05:34] <omega_> how do gstreamer threads cooperate with java threads?
[05:35] <tool-man> I'm not really sure :)
[05:35] <omega_> hmmm
[05:35] <tool-man> I'm not using autoplugging, and I'm currently basing the C portion of my code off the helloworld exapmple
[05:35] <omega_> ok
[05:35] <tool-man> which doesn't use gstreamer threads
[05:36] <omega_> right
[05:37] <tool-man> I'm pretty sure, though, that gstreamer and Java threads should interract OK...or, more specifically, not actually interract much.
[05:37] <omega_> right, that's what I was thinking/hoping
[05:38] <omega_> that makes it easier to use transparently
[05:38] <omega_> http://gstreamer.net/cgi-bin/wiki/moin.cgi/GstUsers
[05:38] <omega_> should add yourself to that, and create yourself a page
[05:39] Action: tool-man is going there now
[05:39] <tool-man> of course, the original thing that got me doing this was my silly idea to make yet another MP3 jukebox server
[05:39] <omega_> heh
[05:40] <tool-man> which, by virtue of using gstreamer is now just a "media jukebox server" since I'll use autoplugging once it settles down
[05:40] <omega_> heh <g>
[05:57] <omega_> you should fill in your page with what you're up to, if you aren't already <g>
[05:59] <tool-man> done
[06:00] <tool-man> now I just have to remember to keep it updated
[06:00] <omega_> heh
[06:11] ajmitch (me at p20-max1.dun.ihug.co.nz) joined #gstreamer.
[06:11] <omega_> yo
[06:11] <tool-man> howdy
[06:11] <ajmitch> hey
[06:12] <omega_> whoo!!!
[06:12] <omega_> SEUL hit /.
[06:12] <omega_> sorta
[06:12] <tool-man> SEUL?
[06:12] <omega_> seul.org
[06:12] <omega_> a project I headed up for a couple years a while ago
[06:13] <tool-man> cool...posted in someone's comment?
[06:13] <omega_> nope, at the bottom of the top story
[06:13] <omega_> and the top story is about the k12linux project, which I was also involved in at its inception
[06:13] <omega_> it's in Portland
[06:14] <tool-man> hehe...you're connected
[06:14] <ajmitch> nice
[06:14] <omega_> quite <g>
[06:14] <tool-man> congrats
[06:14] <omega_> from seul cvs mail list:
[06:14] <omega_> Log Message:
[06:14] <omega_> I will not commit repo while really tired.
[06:14] Last message repeated 2 time(s).
[06:14] <ajmitch> haha
[06:14] Action: tool-man laughs
[06:15] <omega_> that was on *the* index.html
[06:15] <omega_> er, maybe not, but the one that matters (seul.org/edu/)
[06:16] <omega_> <omega_> is moria/cran holding up? <g>
[06:16] <omega_> <pete> :)
[06:17] <omega_> actually, it's belegost, and it's at loadavg 0.20
[06:18] <omega_> it took a worldforge /. a week ago, so it's used to this
[06:18] <chillywilly> wtf are you talkin' a bout?
[06:18] <omega_> seul.org
[06:18] <chillywilly> ph
[06:18] <chillywilly> oh
[06:18] <omega_> it's getting slashdotted
[06:18] <ajmitch> hehe, you should pay attention chillywilly
[06:18] <chillywilly> shaddup
[06:18] <omega_> ah, which of you is responsible for _gst_newt_ ?
[06:19] <ajmitch> omega_: wtay is ;)
[06:19] <omega_> hmm, he implicated you
[06:19] <ajmitch> omega_: of course i planted the idea in his mind
[06:19] <chillywilly> I gotta write  wrapper glass for the histogram stuff in GSL
[06:19] <omega_> hmmm, does it record somewhere accessible?
[06:19] <chillywilly> class
[06:20] <ajmitch> omega_: not yet, i'll get him to setup a cron job to mail the logs to a mailing list each day
[06:20] <ajmitch> omega_: i've had that running for awhile
[06:20] <chillywilly> you give wtay the same bot code as AixosBot?
[06:20] <chillywilly> or is the newt something else
[06:21] <ajmitch> chillywilly: apt-get install eggdrop
[06:21] <ajmitch> ;)
[06:21] <chillywilly> ;)
[06:21] <omega_> doh
[06:21] <ajmitch> my bot isn't up to scratch yet
[06:21] <chillywilly> get with it ajmitch
[06:21] <ajmitch> in fact, i haven't touched mine for months ;)
[06:22] Action: chillywilly is starting maintain his ChangeLog file for GSim
[06:22] Action: ajmitch is afraid to look at his old code
[06:23] <omega_> <omega_> I just found out how hard it is to transfer a domain from one person to another, it could be a significant trick for seul.org
[06:23] <omega_> <arma> ok..well, it doesn't matter, until it does
[06:23] <omega_> <arma> watch out for busses.
[06:23] <ajmitch> omega_: you own the seul.org domain?
[06:23] <omega_> yeah
[06:24] <ajmitch> hah, now i know your address (well what whois reports) ;)
[06:24] <omega_> yeah, well, gstreamer.net has the same info
[06:24] <ajmitch> yeah, i should have guessed ;)
[06:28] <chillywilly> hey writing C++ is odd after doing C for a while
[06:28] <ajmitch> hehe
[06:28] <chillywilly> I start to forget about all these constructors, destructors, operator overloading and all that
[06:29] Nick change: ajmitch -> aj_food
[06:29] <aj_food> bbl
[06:56] Nick change: taaz -> taazzzz
[06:58] Nick change: aj_food -> ajmitch
[06:58] <ajmitch> hey, i'm back ;)
[07:31] Action: tool-man is going to bed
[07:31] <tool-man> night, all
[07:31] tool-man (tim at fl35-d27.msen.net) left irc: [x]chat
[07:38] <sluncho> omega?
[07:39] <omega_> yeah?
[07:39] <ajmitch> wow, hi sluncho, omega_, i didn't know people were still here ;)
[07:39] <sluncho> i discovered why the scheduling for the thread never runs
[07:40] <omega_> oh?
[07:40] <sluncho> i am talking about mpeg2.c , remember?
[07:40] <omega_> yeah
[07:40] <sluncho> the plan is never created
[07:40] <omega_> yeah
[07:40] <sluncho> and the scheduling function cant find any managed elements
[07:41] <omega_> right
[07:41] <omega_> incsched1 helps that, but still has some problems
[07:41] <sluncho> the plan is created in gst_bin_change_state
[07:41] <sluncho>       if (!parent || !GST_IS_BIN (parent))
[07:41] <sluncho>         gst_bin_create_plan (bin);
[07:41] <omega_> I'm documenting things now, so incsched will make more sense, and I hope to get it merged soon
[07:41] <omega_> right, that's a broken hack
[07:41] <sluncho> this code only creates the plan is the bin has no parent
[07:42] <omega_> you could try to work around it by calling gst_bin_create_plan on the thread
[07:42] <omega_> see if that lets it work
[07:42] <omega_> but that's a temp. hack
[07:42] <sluncho> I deleted the line where I add the thread to the toplevel bin and the plan is getting built
[07:42] <omega_> did it help?
[07:42] <sluncho> i am iterating only over the top bin, so the thread never gets called
[07:43] <omega_> hrm
[07:43] <omega_> setting the thread to READY should start the thread, and to PLAYING should start it
[07:43] <sluncho> i guess I can add another iterator with g_idle_add
[07:43] <omega_> but there's a race
[07:43] <omega_> ick, no
[07:43] <omega_> put a short sleep between a state set to READY and one to PLAYING
[07:43] <omega_> give the thread a chance to spin up, so it can catch the PLAYING change
[07:43] <sluncho> even if the thread is in a playng state, I need to iterate over it
[07:44] <omega_> the new threadlocking code fixes this, but it's not in CVS yet
[07:44] <omega_> not if you give it a chance to wake up <g>
[07:44] <sluncho> right now I am only iterating over the pipeline, but the thread is not in the pipeline
[07:44] <omega_> it isn't *in* the pipeline?
[07:44] <omega_> the thread should have the pipeline as a parent
[07:44] <sluncho> I deleted the line where I add the thread to the toplevel bin, because i wanted it to have no parent
[07:44] <omega_> hmmm
[07:45] <sluncho> if i add it to the pipeline, create_plan is never called
[07:45] <omega_> ok, it shouldn't cause any other problems that I can think of, but that's not the correct way in the long run
[07:45] <omega_> again, incsched fixes that <g>
[07:45] <sluncho> maybe calling it create_plan would work
[07:45] <omega_> yeah, but don't forget that short sleep
[07:45] <sluncho> why the short sleep?
[07:46] <omega_> because there's a race with the thread startup code
[07:46] <omega_> if you set playing right away, the thread doesn't get the signal to go to playing
[07:46] <sluncho> if I add the thread to the pipeline, I don't have to set the thread to PLAYING
[07:47] <omega_> right, but it gets set when you set the pipeline
[07:47] <sluncho> I just need to set the pipeline and it will trickle down to the thread, right?
[07:47] <omega_> so you still need the sleep
[07:47] <omega_> right
[07:48] <sluncho> doesn't the code that does the READY->PLAYING transition check if the thread is done initializing before it does things to it?
[07:48] <omega_> yes, but that's broken ;-(
[07:48] <sluncho> ah
[07:48] <omega_> the new code works nicely, but is on my laptop still because it's closely tied to incsched
[07:49] <sluncho> ok
[07:49] Action: omega_ is struggling with incsched to get it mergable...
[07:50] <omega_> and /me is struggling with his own scheduling... ;-(
[07:50] <sluncho> what will happen if I call gst_bin_create_plan on the pipeline (again)?
[07:50] <omega_> again?  it won't have been called, because of the check you mentioned
[07:50] <omega_> but regardless, it tosses the old schedule (if any) and recreates it
[07:50] <omega_> just don't call it while it's iterating <g>
[07:51] <omega_> that reminds me ;-(
[07:51] <omega_> I need to make sure all this incsched stuff is threadsafe too, bleagh
[07:52] <sluncho> so setting the pipeline to PAUSED, calling gst_bin_create_plan on it and setting it back to PLAYING should give me poor-man's incsched?
[07:52] <omega_> pretty much
[07:52] <sluncho> will it reset the plugins?
[07:52] <omega_> not in PAUSED
[07:53] <omega_> in READY, possibly
[07:53] <omega_> but the thread could get in the way, since it will be in the middle of an iteration most likely ;-(
[07:57] <sluncho> wow, I did get sound.... 5 sec and then a segfault
[07:57] <omega_> oops
[07:57] <omega_> can you trace it?
[07:57] <sluncho> yes
[07:57] <sluncho> just a sec
[08:01] <sluncho> its in decode_buffer_syncframe() in ac3dec\decode.c...
[08:01] <omega_> ok, that doesn't surprise me
[08:01] <omega_> the ac3dec code is ancient
[08:01] Action: omega_ needs to get back on the ball with taaz and walken and get mpeg2dec and ac3dec APIs reworked
[08:02] <sluncho> is it based on libac3 or is it written from scratch?
[08:02] <omega_> based on ac3dec
[08:02] <omega_> before it was a lib
[08:03] <sluncho> i tried playing a different vob, and it works fine
[08:03] <omega_> hmmm
[08:03] <omega_> yeah, like I said, it's got issues <g>
[08:03] <sluncho> i guess it's a bad frame
[08:03] <omega_> or just a frame it can't dealw ith
[08:04] <sluncho> that's what I mean
[08:04] <omega_> ok, so mpeg2.c works now?
[08:04] <sluncho> i'll try to fix it
[08:04] <sluncho> yes, mpeg2 works
[08:04] <omega_> 'works'
[08:04] <omega_> cool!
[08:04] <omega_> can you send me the latest code, so I can work out incsched bugs with it?
[08:04] <sluncho> hmm... segfault after eos and closing the sound device...
[08:04] <omega_> ick
[08:05] <sluncho> it's in the same function
[08:05] <omega_> heh, ok
[08:06] <omega_> if you could send mail to the list saying "the ac3dec plugin is broken!" that might get some response <g>
[08:06] <sluncho> yeah, i'll send you the source
[08:06] chillywilly_ (baumannd at d87.as26.nwbl0.wi.voyager.net) joined #gstreamer.
[08:06] <omega_> yo
[08:07] chillywilly (baumannd at d87.as26.nwbl0.wi.voyager.net) left irc: Read error to chillywilly[d87.as26.nwbl0.wi.voyager.net]: Connection reset by peer
[08:07] <omega_> oops
[08:07] <ajmitch> omega_: you'd get responses if you posted 'gstreamer sucks, i'm giving up & working on arts' ;)
[08:07] <omega_> um, yeah <g>
[08:07] Nick change: chillywilly_ -> chillywilly
[08:20] Action: chillywilly is away: caffiene run!
[08:20] Nick change: chillywilly -> cwCaffieneFreak
[08:27] <sluncho> omega: did you write the ac3dec plugin?
[08:28] <sluncho> if so, are there any other changes besides the ac3dec.c file?
[08:29] <sluncho> i'm trying to see how hard would it be to bring the ac3dec code uptodate
[08:38] Action: cwCaffieneFreak is back (gone 00:18:07)
[08:38] Nick change: cwCaffieneFreak -> cwchillywilly
[08:38] <omega_> um, I don't remember if I did the ac3dec plugin
[08:38] Nick change: cwchillywilly -> chillywilly
[08:39] <omega_> I think so, but that should tell you that I don't remember <g> ;-(
[08:39] <sluncho> it has only your name
[08:39] <omega_> sluncho: there's no source attached.  oops <g>
[08:40] <sluncho> anyway, i'm going to bed, i'll try to do some work on ac3 in the next few days
[09:01] <sluncho> nethirc rules
[09:02] <omega_> hrm, it didn't let xchat tell me how long the ping took ;-(
[09:03] <sluncho> well, for a 1000 line perl script that's not surprising :-)
[09:03] <omega_> hmm, ok
[09:03] <omega_> but it does respond, just not in a standard way
[09:04] <omega_> -sluncho- You stagger...
[09:04] <omega_> -sluncho- 1025824959 985161969
[09:04] <sluncho> i didn't know it had any ctcp support...
[09:04] <chillywilly> you ppl still awake?
[09:04] <omega_> barely
[09:04] <omega_> sluncho: don't forget to email me the actual source <g>
[09:04] Action: sluncho needs to go to bed badly
[09:04] <chillywilly> sup wit dat?
[09:04] <sluncho> omega: i already did
[09:04] <omega_> I got a message with a usage line and no source
[09:05] marcf (marcf at rfx-64-6-197-202.users.reflexcom.com) joined #gstreamer.
[09:05] <omega_> yo
[09:05] <marcf> hey
[09:06] <marcf> read an article on linuxpower.
[09:06] <marcf> neat stuff.
[09:06] <omega_> the interview?
[09:06] <marcf> yeah
[09:07] <ajmitch> where? what? how?
[09:07] <omega_> cool
[09:07] <marcf> so how's the commute? :)
[09:07] <omega_> not bad
[09:07] <marcf> 2 hours, eh.
[09:07] <omega_> though the day after it hit /., weather delayed the flight by 2hrs ;-(
[09:07] <marcf> hmmm... do you fly every day?
[09:07] <omega_> hardly
[09:08] <marcf> how often do you have to show up there?
[09:08] <omega_> I go up there for a week at a time, every couple weeks
[09:08] <marcf> that's what I thought.
[09:08] <omega_> I was there last week, I maybe be up there for a few days next week before I take off to Europe
[09:08] <marcf> the article made it sound like you had to do it on a frequent basis.
[09:08] <marcf> Where ya going in Europe?
[09:08] <omega_> hrm, not too frequent...
[09:08] <omega_> Amsterdam (gstreamer.net/2001odyssey.shtml), then Copenhagen for GUADEC (guadec.gnome.dk), then Norway to visit more relatives
[09:09] <marcf> oh yeah.
[09:09] <marcf> the article mentioned that, right?
[09:09] <omega_> I think so
[09:09] <marcf> Amsterdam should be cool.
[09:11] <marcf> I used to live 45 minutes from the Dutch border (in Germany).
[09:11] <omega_> yup
[09:11] <omega_> heh
[09:11] <omega_> 45 by autobahn, meaning who knows how far...? <g>
[09:11] <marcf> No.. by bike.  I moved back to the states by the time I turned 16.
[09:11] <marcf> Over there you have to be 18 to drive.
[09:11] <marcf> That was a while back.
[09:11] <omega_> ah
[09:11] <marcf> So... did I read this correctly that you were at OGI?
[09:11] <omega_> yup
[09:11] <marcf> Did you finish your degree there?
[09:12] <omega_> I was just a programmer there, I never took any classes there
[09:12] <marcf> Oh...
[09:12] Action: omega_ doesn't even have a Bachelor's
[09:12] <marcf> Who did you work for?
[09:12] <marcf> or with?
[09:12] <sluncho> boxers or briefs?
[09:12] <omega_> School district, Sequent, OGI/SySL/Quasar, Digital Mercury, now RidgeRun
[09:12] <marcf> I mean at OGI...  
[09:13] <marcf> Did you work for people in the computer science department?
[09:13] <omega_> worked with the Quasar project, headed by Jon Walpole
[09:13] <marcf> Did you run into a guy by the name of Dylan McNamee?
[09:13] <omega_> yup
[09:13] <marcf> Heh
[09:13] <omega_> we did a very very cool project
[09:13] <omega_> I should dig out the images
[09:13] <marcf> He's a great guy.  
[09:13] <omega_> yup
[09:13] <omega_> he's working for TrueDisk now
[09:14] <omega_> know him from UW ?
[09:14] <marcf> He finished his Ph.D. at UW while I was sitting at another desk hacking away on the SPIN kernel.
[09:14] <omega_> heh
[09:14] <marcf> Yup... knew him from there. 
[09:14] <omega_> cool
[09:14] <omega_> hrm, also know pbd?
[09:15] <marcf> You mean Paul Barton-Davis (spell?)
[09:15] <omega_> yup
[09:15] <marcf> Its been many years since I last spoke to him.  I know him more in passing in the hallways.
[09:15] <omega_> heh
[09:15] <omega_> it seems that he's kinda my competition right now <g>
[09:15] <marcf> How do you know him?
[09:15] <omega_> ardour.sourceforge.net
[09:16] <omega_> never met him, but Dylan knows him, and I've talked with him a little about his Hammerfall driver
[09:17] <marcf> I am just peeking at this stuff.
[09:17] <omega_> hrm, random thought
[09:18] <omega_> were you involved in the infamous experiment with Dylan's hair?
[09:21] <marcf> oh my god... I didn't see it happen.
[09:21] <chillywilly> what port do dccs use?
[09:21] <omega_> dccs?
[09:21] <chillywilly> yeah
[09:21] <omega_> i.e. what is it?
[09:21] <chillywilly> direct client to client transfer
[09:21] <omega_> marcf: I saw the aftermath in pictures....
[09:21] <omega_> never heard of it
[09:21] <chillywilly> huh?
[09:22] <chillywilly> dude you can directly send someone a file via /dcc
[09:22] <omega_> oh, dcc
[09:22] <omega_> um, dunno
[09:22] <chillywilly> yeah
[09:22] <chillywilly> :P
[09:22] <omega_> marcf: http://www.temple-baptist.com/~omega/ogimabot2/
[09:22] <omega_> there are some shots of Dylan in there
[09:23] <marcf> ok... I'll check em out.
[09:24] <marcf> I don't see how pdb's stuff is the competition.
[09:24] <omega_> well, sorta
[09:24] <marcf> Skimming the pages it looks like a cool system to do professional audio on it.
[09:24] <omega_> there's a company that's using ardour right now, but wants to use something more general
[09:24] <omega_> they're looking at using gstreamer for pro-audio DAW stuff
[09:24] <marcf> oh... I see.
[09:24] <marcf> interesting
[09:25] <omega_> apparently pbd looked at it and saw the mp3 stuff and 16bit44khz and though it wouldn't be appropriate
[09:25] <omega_> but we've been discussing pro-audio formats for the last few days on the mlist <g>
[09:25] kagedal (simon at symbolix.cs.uoregon.edu) joined #gstreamer.
[09:25] <omega_> yo
[09:25] <omega_> kagedal: has a Bill Evans contacted you yet?
[09:25] <kagedal> yo?
[09:25] <kagedal> omega: no
[09:26] <omega_> ok, expect some mail
[09:26] <kagedal> cool
[09:26] <kagedal> about what?
[09:26] <kagedal> mixer?
[09:26] <omega_> pro audio work with gstreamer
[09:26] <kagedal> wow
[09:26] <omega_> he's the business end of a company that's doing a DAW and is looking seriously at using gstreamer
[09:26] <kagedal> free software?
[09:27] <omega_> afaict, to some extent yes
[09:27] <kagedal> nice
[09:27] <omega_> they have *connections*
[09:27] <omega_> I talked to him on the phone today for a few minutes
[09:27] <kagedal> cool!
[09:28] <kagedal> and...  i'm supposed to know anything about pro audio work with gstreamer? :)
[09:28] <omega_> um, well, you're the most active right now <g>
[09:28] <omega_> *** Can't find server name for address Non-existent host/domain
[09:28] <omega_> pffff
[09:28] <omega_> ok, ajmitch, I know you're awake <g>
[09:29] <ajmitch> omega_: uhh, how do you know that? ;)
[09:29] <omega_> um, httpd logs <g>
[09:29] <ajmitch> hehe
[09:29] <omega_> check out some of the pics
[09:29] Action: ajmitch looks around guiltily
[09:29] <kagedal> if only i could finish this stupid raytracer so i could do some gstreamer stuff...  anyone good at c++?
[09:30] Action: omega_ looks around for someone who knows c++
[09:30] <ajmitch> omega_: look at chillywilly ;)
[09:30] Action: kagedal pokes chillywilly
[09:31] <chillywilly> yes?
[09:31] <kagedal> you a c++ master?
[09:31] <chillywilly> umm, I try
[09:31] <ajmitch> chillywilly: you have been elected resident c++ guru...
[09:31] <chillywilly> they make me use it
[09:31] <chillywilly> they being http://www.msoe.edu
[09:32] <kagedal> chillywily: nice :) this should be a basic thing but i can't get it right: how do i declare a method to be const, i.e. not touch it's member?
[09:32] <kagedal> s
[09:32] <chillywilly> oh
[09:32] <chillywilly> I should know that one
[09:32] <chillywilly> lemme think
[09:32] Action: kagedal tried putting the const keyword in all sorts of silly places
[09:32] Action: ajmitch watches chillywilly scramble for his 'C++ for dummies' book
[09:32] <chillywilly> I think it's like
[09:32] <chillywilly> nope
[09:33] <chillywilly> this one is from memory
[09:33] <chillywilly> I am too lazy to do that
[09:33] <kagedal> i try to use const but it always just gets me in trouble :)
[09:34] <chillywilly> int class::Method() const;
[09:34] <chillywilly> ?
[09:34] <kagedal> oooh
[09:34] <chillywilly> maybe
[09:34] <kagedal> i think that's it
[09:34] <chillywilly> k
[09:34] Action: ajmitch looks at photo of omega_...
[09:34] <omega_> hehe
[09:34] <omega_> oh no, not that one!!!
[09:34] Action: kagedal tries
[09:35] <chillywilly> anyway
[09:35] <ajmitch> omega_: hehe
[09:35] <chillywilly> I gotta fix my firewall to allow dccs
[09:35] <kagedal> chilly: yeah, works - thanks
[09:36] <chillywilly> kewl
[09:36] <chillywilly> your welcome
[09:38] <omega_> ajmitch: you like?
[09:38] <ajmitch> omega_: yeah
[09:38] <omega_> and I got paid to do that project, even <g>
[09:41] <marcf> omega_: I just peeked at truedisk.com.  Is there something you can say about what the company days, as their website lacks even the fluffy intro stuff that some startups typically put up on their webpages. 
[09:41] <marcf> omage_: whoops.. days => does
[09:41] <omega_> hrm, afaik they are doing a variant on p2p software that's for a single person to access their own files
[09:41] <marcf> like grove?
[09:41] <omega_> you run a java server on your home machine on broadband, and can securely access these files from anywhere
[09:42] <omega_> ref. for grove?
[09:42] <marcf> grove is this p2p software that this guy who used to do lotus notes announced several months ago.
[09:42] <omega_> hmmm
[09:42] <marcf> it only runs on Windows and the first time I ran it, it took up 50MB of memory.
[09:42] <omega_> truedisk stuff is only accessible by the owner of the machine
[09:42] <marcf> I see
[09:43] <marcf> ok
[09:43] <marcf> will have to drop Dylan a line... been a while.
[09:44] <omega_> he's working with David Steere (coda project) there
[09:44] <marcf> Yeah... I met David on several occasions.
[09:44] <marcf> So did both of them leave OGI or did they go "on leave"?
[09:44] <omega_> um, 'on leave'
[09:45] <omega_> so to speak
[09:45] <omega_> David at least still has grants pending
[09:45] <marcf> yeah... cool for them, but typically not so cool for the graduate students.
[09:45] <omega_> Dylan's got some stuff going, with at least on staff member working on Intel project
[09:45] <marcf> oh well.
[09:45] <omega_> I think they were weened off the students
[09:46] <omega_> for the most part <g>
[09:47] <marcf> that's too bad for the students... well, the loud sucking sound created by Wall St. love with Tech seems be fizzling out pretty quickly.
[09:47] <omega_> yup
[09:47] <marcf> Can't just sell an idea.
[09:47] <omega_> though truedisk has a ridiculously low burn rate from what I hear
[09:47] <omega_> maybe a dozen - 15 ppl
[09:47] <marcf> hm
[09:47] <marcf> ok
[09:48] <omega_> I think truedisk will survive
[09:48] <marcf> well... time for me to hit the hay.
[09:48] <omega_> hrm, same here...
[09:48] <marcf> I hope so... Dylan and David are good guys.
[09:48] <omega_> yup
[09:48] <marcf> cheers...
[09:48] <omega_> l8r
[09:48] marcf (marcf at rfx-64-6-197-202.users.reflexcom.com) left #gstreamer.
[10:27] chillywilly (baumannd at d87.as26.nwbl0.wi.voyager.net) left irc: [x]chat
[10:38] Action: omega_ goes to sleep
[10:38] omega_ (omega at omegacs.net) left irc: [x]chat
[10:53] Nick change: ajmitch -> aj_zzzz
[10:58] hadess (hadess at pc123-gui14.cable.ntl.com) joined #gstreamer.
[11:05] <aj_zzzz> hi hadess ;)
[11:05] <hadess> hi aj_zzzz, thought you were sleeping
[11:06] <aj_zzzz> hadess: just about to, actaully
[11:06] Action: kagedal is awake
[11:06] <kagedal> barely
[11:07] <hadess> true, you're on the other side of the planet
[11:07] <hadess> hi kagedal
[11:07] <kagedal> what's up hadess
[11:07] <hadess> finishing hacking on walk500
[11:08] <kagedal> what's walk500?
[11:08] <hadess> rio500 utility for gnome / http://hadess.net/walk500.shtml
[11:09] <kagedal> looks nice
[11:10] <hadess> is nice =)
[11:12] Action: aj_zzzz has to get working on tapeoff...
[11:13] <aj_zzzz> ah well, not tonight ;)
[11:13] <hadess> heh
[11:13] <aj_zzzz> night ;)
[11:14] <hadess> night dude
[11:14] <kagedal> man.. when am i going to learn not to procrastrinate.. (sp?)
[11:17] Action: hadess checks with gdict
[11:18] <hadess> Procrastinate
[11:18] <kagedal> oh. i knew one of the 'r's had to go :)
[11:18] <hadess> gdict is cool, too bad the ui is crap
[11:19] <kagedal> haven't used it
[11:47] tbspit (tbspit at eng.routers.um.edu.mt) joined #gstreamer.
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[11:49] Nick change: richardb-asleep -> richardb-work
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[14:59] Action: hadess is away: watchine movie
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[15:15] Nick change: matth-sleep -> matth
[15:15] <matth> yawwwwwwn
[15:50] Remypsb (Remypsb at AMontsouris-101-2-1-184.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #gstreamer.
[15:51] <Remypsb> helloo
[16:32] marcf (marcf at rfx-64-6-197-202.users.reflexcom.com) joined #gstreamer.
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[17:17] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) joined #gstreamer.
[17:20] Action: zaheer wonders if the signals and audio sent to a soundcard could be sent instead to a gstreamer app as a src...which could then set up a pipeline to rtp it to another machine...
[17:20] <zaheer> that would benefit the ltsp project...one of their probs with remote apps is sound...
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[17:41] lsetia (lsetia at joined #gstreamer.
[17:42] <lsetia> hello
[17:47] <Uraeus> hi lsetia
[17:47] aj_zzzz (me at p21-max6.dun.ihug.co.nz) joined #gstreamer.
[17:47] <Uraeus> anyone know the current status of the Mozilla plugin?
[17:53] Action: hadess is back (gone 02:53:58)
[17:55] <hadess> hi Uraeus
[17:56] <lsetia> hi hadess
[17:56] <hadess> hi lsetia
[18:02] Nick change: taazzzz -> taaz
[18:03] chillywilly (baumannd at d42.as14.nwbl0.wi.voyager.net) joined #gstreamer.
[18:04] <hadess> taaz: dude
[18:11] <taaz> dude.
[18:16] wtay-sleep (wim at cable-195-162-214-198.upc.chello.be) left irc: Read error to wtay-sleep[cable-195-162-214-198.upc.chello.be]: EOF from client
[18:16] wtay (wim at cable-195-162-214-198.upc.chello.be) joined #gstreamer.
[18:18] <Uraeus> hi wtay
[18:18] <wtay> yo guys
[18:19] <Uraeus> wtay: any news on the mozilla plugin?
[18:19] <wtay> nope
[18:19] <wtay> I can gain $1000 dollars if I can make one of you join a company...
[18:20] <hadess> wtay: what company ?
[18:20] <wtay> doesn't say :(
[18:20] <hadess> damn spam :P
[18:20] <wtay> Andy Duda
[18:20] <wtay> AM Search Consulting
[18:20] <wtay> aduda at amsearch.com 
[18:21] <wtay> Sr. UNIX Systems administrator in the St. Louis area
[18:21] <wtay> anyone?
[18:21] <wtay> solaris/veritas cluster... noone?
[18:22] <wtay> Any experience with managing systems running HP Open View, Remedy and Oracle is a plus...
[18:23] <wtay> oh well, sorry for spamming IRC ;-)
[18:25] <wtay> going to eat...
[18:25] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-eating
[18:28] Nick change: richardb-work -> richardb
[18:28] <richardb> Sort of around now.
[18:28] <richardb> I've setup nightly updated docs.  Hmm.  Missed off the libs ones though.
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[19:21] omega_ (omega at temple-baptist.com) joined #gstreamer.
[19:27] Nick change: wtay-eating -> wtay
[19:28] <wtay> hi
[19:28] Nick change: aj_zzzz -> ajmitch
[19:28] <ajmitch> hi
[19:28] <omega_> o
[19:28] <chillywilly> hey ajmitch
[19:28] <ajmitch> hey chillywilly
[19:28] <chillywilly> man you get up early
[19:29] <wtay> ajmitch: the sendmail script failed, It seems I need access to that list first...
[19:29] <ajmitch> wtay: oh ;)
[19:30] <wtay> where should I subscribe? <g>
[19:31] <ajmitch> wtay: topica.com ;)
[19:33] <omega_> wtay: 'sup with _gst_newt_
[19:33] <omega_> ?
[19:33] <wtay> our little bot that logs all trafic...
[19:33] <ajmitch> omega_: it is his way of controlling our minds...
[19:33] <omega_> where?
[19:33] <wtay> my machine...
[19:33] <omega_> I mean where are the logs?
[19:34] <wtay> in /home/wim/logs :-)
[19:34] <omega_> um
[19:35] <ajmitch> omega_: he can mail them to a list each day ;)
[19:35] <omega_> yeah
[19:37] <wtay> we could even make a gstreamer-IRC mailling list
[19:37] <richardb> http://www.gstreamer.net/docs/cvs now contains built snapshots of the documentation from CVS, updated nightly. :)
[19:37] <wtay> wow, who builds this?
[19:38] <richardb> ixion.tartarus.org
[19:38] <wtay> cool
[19:38] <richardb> My (friends) machine, which has ssh RSA authentication set up for me to go to gstreamer.net
[19:38] <wtay> gst core docs are missing?
[19:39] Remypsb (Remypsb at AMontsouris-101-2-1-184.abo.wanadoo.fr) left irc: Client Exiting
[19:39] <richardb> Be there in a minute: just fixed script
[19:39] <wtay> ok :)
[19:40] <richardb> My script also emails me some warnings about docs/gst/gstreamer-sections.txt being not up-to-date, if it's not.
[19:40] <richardb> I could set it to send those warnings to a mailing list..
[19:40] <richardb> Perhaps we need a gstreamer-random-junk list, for those and the IRC logs and other automated mails...
[19:40] <richardb> ;-)
[19:40] <wtay> uhm, that could be quite a few of them...
[19:41] <wtay> ajmitch: check out: http://www.topica.com/lists/FD-IRC/read?
[19:41] <richardb> WARNING: No declaration for: gst_elementfactory_can_src_caps_list
[19:41] <richardb> x15
[19:42] <wtay> fixes here, I'm updating the docs now
[19:42] <richardb> and then "gstreamer-unused.txt contains: <75 lines>"
[19:42] <ajmitch> wtay: well, you can subscribe somewhere around there ;)
[19:42] <richardb> Core docs are there
[19:42] <wtay> ajmitch: I uploaded the latest logs a few secs ago
[19:43] <ajmitch> wtay: yup, it worked reasonably ok. pity that tar includes it's crap there (i couldn't be botthered doing it a different way) ;)
[19:45] <wtay> omega_: do you want me to mail a daily IRC log to -devel?
[19:45] <omega_> for now,  yeah
[19:46] <hadess> yo gang
[19:46] <ajmitch> hey hadess
[19:46] Action: zaheer hiccups
[19:46] <zaheer> i now know why i stopped mcd's for over 2 months
[19:46] <ajmitch> heh
[19:47] <zaheer> thats nother 2 months till the next one
[19:47] <wtay> trying to send current log to test the script...
[19:48] <richardb> omega_: do you want me to mail a nightly problem report listing problems with sections not being up-to-date in docs/gst/ and related things to -devel.
[19:48] <omega_> sure
[19:48] <ajmitch> heh, what have i started? ;)
[19:48] <richardb> ;-)
[19:48] <omega_> maybe we do need a regular-feature mailing list <g>
[19:49] <richardb> It shouldn't send anything if things are okay, so that should encourage people to keep the docs up to date...
[19:49] <ajmitch> hehe
[19:49] <ajmitch> omega_: irc logs will get pretty big
[19:49] <omega_> heheh
[19:49] <ajmitch> omega_: probably over 100k some days
[19:49] <omega_> I'd love to see the opn servers log channels to XML...
[19:49] <omega_> yeah
[19:51] <ajmitch> brb
[19:52] <richardb> Hrm: trying out the wiki-docs idea, at http://www.gstreamer.net/docs/cvs/pwg/index.shtml
[19:52] <richardb> wiki isn't customisable enough: I want to be able to include a page without the headers and things...
[19:53] <richardb> only way I can see to do it is to copy the whole wiki lib and make a modified version of it.
[19:53] <wtay> 550 mail from rejected: administrative prohibition (host is blacklisted)
[19:53] <wtay> great
[19:53] Action: zaheer smiles
[19:53] <zaheer> :)
[19:54] <wtay> not funny :(
[19:55] <zaheer> you dont know the probs i have had today.....one after the other with regard to getting my TeX macros up to date :)
[19:56] <zaheer> you blacklisted from sourceforge's mail server?
[19:56] <wtay> you don't know the probs I had at work with other people being clueless....
[19:56] <wtay> zaheer: hard to believe..
[19:57] <zaheer> you sending the log as attachment or inside mail?
[19:57] <wtay> cat irc_gst.logs |sendmail -fwim.taymans at chello.be gstreamer-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
[19:57] <zaheer> inside mail...with no subject
[19:57] <wtay> doesn't have a proper header, maybe that's the prob
[19:59] <wtay> will prepend a header

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