[gst-devel] flow network terminology

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Thu Mar 29 19:24:39 CEST 2001

* Tim 'Tool-Man' Taylor <tim at tool-man.org> [20010329 03:18]:
> Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> >> <http://gstreamer.net/cgi-bin/wiki/moin.cgi/FlowNetwork>
> > 
> > Cool!  Though the ASCII diagrams are hard to follow in variable-width
> > font.  taaz, do you know the syntax for a <pre></pre> style markup?
> Which is rendered monospace in NS4.x and mozilla under linux.  Here's 
> the relevant style from /wiki/default.css:
> pre.code {
>      margin-top: 8pt;
>      margin-bottom: 8pt;
>      background-color: #E0E0E0;
>      white-space:pre;
>      border-style:none;
>      border-width:thin;
>      width:100%;
> }
> My guess is that it's probably flexing a CSS bug in your browser.  You 
> could try adding a 'font-family: monospace;' to the above and see if 
> that fixes it.

Blah.. I tried adding that.  Didn't work for netscape here.  Galeon
works fine either way.  If someone knows how to fix this speak up else
it will just stay broken... hit the edit button if you need to see it
monospace ;)

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