[gst-devel] gstreamer/gstmediaplay bugs (fwd)

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Wed Mar 21 21:30:27 CET 2001

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Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 21:23:50 +0100
From: Max Gilead <gilead at linart.pl>
To: omegahacker at users.sourceforge.net
Subject: gstreamer/gstmediaplay bugs


I am writing to you because there's no bugreport mail address on
GStreamer site.

There are tons of bugs in gstreamer/gstmediaplay but at least it can
play my DivX movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- hangs up when trying to open ASF file (I know it can't play it but
should report something and not hang up)
- crashes when I try to rescale a movie window while playing
- crashes after several window rescaling when paused
- crashes when window is too big after rescaling
- sometimes hangs up, sometimes crashes when I stop playing movie
- should check for required libraries at startup or at least report
something and not crash when dlls are not found
- something bad is happening to the sound while playing most of the
movies/videos. At start (first 10-20 secs) everything is OK, then sound
starts to choke and then is turned off completely. This happens while
video framerate drops noticeably. (DivX)
- hangs up when Stop button is pressed
- in one clip sound is playing but no video is available (MPEG1)
- sometimes crashes right on startup (MPEG1)
- sometimes reports 'could not init decoder' / Unknown codec 8955F689 =
(and here goes some brushes).

I know those things are mostly too general to be really useful but I
don't know what you would like to know.

Most of the files I talk about are small to medium size (3-70MB) so
I can upload them to your FTP for testing if you want.

AND if you need a reliable and willing alpha/beta/whatever tester just
let me know. I am not a C/++ programmer so I hope I can help you at
least providing test reports. If you wanted something written in Java
just let me know! Tell me how can I help you!


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--        XMage library --- http://xmage.sourceforge.net --
-- Any system that depends on reliability is unreliable. --
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