[gst-devel] flow network terminology

Tim 'Tool-Man' Taylor tim at tool-man.org
Fri Mar 30 04:26:26 CEST 2001

David (and Erik), can you give me your browser version and OS?  Be sure 
to specify which 'x' in Netscape 4.x if  you're running it.

I recall getting this exact same error in some version of NS4.x before 
when playing around with styles on PRE.  If we can narrow down the 
offending browser I'll see if I can fix it.  I'm running NS4.72 and it 
renders in monospace.

Also, does the source code in this page render in monospace in your browser:


David I. Lehn wrote:

> * Tim 'Tool-Man' Taylor <tim at tool-man.org> [20010329 03:18]:
>> Erik Walthinsen wrote:
>>>> <http://gstreamer.net/cgi-bin/wiki/moin.cgi/FlowNetwork>
>>> Cool!  Though the ASCII diagrams are hard to follow in variable-width
>>> font.  taaz, do you know the syntax for a <pre></pre> style markup?
> ...
>> Which is rendered monospace in NS4.x and mozilla under linux.  Here's 
>> the relevant style from /wiki/default.css:
>> pre.code {
>>      margin-top: 8pt;
>>      margin-bottom: 8pt;
>>      background-color: #E0E0E0;
>>      white-space:pre;
>>      border-style:none;
>>      border-width:thin;
>>      width:100%;
>> }
>> My guess is that it's probably flexing a CSS bug in your browser.  You 
>> could try adding a 'font-family: monospace;' to the above and see if 
>> that fixes it.
> Blah.. I tried adding that.  Didn't work for netscape here.  Galeon
> works fine either way.  If someone knows how to fix this speak up else
> it will just stay broken... hit the edit button if you need to see it
> monospace ;)
> -dave

Tim Taylor
tim at tool-man.org

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