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Fri Mar 30 06:27:27 CEST 2001

[06:30] <PartyZan> And i thoght,what is "nz" in your host name:)
[06:31] <PartyZan> I'm from Russia
[06:31] <ajmitch> ah, cool
[06:32] <ajmitch> what are you interested in using gstreamer for?
[06:33] <PartyZan> And what is it ?(sorry for stupid quastion)
[06:34] <PartyZan> I'm for 5 days was looking for Xlib,and finally join the first channel about Linux
[06:34] <ajmitch> oh, ok ;)
[06:34] <ajmitch> there are quite a lot of linux related channels on this irc network
[06:36] <PartyZan> Please,send me any link about gstreamer,i'm interesting in multimedia,especially video
[06:36] <ajmitch> as you can see in the channel topic, the homepage is at http://gstreamer.net
[06:37] <PartyZan> And Xlib I need to compile player for  DivX
[06:37] <PartyZan> Sorry,did'n see it:)
[06:39] <ajmitch> how fast is your computer?
[06:39] <PartyZan> PII 333 Cel 32Mb 4Mb Video
[06:40] <PartyZan> Is it bad connect with me?
[06:40] <ajmitch> no, i was just wondering how well DivX would work
[06:41] <PartyZan> I tryed under MD'98 : rather good,except sound
[06:43] <ajmitch> MD'98 ?
[06:43] <PartyZan> In gstreamer.net is too much clever words,could you explain me in two words?
[06:44] <PartyZan> MustDie'98 (Windows'98 SE)
[06:44] <ajmitch> hehe, ok ;)
[06:45] <ajmitch> what do you want me to try & explain?
[06:45] <PartyZan> What is gstreamer?
[06:46] <PartyZan> It's too far from user's problems
[06:46] <ajmitch> gstreamer mainly allows developers to make multimedia apps, but there is an example player included that works quite well
[06:46] <PartyZan> Is it unlinear video editor?
[06:47] <ajmitch> no, but one can be made with gstreamer
[06:48] <PartyZan> OK,and do you developed it?
[06:48] <ajmitch> no, i am working on an application that uses the gstreamer library
[06:48] <PartyZan> What exactly?
[06:49] <ajmitch> a program for getting msuc, etc off tapes through the microphone jack, and converting it to mp3 or ogg
[06:50] <PartyZan> MP3 encoding on-the-fly without wav-files,yes?
[06:51] <ajmitch> yes
[06:52] <ajmitch> the only problem there is that the encoder can be slower than the tape player
[06:52] <PartyZan> Hey,send me please your location.Today my account ends in 3 minutes:(
[06:52] <ajmitch> so i might need to use .wav files
[06:52] <ajmitch> my email address?
[06:52] <PartyZan> yes,or icq
[06:52] <ajmitch> icq number 11392490
[06:53] <PartyZan> OK ,thanks for help,hear you later:)
[06:53] <ajmitch> ok ;)
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[07:59] <etienned> hello
[07:59] <etienned> anyone here?
[07:59] <etienned> exit
[07:59] <etienned> quit!
[07:59] <etienned> control see
[07:59] <etienned> escape escape
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[08:05] Action: omega_ goes back to panicking
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[08:33] <walken> yop
[08:33] <Omega> hello
[08:33] Action: Omega is very very pissed
[08:33] <walken> wazzup ?
[08:33] <walken> huh ?
[08:34] <Omega> I leave for Europe in <36hrs
[08:34] <Omega> and the *other* hinge for my laptop's LCD just shattered
[08:34] <Omega> 3mo ago they replaced the left hinge
[08:34] <walken> whats hinge ?
[08:34] <Omega> the !@#%@#$ idiots didn't replace the right hinge at the same time
[08:34] <Omega> def ?
[08:34] <walken> yes
[08:35] <Omega> more specifically, the bottom half of the hinge, the part that connects the LCD to the laptop and allows the LCD to swivel
[08:35] <walken> oh
[08:35] <Omega> it's a very poorly designed and build part that gets all the stress of the hinges, which have significant friction built in in order to keep the LCD from flopping over
[08:36] <Omega> and now both of them have (in turn) shattered
[08:36] <Omega> my laptop is untransportable and unusable
[08:36] <Omega> so now I'm attempting to either borrow or rent a laptop to put the hard drive into
[08:36] <Omega> it's gonna cost at least $200
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[08:59] <Omega> yo
[09:00] <steveb> hi
[09:00] <Omega> what was the url of that hotel?
[09:00] <steveb> www.apollofirst.nl
[09:00] <Omega> haven't heard back from them via email yet
[09:00] <steveb> the booking i mentioned was actually under my name through some agent
[09:01] <Omega> hmm, ok
[09:01] <steveb> but as long as they quote you fl 275 then you're getting the same deal\
[09:01] <Omega> yeah
[09:01] <Omega> that's what they show on the website anyway, so...
[09:01] <steveb> yeah
[09:01] <Omega> ok
[09:02] <Omega> ok, I'll figure out how to call them
[09:02] <Omega> I assume everyone speaks english...
[09:02] <steveb> do it, dial it
[09:02] <steveb> hotels are used to english speakers
[09:02] <steveb> hey, i live here and I can't speak Dutch!
[09:04] <Omega> um...
[09:05] <Omega> do I dial the (0) in the # ?
[09:05] <Omega> doesn't look like it, from here
[09:06] <steveb> no
[09:06] <Omega> ok.
[09:06] <steveb> +3120... where + is your international code (00?)
[09:07] <Omega> should I tell them that the booking under your name is actually for me, or are you going to be staying there too?
[09:07] <Omega> 011 31 ...
[09:07] <steveb> i won't be staying their - if you mention my name and the meeting it might ring a bell
[09:07] <Omega> ok
[09:08] <Omega> calling..
[09:11] <Omega> ok, set up for room
[09:11] <Omega> but the guy said that the breakfast room couldn't be used...
[09:11] <Omega> but there is a lounge that might work
[09:11] <Omega> so... we probably can work that out when we get there even
[09:12] <steveb> ok
[09:12] <steveb> did you ask about whiteboards?
[09:12] <Omega> else the conference room is 275
[09:12] <Omega> nope
[09:12] <Omega> didn't sound like he was the right person to ask anyway
[09:12] <Omega> he said to call back after 11am (2am my time, so.. ;-( ) and ask for Caroline
[09:13] <steveb> i could do that
[09:13] <Omega> if you can, that'd help <g>
[09:13] <Omega> I'm about ready to collapse
[09:13] <Omega> my laptop is trashed, I have to find a replacement loaner/renter *tomorrow*
[09:13] <steveb> so we want to know - can we use the breakfast room, is there powerpoints, is there a whiteboard
[09:14] <Omega> not to mention having spent the day meeting with matth and brentb discussing gstreamer stuff...
[09:14] <steveb> how did the events meeting go
[09:14] <Omega> we have a pretty good idea of what to do now
[09:14] <steveb> cool
[09:15] <Omega> matth still thinks that events should be sent via the same mechanism as buffers, but I see all kinds of problems with that, not the least of which is the overhead of checking for a buffer vs. an event for every single buffer receive
[09:15] <Omega> which for some pipelines (esp large real-time audio ones) could be in the millions of buffers per second
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[09:16] <Omega> btw, the reservation should now be under some approximation of my name...
[09:16] <steveb> i've gone off the idea of control info via pads
[09:16] Action: Omega keeps reaching for a mouse that isn't there ;-(
[09:16] <steveb> ok
[09:16] <Omega> actually... check out freespeech.sourceforge.net/overflow.html
[09:16] <steveb> as long as plugins can feed events to any other plugins
[09:16] <Omega> rather, if you're on the mailing list, you already have that mail...
[09:16] <steveb> i've seen that - looks good
[09:17] <Omega> yeah, though they're definitely at a much smaller granularity
[09:17] <Omega> I'd have to play with it some more....
[09:19] <steveb> i've found that if you mix control flow and data flow in the same graph diagram then things get unmanagable when complexity grows
[09:19] <Omega> yeah, doesn't surprise me
[09:21] <steveb> then if you add GUI elements into the same graph then you're screwed (aka Ircam's Max)
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[09:26] <Omega> @#^#$@% X
[09:28] <steveb> :)
[09:42] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) joined #gstreamer.
[09:42] <Uraeus> morning
[09:42] <Uraeus> omega?
[09:55] <Omega> ?
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[10:04] <Omega> yo
[10:07] Action: Omega is in need of sleep
[10:07] <Omega> be back in the morning some time....
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[10:17] <steveb> holger: you based in Berlin?
[10:25] tool-man (tim at c1540054-a.roalok1.mi.home.com) joined #gstreamer.
[10:25] <tool-man> yo
[10:26] <steveb> hi
[10:26] <tool-man> hiya steveb
[10:26] <tool-man> how well do you understand gstreamer internals, specifically the osssink?
[10:32] <steveb> a bit, ask away
[10:36] <tool-man> how is it that I can run 4 seperate gstreamer apps that all use osssink simultaneiously?  I'm used to only being able to run one app that grabs the sound device at a time
[10:38] <tool-man> not that I'm complaining
[10:45] <steveb> hmm, does it mix the outputs?
[10:47] <tool-man> I dunno
[10:48] Action: tool-man needs to go to bed
[10:50] <tool-man> g'night, steve...I'll prolly just fire off an email to the list with my question
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[11:04] <holger> steveb: yes.
[11:04] <steveb> holger: how many work in Amsterdam?
[11:05] <holger> How do you mean this ?
[11:07] <steveb> www.convergence.de has some Amsterdam contacts - i just wondered how many work from Amsterdam
[11:08] <steveb> ah, the cryptolabs
[11:09] <holger> Ah, right. Not that many -- only two or three.
[11:10] <holger> Why do you ask ?
[11:18] <steveb> oh, just curious
[11:19] ajmitch (me at p30-max2.dun.ihug.co.nz) joined #gstreamer.
[11:19] <ajmitch> hi
[11:20] <Uraeus> hello
[11:20] <holger> hi
[11:20] <steveb> hey
[11:22] <ajmitch> what're people doing this fine day (or night)? ;)
[11:23] <Uraeus> just got out of bed and editing my Eazel interview :)
[11:24] <steveb> peering through the dutch fog
[11:24] <ajmitch> hehe
[11:24] <ajmitch> i just got back from a nice little bit of exercise up NE valley ;)
[11:24] <ajmitch> hmm, maybe people don't know where that is... ;)
[11:25] <Uraeus> probably :)
[11:25] <ajmitch> Uraeus: if you lived, or have lived, in Dunedin, you'd know ;)
[11:25] <Uraeus> ajmitch: think you struck at the heart of the issue there; lived in Dunedin :)
[11:26] <ajmitch> hehe
[11:26] <ajmitch> steveb: you lived here for a little while, didn't you?
[11:27] <steveb> ajmitch: nz? all my life, bar the last 6 months
[11:27] <ajmitch> steveb: you lived down south?
[11:28] <steveb> I grew up in Dunedin and left for uni
[11:28] <ajmitch> what time does wtay usually get online, btw?
[11:28] <ajmitch> steveb: yeah, thought so
[11:28] <steveb> after his work 1800+ CET
[11:28] <ajmitch> k
[11:29] <ajmitch> Uraeus: so i'm not the only poor soul from down here ;)
[11:32] <Uraeus> ajmitch: ever considered the fact that if it had been people from South-America or Oceania who had colonized the world then we in Europe would be the ones living 'down here' :)
[11:34] <steveb> maybe, i don't know what other sea-faring cultures thought 'up' was
[11:35] <Uraeus> I would think most pepole would(if there was no outside influnce) consider their own side up
[11:35] <ajmitch> ah, it's all relative, doesn't matter much ;)
[11:36] <ajmitch> of course they'd consider their side to be up - also much superior than the other
[11:37] <Uraeus> wonder if an equatorial culture would have depicted earth with the poles to the left and right
[11:38] <ajmitch> who knows...
[11:38] <ajmitch> i see RMS has been talking to the Brazilian Congress ;)
[11:38] <ajmitch> old news...
[11:39] <Uraeus> RMS:.......and so you see that GNOME themeing is the equivalent of the Rio carnival.....
[11:40] <ajmitch> umm, what? ;)
[11:40] <Uraeus> just taking out some highlights from the speech
[11:41] <ajmitch> he might have been talking to politicians, but they're not that bad, are they?
[11:41] <steveb> what was his point exactly?
[11:41] Action: Uraeus realises ajmitch probably hasn't spent much time with politicians
[11:41] <ajmitch> talking about free software, i think
[11:41] <ajmitch> Uraeus: true... ;)
[11:41] <ajmitch> Uraeus: only met a couple
[11:42] Action: Uraeus was active in norwegian politics for many years
[11:43] <ajmitch> heh, closest i got to politics was meeting Bill English, representative for the district i came from
[11:43] <steveb> ha!
[11:44] <ajmitch> Uraeus: many years? howold are you?
[11:44] <ajmitch> steveb: what?
[11:44] <Uraeus> 27
[11:44] <ajmitch> you were active as a student, i guess ;)
[11:44] <steveb> ajmitch: that was my opinion of Bill English
[11:45] <ajmitch> steveb: i gather you don't like him much ;)
[11:45] <Uraeus> ajmitch: actually I was mostly active before I started university and a while after I finished, not so much during
[11:46] <steveb> i don't dislike him - i just think he is a fool
[11:50] <Uraeus> ok, mail sent to Ardour dev list
[11:51] <ajmitch> i should get my maths assignment done so i can spend the rest of the night & morning coding ;)
[11:52] <Uraeus> Nice, the overflow project maintainer mailed us about co-operation
[11:52] <ajmitch> yeah, i saw that
[11:53] <ajmitch> it's good ;)
[11:54] Action: ajmitch is bored, let's start a flame war
[11:54] <Uraeus> the GStreamer snowball is rolling faster and faster :)
[11:54] <ajmitch> how long before GNOME rules the linux desktop? ;)
[11:54] <Uraeus> 6-7 months max
[11:55] <ajmitch> you reckon?
[11:55] <ajmitch> KDE is still damned good, and has a large following
[11:55] <Uraeus> true, but the release of KDE2 hasn't had any noticeable effect on GNOME's userbase
[11:55] <ajmitch> neither project seems to stand still, they both improve at an impressive rate
[11:57] <Uraeus> well I think as time goes by GNOME's now very large base of full time developers will start to show
[11:57] <ajmitch> but how likely is it that existing users will switch? i think that the new users are very important
[11:58] <ajmitch> so the key is probably having GNOME as default for new users, and having it be userfriendly (not windows-like tho)
[11:58] <ajmitch> which is mainly the job of th distros, i guess...
[11:58] <Uraeus> yup
[11:59] <Uraeus> but the bundling deals that Eazel and Ximian strike with computer manufactures are an important part of it too
[12:00] <ajmitch> yes, but how many users buy their pcs with GNU/Linux installed?
[12:00] <Uraeus> heh, will if they don't start doing to the question of being the leading Linux desktop is only of academic interest :)
[12:01] <Uraeus> s/will/well/  s/to/so/
[12:01] <ajmitch> the corporate desktop area is also a big market, this is where GNOME will lead IMHO
[12:02] <Uraeus> true, but there the bundling deals will play a big role again
[12:02] <ajmitch> yup, this is probably the biggest area for bundling (companies don't want to waste weeks configuring computers)
[12:03] <ajmitch> i wonder what the new computers in the CS lab at uni run? i know that they are P3-800 computers, running GNU/Linux
[12:03] <Uraeus> ajmitch: you better make sure they use the right choice :)
[12:04] <ajmitch> Uraeus: i don't get to use them till next year, i think ;)
[12:05] <ajmitch> Uraeus: i guess you prefer GNOME then? ;)
[12:06] <Uraeus> ajmitch: heh, well lets just say me doing all those GNOME related interviews isn't just a coincidence :)
[12:06] <ajmitch> Uraeus: hehe
[12:07] <Uraeus> need to buy some food, brb
[12:27] <Uraeus> ah, my mail has reached the gstreamer archive
[12:28] <ajmitch> ah, ok
[12:31] <ajmitch> Uraeus: you now a full gstreamer supporter, are you? ;)
[12:31] <ajmitch> Uraeus: unofficial marketing volunteer ;)
[12:32] <Uraeus> yup
[12:32] <Uraeus> something like that
[12:32] <ajmitch> do you think gstreamer will get accepted into the mainstream GNOME libs, or something like that?
[12:33] <Uraeus> yes, the fact that they accepted my proposal for inviting Erik to speak at GUADEC is a strong sign
[12:34] <ajmitch> yes, i hope that it will be central to some of the GNOME multimedia apps at some stage soon
[12:35] <ajmitch> but what about once they see Erik? ;)
[12:35] <ajmitch> omega_: ignore the logs at this point, if you read them ;)
[12:36] <Uraeus> hehe, well another thing is that speaking with Bart Decrem of Eazel I know that they are looking into using GStreamer to add full multimedia capabilites to Nautilus
[12:36] <ajmitch> hehe, that sounds very cool
[12:37] <Uraeus> and if GStreamer is used by Nautilus, then it is accepted into the mainstream GNOME libs
[12:37] <ajmitch> and if overflow and gstreamer get togther as well, then that will be good
[12:38] <ajmitch> i'm guessing that the API will need to be stabilised soon, and the glib 2.0 port will need to be done
[12:40] <Uraeus> yes, my hope is that when gstreamer is ported to glib2.0 it can start to get bundled with the GNOME2 development releases
[12:40] <ajmitch> yeah, i'll have to keep up with GNOME on CVS now...
[12:41] <ajmitch> i want to be able to help out with some of this porting & testing
[13:23] <Uraeus> hmm, .ba where is that? Bahrain?
[13:24] <ajmitch> umm
[13:24] <ajmitch> what is full hostname?
[13:31] <Uraeus> djesi.ba (its the end of a mail adress)
[13:33] <ajmitch> domain:      DJESI.BA
[13:33] <ajmitch> descr:       Open Society Fund-The SOROS Foundations
[13:33] <ajmitch> descr:       Djenetica Cikma 2a
[13:33] <ajmitch> descr:       BA, 71000 Sarajevo
[13:33] <Uraeus> oh, Bosnia
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[13:34] <ajmitch> whois is good ;)
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[13:39] <Uraeus> holger: convergence don't seemt to have a good internet connection :)
[13:41] <ajmitch> hehe
[13:45] <Uraeus> ajmitch: did you think the mail I sent the Ardour developers and CC'ed the Gstreamer list was good? Or to put it differently would you get curious enough to look at GStreamer from reading it
[13:46] <ajmitch> yes, i think it was quite good, although i don't really know what Ardour is
[13:46] <Uraeus> http://ardour.sourceforge.net
[13:46] <ajmitch> i'd say they'd be interested in anything that saves them time, and improves their project
[13:47] Action: Uraeus nods
[13:47] <ajmitch> ah, i see.
[13:47] <Uraeus> I am really curious to what the response will be
[13:48] <steveb> I remember omega saying that technically, Mr Ardour is a "rival"
[13:48] <ajmitch> they would probably be very interested in gstreamer then ;)
[13:48] <ajmitch> hopefully positive
[13:48] <ajmitch> steveb: if projects can work together, then it is good
[13:49] <ajmitch> arts is a rival in a way
[13:49] <Uraeus> what is a bit bad is that the Alsa driver is broken currently, and the ardour people seems to be very Alsa oriented
[13:50] <ajmitch> yeah
[13:50] <holger> Uraeus: Nope; I just have to reboot my box sometimes because I'm working on hardware drivers;
[13:50] <ajmitch> anyone here know how to interpret alsa source to fix the driver? ;)
[13:51] <Uraeus> ajmitch: hmm, seems like you have to do it
[13:51] <ajmitch> Uraeus: umm, hehe ;)
[13:52] <ajmitch> Uraeus: i use the alsa kernel drivers, but that is the limit of my experience with it
[13:52] Action: ajmitch does not know why he uses alsa drivers on an ISA sb16pnp
[13:53] <Uraeus> ajmitch: but that is great! then it will be a learning experience for you when you fix the driver <g>
[13:53] <ajmitch> Uraeus: haha
[13:54] <Uraeus> talk about win/win situation
[13:55] <ajmitch> i wish i had the time to learn...
[13:55] <Uraeus> ajmitch: you do, remember time is relative
[13:56] <ajmitch> Uraeus: ;)
[13:56] <ajmitch> Uraeus: i think they'd want the driver fixed *fast*, tho
[14:08] <ajmitch> damn, i gotta get some sleep
[14:09] Nick change: ajmitch -> aj_zzzz
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[14:14] zaheer (zaheer at joined #gstreamer.
[14:14] <Uraeus> hi zaheer
[14:15] <zaheer> hi Uraeus
[14:16] <zaheer> nice email to the Ardour guys
[14:16] <Uraeus> thanks
[14:20] <Uraeus> hmm, just noticed that I wrote irc.openprojects.org -not sure if that is a valid irc servername
[14:22] <Uraeus> ok, mailed them a small update :)
[14:23] <zaheer> its .net :)
[14:23] <Uraeus> zaheer: cool thing that the Overflow author wants to work with us
[14:27] <zaheer> yes
[14:27] <zaheer> i saw their thing on gnotices
[14:27] <zaheer> and someone suggested to them on talkback that they should work together with us
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[16:12] sienap (synap at ipc379c030.dial.wxs.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[16:12] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) joined #gstreamer.
[16:12] <sienap> i am just thinking...
[16:12] <sienap> i still never heard something negative about gstreamer :)
[16:12] <sienap> how cool
[16:13] <greg_> hi all
[16:13] <sienap> hi greg!
[16:14] <greg_> I think I am getting addicted to IRC ;) havent used it since 4 years till 2 weeks ago ;)
[16:15] <greg_> would you please explain me one thing: During compilation of gstreamer stuff I have seen
[16:15] <greg_> some "v4l.*". The question is: is it possible for example, to get input from v4l device and
[16:16] <greg_> compress it into a stream than thur network to another comp, uncompress and view ??? I mean: is it possible now ?
[16:16] <greg_> And what magic do I have to use to achieve it ?
[16:17] <sienap> he
[16:17] <sienap> hmm i think not really atm
[16:17] <sienap> but it should be done with:
[16:17] <sienap> somethingsink -> mpegenc -> rtpsink | rtpsrc -> mpegparse -> mpegdec -> xvideosink
[16:17] <sienap> something like this
[16:18] <greg_> the idea I know, but how it is supposed to be configured in gstreamer ? Will I have to write my own program, or will I be given boxes I could configure and put together with just a config file ?
[16:19] <greg_> own program that uses gstreamer as a library.
[16:23] <sienap> he you can make every pipeline with gstreamer-launcher
[16:23] <sienap> so you won't have to creat an new program
[16:23] <sienap> however it can be really neat ofcourse
[16:23] <sienap> :)
[16:23] <sienap> to make a nice program for it..
[16:23] <sienap> and it is also a great educatioln
[16:24] <greg_> thanks. I am no familiar with other gstreamer programs, than gstmediaplay yet.
[16:25] <sienap> he :)
[16:25] <sienap> gstreamer-launcher is some kind of console thingy for making pipelines
[16:25] <sienap> a more nice gui would be gst-editor
[16:25] <sienap> or something
[16:25] <sienap> gsteditor even
[16:25] <sienap> however you still need to know how the pipelines are build
[16:26] <greg_> I was thinking about sth like I have seen for sound processing project using GTK (cant remmember its name )
[16:27] <sienap> he
[16:27] <sienap> maybe glame ?
[16:31] <greg_> I've been just loooooking for it at SF, but soory, cannot find it. Remmember it has *very* nice GUI wirtten in GTK. Point and click, drag and drop kind of.
[16:31] <sienap> hej guys..
[16:31] <sienap> ehm oops :)
[16:31] <sienap> he
[16:32] <sienap> gui isn't the goal of gstreamer AT THIS MOMENT
[16:32] <sienap> there are more important issues
[16:32] <greg_> sienap: sure, you're right. I just wanted explain what I am thinking (dreaming?) about.
[16:33] <sienap> he ooh that isn't that difficult i think
[16:33] <sienap> ask zaheer about such things
[16:33] <sienap> he knows more about it
[16:33] <sienap> if it isn't possible ATM it will be really soon i guess
[16:36] <greg_> I've been programming GUIs since 3 years. And I know it takes *very* much time to do it really userfriendly with all whistlers and other stuff users like. But some nice and not too complicated helper app would be nice.
[16:37] <sienap> he indeed but it doesn't has any piority atm
[16:37] <sienap> but however if you have this much experience with it :0
[16:37] <sienap> why don't you start coding nice things :)
[16:38] <BBB-zZz> what is the homepage of trinity again?
[16:39] Nick change: matth-gone -> matth
[16:40] <greg_> sienap: let me not telling you about my deadlines, shool, work, and what I *am* doing in linux-related stuff. Sure I do something for community. As anyone.
[16:42] <sienap> let me look for ya bbb
[16:43] <sienap> can't find it
[16:43] <sienap> sorry
[16:44] <sienap> greg he it is ok :)
[16:44] <sienap> same here :)
[16:44] <sienap> doing shit as well
[16:45] <greg_> sienap: I see we understand each other. :)
[16:46] Nick change: greg_ -> greg_-eating
[17:09] greg_-eating (greg at home.sente.pl) left irc: Ping timeout for greg_-eating[home.sente.pl]
[17:09] Nick change: taazzzz -> taaz
[17:12] <BBB-zZz> ienap: np, I found it already
[17:12] <BBB-zZz> +s
[18:13] sienap (synap at ipc379c030.dial.wxs.nl) left irc: TuuuuuuuuTAAAAAaaa
[18:28] <zaheer> i gotta go
[18:28] zaheer (zaheer at left irc: bbl
[18:31] <taaz> blah: http://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?docid=2352&group_id=1  new sf dir layout... gotta update all our scripts and things before 5/1
[18:38] <taaz> hmm... trying to fix the FlowNetwork page
[18:38] steveb (steveb at node1ee02.a2000.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[18:38] <taaz> netescape not doing the monospace thing
[18:38] <taaz> galeon works fine
[18:39] <BBB-zZz> steveb: how late and where will we meet saturday in a'dam?
[18:40] <taaz> any css experts here?  i have no idea what to try other than what tim suggested...
[18:40] <BBB-zZz> css in the sense of dvd copyright protection or css in the sense of html style sheets?
[18:41] <taaz> style sheets
[18:41] <BBB-zZz> I have made a few stylesheets - if it's not too difficult I could help
[18:41] <taaz> you have netscape?
[18:41] <BBB-zZz> yups :(
[18:41] <BBB-zZz> and mozilla, and opera, and galeon, and links, and lynx, and...........
[18:41] <taaz> http://gstreamer.net/cgi-bin/wiki/moin.cgi/FlowNetwork
[18:42] <steveb> BBB-zZz: i live here so I can start and finish any time - it may depend on others travel plans
[18:42] <taaz> http://gstreamer.net/wiki/default.css
[18:43] <steveb> but it looks like we'll be meeting at http://www.apollofirst.nl/
[18:43] <taaz> those diagrams are using <pre class="code">  I just added that font-family: monospace thing to pre.code in the css
[18:43] <BBB-zZz> taaz: it looks okay in nutscrape here
[18:43] <BBB-zZz> ns 4
[18:43] <taaz> it didn't fix anything
[18:43] <taaz> it does?
[18:44] <BBB-zZz> yups
[18:44] <taaz> hmm.  maybe it's being stupid and not reloading the stylesheet...
[18:44] <BBB-zZz> what should not look good?
[18:44] <taaz> i dunno how to force that
[18:44] <taaz> the diagrams are not monospace on my screen
[18:44] Action: BBB-zZz corrects taaz: nutscrape, stupid and maybe in one sentence is a lie - nutscrape is always stupid
[18:45] <BBB-zZz> the diagrams look okay here, just a bit smaller than in mozilla
[18:45] <taaz> it's spelled "netescape" silly boy...
[18:45] <BBB-zZz> notsheep
[18:45] Action: taaz waves to _gst_newt_ 
[18:47] Omega (omega at omegacs.net) joined #gstreamer.
[18:47] <BBB-zZz> omega! :)
[18:47] <Omega> yo
[18:47] Action: BBB-zZz tries to find out where appollo first is
[18:50] Nick change: Omega -> omega-breakfast
[18:52] <matth> yo
[18:54] <taaz> yo, this versino of netscape is not dealing with that monospace
[18:55] <taaz> maybe its a font issue on my machine... this is just generic debian unstable stufff though hmm
[18:59] steveb (steveb at node1ee02.a2000.nl) left irc: Ping timeout for steveb[node1ee02.a2000.nl]
[19:01] steveb (steveb at node1ee02.a2000.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[19:02] <taaz> ok, i guess no one else cares... and i don't know how to fix this.  so if those diagrams look like crap, too bad, use a non-broken browser
[19:03] Nick change: wtay-sleeping -> wtay
[19:03] <wtay> yo
[19:03] hadess (hadess at pc123-gui14.cable.ntl.com) joined #gstreamer.
[19:03] <taaz> um.. what is the wiki2 dir for?
[19:12] <taaz> wtay, omega: before 5/1 need to change things that point to /home/groups/gstreamer to /home/groups/g/gs/gstreamer
[19:17] <wtay> taaz: ok, I think we don't have anything pointing to that...
[19:19] <taaz> well... the wiki was ;)
[19:20] <taaz> had a reference to python lib path
[19:20] <taaz> fixed
[19:20] Nick change: taaz -> taaz-working
[19:20] <wtay> ok
[19:21] zaheer (zaheer at tnt-20-140.easynet.co.uk) joined #gstreamer.
[19:21] <zaheer> yo
[19:21] <wtay> yo
[19:21] Action: zaheer has had to change his flights to amsterdam...
[19:22] <zaheer> wtay: i was playing with the caps, can i ask you in a min about the caps process....
[19:22] <wtay> yup
[19:23] <zaheer> firstly is the property for number of channels called "channels"?
[19:24] <wtay> yes
[19:24] <wtay> zaheer: osssink has all the agreed properties
[19:26] <zaheer> aaah ok
[19:26] Action: zaheer goes to look at osssink
[19:27] <zaheer> aaah i like it :)
[19:27] <wtay> zaheer: that's because you agreed to it :)
[19:28] <zaheer> width = number of bits per sample per channel, yes? :)
[19:28] <zaheer> wtay: yah i did :)
[19:28] <wtay> sec...
[19:28] <wtay> http://gstreamer.net/docs/cvs/gst-plugin-writers-guide/cha-basic-types.html
[19:29] <wtay> width = total width of one sample
[19:29] <wtay> depth = bits actually used for the sample
[19:29] <zaheer> total width?
[19:29] <wtay> like I have 32 bits samples with 24 bit depth, 8 bits are unused
[19:30] <zaheer> aaah understood
[19:30] <zaheer> its the width i need to worry about for stereo2mono then :)
[19:32] sienap (synap at ipc379c092.dial.wxs.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[19:32] <sienap> Hi
[19:32] <zaheer> for stereo2mono, my src pad gets the caps....all it requires is.. channels = 2
[19:33] <zaheer> however the element the sink pad is connected to might not like the other properties....
[19:34] <sienap> hej zaheer
[19:34] <sienap> did some coding ?
[19:34] <hadess> hi gang
[19:34] <zaheer> so i need it to negotiate with that element to see if properties ok, right?
[19:34] <hadess> wtay: i added the current list of problems in gstreamer in the GstApplication page on the wiki
[19:35] iGN_ (ign at login1.simplemente.net) got netsplit.
[19:35] wtay (wim at cable-195-162-214-198.upc.chello.be) got netsplit.
[19:35] BBB-zZz (BBB at ucu-105-116.ucu.uu.nl) got netsplit.
[19:35] <zaheer> thats what the gst_pad_negotiate_proxy does, right?
[19:35] <zaheer> ouch...
[19:37] <steveb> zaheer: I think you will have to trigger nego on the other peer with the new caps whenever they change
[19:37] <steveb> ...except changing channels from 1 to 2 (or whatever)
[19:39] <zaheer> steveb: ok so when the src pad's negotiate is called, it sets the props for sink pad and sends a negotiate to the peer of the sink pad?
[19:40] <steveb> yeah, in theory - I haven't done this myself yet
[19:40] <steveb> but that is what wtay advised
[19:40] Nick change: omega-breakfast -> omega-laptophunting
[19:41] <zaheer> omega-laptophunting: i will now be arriving in amsterdam at 9am rather than 10:40am due to unforseen booking probs
[19:41] <omega-laptophunting> ok
[19:41] <omega-laptophunting> are you flying in?
[19:41] <zaheer> yah
[19:42] <omega-laptophunting> ah, then we can meet at the airport
[19:42] <zaheer> probably a good idea
[19:42] Action: omega-laptophunting arrives at 8:35
[19:42] <zaheer> thankfully i dont have any luggage
[19:42] <omega-laptophunting> heh, I will ;-(
[19:42] <zaheer> i can also try and smuggle a whiteboard on the plane if wanted :)
[19:43] <zaheer> im sure they'll let me bring an A2 sized whiteboard into the plane
[19:44] <steveb> can you score some pens too?
[19:44] Action: zaheer wonders how he'd recognise omega
[19:45] Nick change: aj_zzzz -> ajmitch
[19:45] wtay (wim at cable-195-162-214-198.upc.chello.be) returned to #gstreamer.
[19:45] #gstreamer: mode change '+o wtay' by ChanServ!s at ChanServ
[19:46] iGN_ (ign at login1.simplemente.net) got lost in the net-split.
[19:46] BBB-zZz (BBB at ucu-105-116.ucu.uu.nl) got lost in the net-split.
[19:46] <ajmitch> hi
[19:46] Nick change: omega-laptophunting -> omega-haslaptop
[19:46] <steveb> should I book a restaurant for sat night?
[19:46] <omega-haslaptop> steveb: actually, yeah <g>
[19:46] #gstreamer: mode change '-o wtay' by wtay!wim at cable-195-162-214-198.upc.chello.be
[19:46] <zaheer> yah i can bring pens :)
[19:46] <omega-haslaptop> zaheer: if you can
[19:47] <steveb> what cuisine do people like
[19:47] <omega-haslaptop> zaheer: I'll send you a pic
[19:47] Action: matth wishes he could go
[19:47] <zaheer> i am vegetarian...
[19:47] Action: steveb is partial to thai and indian
[19:47] <zaheer> indian would be good :)
[19:47] <omega-haslaptop> zaheer: I'll be on Northwest Air 34, from Seattle
[19:47] <ajmitch> hehe, i'd better like indian food ;)
[19:47] Action: omega-haslaptop is wary of thai, likes indian reasonably well
[19:48] <omega-haslaptop> zaheer: we can mee at the luggage carousel, since you'll get there about the same time I finally find my luggage <g>
[19:48] <ajmitch> poor me doesn't get to meet you people, and has to settle for meeting others in India ;(
[19:49] <zaheer> yah ok omega
[19:49] <zaheer> omega-haslaptop: i have an easyjet flight from london luton
[19:49] <zaheer> i used to have british midland from heathrow but the travel agent lost the good fare
[19:49] <omega-haslaptop> doh
[19:50] <zaheer> it arrives amsterdam 8:30am
[19:50] <zaheer> not 9am
[19:50] <omega-haslaptop> ah, even better <g>
[19:50] <omega-haslaptop> what flight number is yours?
[19:51] <zaheer> easyjet flight 223
[19:51] <omega-haslaptop> ok, we can try to meet in the gate area
[19:51] <zaheer> i am departing at 22:15 from amsterdam at night, so if poss dinner should start like 6-7pm
[19:51] <omega-haslaptop> and if we can't do that, we can meet in baggage claim
[19:54] <zaheer> yah
[19:54] <zaheer> omega-haslaptop: youre flight number 34?
[19:55] <steveb> i haven't been here but have been told that the Balti House is nice http://www.timeout.com/amsterdam/eat/Restaurants/Indian.html
[19:56] Action: zaheer looks at the page
[19:57] Action: zaheer is Indian....
[19:57] <zaheer> sounds good from the web page :)
[19:57] <omega-haslaptop> zaheer: yeah, Northwest Air
[19:57] <steveb> just had a recommendation from a vege
[19:58] Action: omega-haslaptop has to go deal with some stuff now, will be back in ~2hrs
[19:58] <omega-haslaptop> email me if there are any issues pending
[19:58] <zaheer> steveb: cool i'll go for it
[19:58] Nick change: omega-haslaptop -> omega-away
[19:59] <zaheer> i gotta go eat and then head to the mosque
[20:00] <zaheer> ill be back probably 10pm BST
[20:00] <zaheer> thx steveb regarding the caps stuff...i will try that..
[20:00] zaheer (zaheer at tnt-20-140.easynet.co.uk) left irc: bbl
[20:21] <sienap> mosque ?
[20:21] <ajmitch> sienap: he's gone, you know ;)
[20:22] <wtay> sienap: a kinda church... <g>
[20:23] ajmitch (me at p30-max2.dun.ihug.co.nz) left irc: http://www.freedevelopers.net
[20:24] <sienap>  yeah i know :)
[20:24] <sienap> "moskee" :)
[20:24] <sienap> he bad anough :)
[20:25] <wtay> some people are religious, live with it :)
[20:26] <sienap> he :)
[20:26] <sienap> yeah :)
[20:30] vektor (vektor at HSE-Kitchener-ppp194162.sympatico.ca) left irc: Ping timeout for vektor[HSE-Kitchener-ppp194162.sympatico.ca]
[20:31] vektor (vektor at HSE-Kitchener-ppp194162.sympatico.ca) joined #gstreamer.
[20:40] z- (dave at joined #gstreamer.
[20:41] <wtay> yo
[20:47] <z-> why might migth the plugins be building only static libraries?
[20:47] <wtay> z-: what do you mean?
[20:47] <z-> all the plugins are only built as static libraries
[20:48] <z-> which kind of defeats the point ;)
[20:48] <wtay> they aren't...
[20:48] <z-> hm they are on mine
[20:48] <wtay> no .so files?
[20:48] <z-> im building on freebsd, and i did all that auto crap
[20:48] <z-> nope
[20:48] <wtay> hmm that's abug then
[20:48] <z-> this is 0.1.1, not CVS
[20:49] <z-> i wish i knew more about libtool/automake :)
[20:49] <wtay> ok, we always used dynamic libs so something must be wrong...
[20:50] <wtay> did you also check .libs/*.so ?
[20:50] <z-> erm
[20:50] Action: z- slaps z-
[20:50] <wtay> :-)
[20:50] <hadess> z-: there's a freebsd fix in CVS already afaik
[20:50] <wtay> yeah, autoconf and libtool stuff..
[20:50] <sienap> aah doh
[20:50] <wtay> hadess: not yet... have to merge it still...
[20:50] <z-> hadess, fix for what ? i had modify quite a bit
[20:51] Action: hadess joins #kernelnewbies
[20:51] <z-> s/had/had to
[20:51] <wtay> checking...
[20:51] <sienap> z- always check the newest >:) 
[20:51] <z-> i have an untested dvd patch if you want it :)
[20:52] <z-> i wanted to see if the stable version would work before i tried cvs
[20:52] <wtay> mostly build patches AFAICT in the patch I have...
[20:52] <z-> if it works ok, i'll submit a port
[20:52] <wtay> remove the cdrom and osssink stuff etc..
[20:52] <wtay> z-: cool
[20:52] <z-> i got the cdrom/dvd stuff working, i think
[20:53] <z-> just the v4l i think didn't compile obviously
[20:54] <wtay> the patch I have just excludes it from building
[20:56] <z-> is the cdrom plugin only in cvs?
[20:56] <wtay> no
[20:56] <wtay> vcdsrc
[20:56] <z-> oh
[20:57] <wtay> uses some lowlevel ioctls
[20:57] <z-> yeh i must be on craq, i didn't get that working
[20:57] <z-> ;)
[20:58] <wtay> excluded from the build here...
[20:58] Action: z- pulls out his lame linux/bsd cd player source code
[20:59] <wtay> it a video cd src so it requires something else I think...
[20:59] <z-> oh
[20:59] <wtay> yeah
[20:59] <wtay> cdparanoia is out cd src element :-)
[20:59] <wtay> s/out/our
[21:00] <z-> ah :)
[21:00] <z-> cdparanoia isn't ported to bsd
[21:00] <z-> would it be possible to rwite a dropin replacement ?
[21:01] <sienap> if you want to :)
[21:01] <z-> funky
[21:02] <sienap> ask wtay :)
[21:04] <wtay> sure go ahead :)
[21:05] <hadess> z-: cdparanoia IV will be out soon, the cdparanoia webpage was updated 2 days ago to state that work is still going on
[21:05] <hadess> cdparanoia will support *bsd and solaris afaik
[21:05] <z-> sweet
[21:06] <hadess> damn, soundbox just rocks =)
[21:07] <hadess> i'm adding cddb support now
[21:20] djcb (binnema at 29dyn1.dh.casema.net) joined #gstreamer.
[21:24] steveb (steveb at node1ee02.a2000.nl) left irc: [x]chat
[21:26] djcb (binnema at 29dyn1.dh.casema.net) left irc: 
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[21:37] hadess (hadess at pc123-gui14.cable.ntl.com) joined #gstreamer.
[21:55] Nick change: hadess -> hds-tv
[22:19] sienap (synap at ipc379c092.dial.wxs.nl) left irc: sienap has no reason
[22:23] omega_ (omega at temple-baptist.com) joined #gstreamer.
[22:23] Action: omega_ is on his 'new' laptop
[22:23] <wtay> cool!
[22:23] <wtay> got one rented
[22:23] <wtay> ?
[22:23] <omega_> nope, borrowed
[22:23] <wtay> good
[22:24] <wtay> compatible HD?
[22:24] <omega_> my hd
[22:24] <omega_> so yes
[22:25] <wtay> got v4lsrc->xvideosink working with caps nego
[22:25] <omega_> cool
[22:25] Action: omega_ has to go do some more stuff, then head home
[22:25] <omega_> be back l8r
[22:25] <wtay> ok l8r
[22:25] omega_ (omega at temple-baptist.com) left irc: [x]chat
[22:27] z-_ (dave at host213-1-190-138.btinternet.com) joined #gstreamer.
[22:30] z- (dave at left irc: Ping timeout for z-[]
[22:35] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-tv
[22:38] djcb (binnema at 29dyn1.dh.casema.net) joined #gstreamer.
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[23:03] omega-away (omega at omegacs.net) joined #gstreamer.
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[23:13] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) joined #gstreamer.
[23:13] <Uraeus> howdy
[23:13] <matth> hola
[23:26] <hds-tv> hey Uraeus, i'll some more screenshots for you soon =)
[23:26] <Uraeus> nice :)
[23:27] Nick change: hds-tv -> hadess
[23:38] sienap (synap at ipc379c092.dial.wxs.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[23:38] <sienap> Boe :)
[23:40] <Uraeus> hi sienap
[23:40] Nick change: wtay-tv -> wtay
[23:40] <wtay> yo sienap
[23:40] <sienap> wtay!
[23:40] <sienap> ureaus!
[23:40] <sienap> wtay-tv.. you must be kidding me :)
[23:40] <wtay> hadess: ?
[23:40] <wtay> sienap: hehe
[23:41] <Uraeus> sienap: are you good at makefile/configure coding?
[23:42] <sienap> haha
[23:42] <sienap> nope :)
[23:42] <sienap> i always make an plain simpel makefile
[23:42] <sienap> without autoconf / make
[23:42] <Uraeus> Hmm, I was just thinking that gnome menu entries should be added to the gstreamer applications
[23:43] <wtay> hadess: you there?
[23:45] <Uraeus> wtay: If I make .desktop files, icons and a patch to put them in the correct places in the source tree, will you modify the make files to install them at 'make install'?
[23:46] <wtay> Uraeus: I would...
[23:46] <wtay> It does tie us 100% to GNOME though...
[23:46] <Uraeus> wtay: the .desktop files is the same ones KDE uses
[23:47] <wtay> good :)
[23:47] <wtay> I didn't know that, are they the same?
[23:47] <wtay> cool
[23:47] <Uraeus> yes, it was one of the few co-operation successstories
[23:47] <wtay> hehe
[23:47] zaheer (zaheer at tnt-16-137.easynet.co.uk) joined #gstreamer.
[23:47] <wtay> yo
[23:47] <zaheer> yo
[23:48] <Uraeus> wtay: that is why you can have a KDE tree in your GNOME menu
[23:48] <wtay> Uraeus: nice..
[23:49] <wtay> I'm going to check in the X videosink
[23:49] <zaheer> wtay: it is gst_negotiate_proxy if called on src pad and you wanna make sure peer of sink pad is fine with it?
[23:49] <wtay> nowhere near completion thoug but it is able to show something
[23:49] <zaheer> if called = if negotiate called
[23:49] <Uraeus> wtay: will you or omega reply to the Overflow developer?
[23:50] <wtay> zaheer: yes
[23:50] <wtay> Uraeus: not sure...
[23:50] <Uraeus> wtay: not sure who, or if?
[23:51] <wtay> Uraeus: not sure what to reply...
[23:51] <zaheer> Overflow looks interesting
[23:51] <wtay> I didn't look at it yet...
[23:51] <zaheer> i saw it the other day on gnotices
[23:52] <zaheer> someone mentioned on the talkback/comments that they should talk with gstreamer guys
[23:52] <wtay> zaheer: i short, what is it like?
[23:52] <zaheer> or something to taht effect
[23:52] <Uraeus> wtay: if nothing else ask if there is something that needs doing for him to hook Overflow onto GStreamer
[23:53] <wtay> ok I'll do that
[23:53] <zaheer> it seems to use neural nets
[23:54] <zaheer> to do fancy stuff
[23:54] <zaheer> like improve speech recognition
[23:54] <wtay> hmm
[23:55] <wtay> not really media then
[23:55] <wtay> more like signal processing
[23:55] <zaheer> its very audio driven
[23:55] <zaheer> yes
[23:56] <sienap> wtay did you code something today ?
[23:56] <wtay> this would typically be a gst plugin then
[23:56] <wtay> sienap: capsnego on v4lsrc and xvideosink
[23:56] <zaheer> yes more of a dsp approach
[23:57] <sienap> he cool :)
[23:57] <zaheer> the flow network they are talking about is the nodes of their neural net by the looks of it
[23:57] <wtay> zaheer: yes
[23:58] <sienap> hej ureaus
[23:58] <sienap> media guru :)
[23:58] <zaheer> so yes it sounds like it would be a useful toolkit to create intelligent plugins
[23:58] <wtay> zaheer: it looks like the granularity of the algo's is much finer
[23:58] <sienap> ureaus i've got something for u
[23:58] <Uraeus> sienap: what?
[23:59] <sienap> moment
[23:59] <Uraeus> free beer?
[23:59] <sienap> glame.sourceforge.net
[23:59] <sienap> send an cool email on their MAILING list
[23:59] <sienap> :)
[23:59] Action: zaheer wonders if they have duplicated some of the work the Sphix project has done
[23:59] <sienap> i already mailt the author
[23:59] <sienap> and he wanted to hear some reactions of the users
[00:00] --- Fri Mar 30 2001
[00:00] <Uraeus> sienap: the glame author?
[00:01] <sienap> uraeus ?
[00:01] <sienap> nope the mailing list
[00:01] <sienap> mail their mailing list
[00:01] <sienap> with one of your superB emails
[00:01] Action: zaheer reputs in the negotiate_proxy into his stere2mono plugins
[00:01] <Uraeus> sienap: no, I meant it was the Glame author you mailed?
[00:01] <sienap> btw i think they almost directly can implent there filters..
[00:02] <sienap> yes
[00:02] <zaheer> wtay: it looks like i'm about 80% to go to Copenhagen....
[00:02] <Uraeus> sienap: ok I make a mail for them to :)
[00:02] <sienap> btw evolution is getting really cool
[00:02] <Uraeus> zaheer: please come!
[00:03] <sienap> they are now working on a "meetings" planner or something
[00:03] <sienap> ureaus he great :)
[00:03] <sienap> i was 100% sure about going to Copenhagen
[00:03] <sienap> he but now 100% sure i won't :(
[00:03] <Uraeus> sienap: what?
[00:04] <zaheer> Uraeus: i am provisionally booked saturday morning arrival early morning and depart monday morning....is there anything happening on monday that would be beneficial to stay till later in day?
[00:05] <Uraeus> zaheer: well a bunch of us is planning on going around Copenhagen and look at the sights
[00:05] <Uraeus> sienap: better be a good excuse :)
[00:05] <zaheer> on monday right?
[00:05] <Uraeus> zaheer: yes, monday
[00:06] <zaheer> ok coz it doesnt matter to me whether i come back monday morning or evening as i will be paying the hotel fare for sunday night regardless
[00:06] <zaheer> so if you guys are planning to visit the city, i'll join you
[00:06] <Uraeus> zaheer: ok, great!
[00:07] <sienap> ureaus some uncool stuff on school
[00:07] <sienap> they decided to dislike me because i was comming to less or something
[00:08] <Uraeus> sienap: bad, no chance to just come sat+Sun for instance?
[00:08] <zaheer> wtay: has <gst/meta/audioraw.h> moved?
[00:09] Action: zaheer wonders why he has this file included in stereo2mono.h :)
[00:10] <zaheer> MetaAudioRaw meta; <---- /me wonders if needed in the struct, probably not....
[00:10] <zaheer> been replaced by caps...
[00:10] <zaheer> of the pad
[00:11] <zaheer> Uraeus: you're involved in other parts of gnome right?
[00:12] Action: zaheer saw a Gnotice of Gnome 1.4 beta coming from Uraeus
[00:12] <Uraeus> zaheer: yes, I do some website content stuff, and there are rumours about me doing news and articles :)
[00:12] <zaheer> yes, those rumours are completely unfounded :)
[00:13] <Uraeus> zaheer: the GNOME Office pages at gnome.org is my work 
[00:13] Action: zaheer goes to look
[00:13] <hadess> wtay: sorry what is it ?
[00:13] <Uraeus> http://www.gnome.org/gnome-office/
[00:14] <hadess> wtay: i'm coding
[00:14] <hadess> wtay: i was i mean...
[00:14] <Uraeus> <g>
[00:14] <wtay> hmm, sorry, was answering mail...
[00:15] <wtay> zaheer: audioraw is gone..
[00:15] <hadess> so, you'd like me to test the new xvideosink, right ?
[00:15] <wtay> hadess: right, and the v4lsrc that has been adjusted
[00:15] <zaheer> wtay: as part of the caps stuff right?
[00:15] <Uraeus> zaheer: if you click on the technologies link you will see GStreamer there
[00:15] <wtay> hadess: it'll break your app so be carefull
[00:15] <wtay> zaheer: yes
[00:16] <sienap> WOOW
[00:16] <sienap> the print preview of the calendar thingy in evolution is NEATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTt
[00:16] <hadess> wtay: would i need to change much stuff ?
[00:16] <wtay> hadess: not really I think, depends...
[00:17] <vektor> hey, i've always wondered this.  is there a standard flag to pass to a configure script to enable debugging (put -g in the cflags and cxxflags)?
[00:17] <wtay> ar you only using v4lsrc->xvideosink?
[00:17] <wtay> zaheer: videoraw is also dying..
[00:18] <zaheer> wtay: cool i like these changes, makes it cleaner :)
[00:18] <hadess> wtay: no, v4lsrc -> tee -> videosink right now
[00:18] <wtay> zaheer: yup
[00:18] <wtay> hadess: ok, tee doesn't do capsnego so it'll break for sure
[00:18] <hadess> wtay: i'll disable it to test that
[00:19] <wtay> hadess: you might want to keep the other branch too
[00:19] <zaheer> wtay: does queue do capsnego yet?
[00:19] <wtay> zaheer: yes
[00:19] <wtay> zaheer: just _proxy it
[00:19] Action: zaheer smiles, very thoughtful :)
[00:19] <wtay> zaheer: I mean, it just _proxies
[00:19] <wtay> zaheer: I always keep gstmediaplay in a working state so...
[00:19] vektor (vektor at HSE-Kitchener-ppp194162.sympatico.ca) left irc: Read error to vektor[HSE-Kitchener-ppp194162.sympatico.ca]: Connection reset by peer
[00:20] <zaheer> :)
[00:21] <hadess> wtay: the other branch ? heh, cp vanity.c vanity.c.old :P
[00:21] <zaheer> as rtpsink doesnt care on the caps, it doesnt need to be changed, right?
[00:21] <wtay> ok there we go... I'm going to sleep soon so if these changes don't work right away...
[00:21] <wtay> zaheer: nope
[00:21] <hadess> wtay: you're overestimating my coding setup
[00:22] <wtay> hadess: I mean the gst directory :-)
[00:22] <hadess> too late then
[00:22] <wtay> hadess: I hope you can live a few days with a non functional vanity.c then :-)
[00:23] <hadess> wtay: i just hope it will work for guadec =)
[00:23] <hadess> wtay: i'll be "showcasing" my apps there
[00:23] <wtay> hadess: hum
[00:24] <wtay> hadess: you know how to put pressure on a man, don't you? :-)
[00:24] <zaheer> the pad passed to the negotiate function is of the pad who's been asked to negotiate right?
[00:24] <wtay> zaheer: _renegotiate?
[00:24] <hadess> Mem:    318116K total,   316944K used <- damn it, i need more
[00:25] <zaheer> the negotiate function that you set for a pad
[00:25] <zaheer> thats passed a GstPad* as first param
[00:25] <wtay> oh ok, yes thats the pad that is going to be negotiated
[00:26] <zaheer> cool
[00:26] <wtay> commited my changes
[00:26] <hadess> wtay: heh, the reputation of gstreamer is in your hands :)
[00:26] Action: zaheer smiles at hadess
[00:26] <hadess> wtay: oh, is it xvideosink that i should use now ?
[00:26] <wtay> I have a reputation for breaking stuff hard :-)
[00:27] <wtay> hadess: just a sec...
[00:27] <wtay> hadess: a test program is commited
[00:27] <wtay> hadess: try to run it.. <g>
[00:28] <wtay> hadess: and report the errors... :)
[00:28] <hadess> wtay: mpeg2dec plugin compilation failed
[00:28] <wtay> hmm
[00:29] <hadess> that might be because i don't have it installed
[00:29] <wtay> yeah, it compiles fine here
[00:30] <hadess> i don't have the library installed, and ./configure didn't detect it
[00:30] <wtay> the code is fine in condigure.in though...
[00:30] <wtay> ./autogen.sh?
[00:31] <hadess> wtay: from clean tree
[00:31] <wtay> don't forget to do cvs update -P
[00:31] <wtay> ah ok
[00:31] <wtay> does configure report success with the mpeg2dec library check then.
[00:32] <hadess> i have only 1000 lines scroll, which is not enough to see that
[00:32] zaheer_ (zaheer at tnt-18-96.easynet.co.uk) joined #gstreamer.
[00:32] <zaheer_> stupid isp :)
[00:32] zaheer (zaheer at tnt-16-137.easynet.co.uk) left irc: Ping timeout for zaheer[tnt-16-137.easynet.co.uk]
[00:32] <hadess> removing it for now
[00:32] <wtay> ok
[00:32] <hadess> so that we can test the new videosink
[00:33] sienap (synap at ipc379c092.dial.wxs.nl) left irc: Ping timeout for sienap[ipc379c092.dial.wxs.nl]
[00:33] Action: hadess shivers
[00:33] <wtay> zaheer_: is capsnego clear enough for you?
[00:33] sienap (synap at ipc379c092.dial.wxs.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[00:33] sienap (synap at ipc379c092.dial.wxs.nl) left irc: Read error to sienap[ipc379c092.dial.wxs.nl]: EOF from client
[00:34] <zaheer_> wtay: still a few grey areas
[00:34] <zaheer_> i need to actually experiment...
[00:35] <zaheer_> which is why im doing stereo2mono and ulaw-enc using it
[00:35] <wtay> zaheer_: so do I :)
[00:36] <zaheer_> but your converter2.c is a good start
[00:36] <wtay> ok
[00:36] <hadess> man, libcdaudio is _so_ badly documented
[00:37] <zaheer_> once ive done these plugins i might write somin about the process using stereo2mono as an example and how capsnego works, for the documentation
[00:37] <wtay> zaheer_: perfect
[00:37] <zaheer_> wtay: i appreciate all the time youve given me with this, its invaluable
[00:37] <wtay> no prob
[00:38] <Uraeus> night 
[00:38] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) left #gstreamer.
[00:38] <zaheer_> night uraeus
[00:38] Action: zaheer_ swears at himself....
[00:39] <zaheer_> i got the pads the wrong way round :P
[00:39] <wtay> capsnego usage has so many possibilities..
[00:39] <wtay> doh
[00:39] <hadess> ** WARNING **: gstprops: unknown props id found
[00:39] <zaheer_> that explains somin major :)
[00:39] <wtay> whooa
[00:40] <wtay> when?
[00:40] <hadess> hold on
[00:41] <wtay> zaheer_: v4lsrc and xvideosink capsnego is pretty neat already..
[00:44] <zaheer_> nice
[00:45] Action: zaheer_ looks at the gstqueue.c and converter2.c....
[00:45] Nick change: hadess -> |
[00:45] <|> #0  0xff7dd38 in g_on_error_stack_trace () from /usr/lib/libglib-1.2.so.0
[00:45] <|> #1  0xf6e7b5c in gst_default_error_handler () at gstinfo.c:308
[00:45] <|> #2  0xf6fa1e4 in gst_bin_schedule_func () at gstscheduler.c:321
[00:45] <|> #3  0xf6dece0 in gst_bin_create_plan_func (bin=0x1006e348) at gstbin.c:618
[00:45] <|> #4  0xf6df9c4 in gst_bin_create_plan () at gstbin.c:889
[00:45] <|> #5  0xf6dc5dc in gst_bin_change_state (element=0x1006e348) at gstbin.c:263
[00:45] <|> #6  0xf6e546c in gst_element_set_state () at gstelement.c:484
[00:45] <|> #7  0x10001e68 in main (argc=1, argv=0x7ffff9cc) at videotest2.c:73
[00:45] Nick change: | -> hadess
[00:46] <zaheer_> brb
[00:46] <wtay> hadess: ?
[00:47] <wtay> gstreamer-inspect xvideosink?
[00:47] <hadess> removed all the old libraries, and reinstalling, it segfaults badly right now
[00:50] <wtay> doing a complete rebuild
[00:50] <hadess> you are ?
[00:50] <wtay> yeah
[00:54] <hadess> damn, i should have disabled the docs
[00:56] <wtay> hadess: do you have Xv?
[00:56] <hadess> yep
[00:56] <wtay> good
[00:57] <hadess> doesn't load the plugins properly :/
[00:58] <wtay> hmm
[00:58] <hadess> ldconfig'd, registered
[00:58] <wtay> what does -register say?
[00:59] <hadess> stuff like:
[00:59] <hadess> INFO:gst_plugin_load_absolute:366: plugin "ossaudio" loaded: 2 elements, 0 typesINFO:gst_plugin_load_all:230: loading plugins from /usr/local/lib/gst
[00:59] <hadess> that;s the end of the first part
[00:59] <hadess> and then
[00:59] <hadess> ** CRITICAL **: file gststaticautoplugrender.c: line 90 (plugin_init): assertion `plugin != NULL' failed.
[00:59] <wtay> oh
[00:59] <hadess> for every plugin listed above
[00:59] <hadess> i should do somethign ?
[00:59] <wtay> ok, that's because you installed them
[01:00] <wtay> they are loaded from the src dir and the installed dir
[01:00] <wtay> you don't have to make install gstreamer
[01:00] <wtay> but it's not critical
[01:00] <wtay> brb
[01:00] <hadess> so it tries to load twice, right ?
[01:01] <hadess> #0  0xff7dd38 in g_on_error_stack_trace () from /usr/lib/libglib-1.2.so.0
[01:01] <hadess> #1  0xf6e7b5c in gst_default_error_handler () at gstinfo.c:308
[01:01] <hadess> #2  0xf6fa1e4 in gst_bin_schedule_func () at gstscheduler.c:321
[01:01] <hadess> #3  0xf6dece0 in gst_bin_create_plan_func (bin=0x1006e348) at gstbin.c:618
[01:01] <hadess> #4  0xf6df9c4 in gst_bin_create_plan () at gstbin.c:889
[01:01] <hadess> #5  0xf6dc5dc in gst_bin_change_state (element=0x1006e348) at gstbin.c:263
[01:01] <hadess> #6  0xf6e546c in gst_element_set_state () at gstelement.c:484
[01:01] <hadess> #7  0x10001e68 in main (argc=1, argv=0x7ffff9cc) at videotest2.c:73
[01:01] <hadess> on launching videotest2
[01:02] <zaheer_> does gst_caps_copy deep-copy the caps object?
[01:04] <wtay> hadess: yup
[01:04] <wtay> zaheer_: sorta
[01:04] Action: omega-away is starting to pack
[01:04] Nick change: omega-away -> omega-packing
[01:05] <hadess> wtay: do you know what could be the bad here ?
[01:05] <wtay> hadess: it looks like some element is not loaded...
[01:05] <wtay> gstreamer-inspect xvideosink?
[01:05] <zaheer_> wtay: sorta means, if i set a property on copy, will it affect orig?
[01:05] <wtay> zaheer_: nope
[01:05] <djcb> hey omega; did you get my mail (european tour etc.)?
[01:05] <zaheer_> omega-packing: all you need for europe is a heavy jacket? :)
[01:06] <omega-packing> zaheer_: um.... I'll be wearing a green PSU Vikings sweatshirt probably
[01:06] <omega-packing> hehehe
[01:06] <zaheer_> omega-packing: ill be wearing a red baseball cap
[01:06] <zaheer_> with black writing saying DEKRA
[01:06] <zaheer_> its Michael Schumacher's baseball cap
[01:06] <omega-packing> ok, I could do the same, I think I have a redhat cap somewhere
[01:06] <wtay> and a gstreamer flag...
[01:07] <omega-packing> or better yet, I'll wear my tan RidegRun cap
[01:07] Action: omega-packing needs to look at the logos Brock emailed me, and post them
[01:07] <omega-packing> will do that now before wtay and others sleep
[01:07] <zaheer_> and if i can sweettalk check-in and the stewardess i will have a whiteboard underneah my arms
[01:07] <omega-packing> good luck <g>
[01:07] <hadess> wtay: no such element or plugin 'xvideosink'
[01:07] <djcb> omega-packing: ?
[01:07] <wtay> ah
[01:08] <zaheer_> i will however definitely have a bulky black backpack
[01:08] <hadess> wtay: i have a videosink though
[01:08] <omega-packing> ah, djcb, um, which one? <g>
[01:08] <omega-packing> checking mail now
[01:08] <wtay> hadess: ok manually enter the plugins/xvideosink dir and build <g>
[01:08] <zaheer_> cant go without the laptop :)
[01:08] <hadess> wtay: i don't have any xvideosink subdir
[01:08] <wtay> hadess: you did cvs update -P?
[01:09] <hadess> wtay: yup, i think it didn't get in the first update i did
[01:09] <wtay> cvs update -d sorry
[01:09] <hadess> lemme do that again
[01:09] <omega-packing> I do -dPA
[01:09] <djcb> omega-packing: sent you mail on Tuesday; see you on Monday?!
[01:09] <zaheer_> omega-packing: if i cant find you in baggage claim i will put an announcement for Erik from RidgeRun,Seattle :P
[01:09] <omega-packing> djcb: searching , monday sounds good
[01:09] <wtay> omega-packing: are you going to be online soon?
[01:10] <omega-packing> I'll be online for a few more minutes (on my desktop)
[01:10] <omega-packing> djcb: sounds good.  8pm it is
[01:10] <zaheer_> wtay: possible return values for negotiate_proxy are same as the pad's negotiation function?
[01:10] ajmitch (me at p40-max6.dun.ihug.co.nz) joined #gstreamer.
[01:10] <wtay> zaheer_: yes
[01:10] <zaheer_> omega-packing: whens your flight?
[01:10] <wtay> yo ajmitch
[01:10] <djcb> omega-packing: great! i'll send you more detailed directions and so on...
[01:11] <ajmitch> hey
[01:11] <omega-packing> zaheer_: since we arrive 5min from each other, we can try to meet at the gate(s) first
[01:11] <omega-packing> 8:35am
[01:11] <omega-packing> djcb: cool
[01:11] <omega-packing> djcb: I might even have a bike to ride to the thing on <g>
[01:11] <wtay> zaheer_: make sure you can get to GUADEC too...
[01:11] <zaheer_> omega-packing: yah i will try and get to your gate....amsterdam airport is pretty big so we may have gates 10 mins apart
[01:11] <omega-packing> djcb: sister's address is:
[01:11] <omega-packing> Van Swietenstraat 80    
[01:11] <omega-packing> 2518 SL Den Haag        
[01:12] <omega-packing> zaheer_: true
[01:12] <omega-packing> baggage claim if all else fails, obviously the carousel for my flight, since you don't have baggage <g>
[01:12] <zaheer_> yah :)
[01:12] <zaheer_> pretty convenient our flights arrive almost same time
[01:13] <djcb> omega-packing: ack.
[01:13] <zaheer_> has meeting place been set yet?
[01:13] <wtay> isn't here a meeting point in the airport too?
[01:14] <zaheer_> wtay: that is true....but i havent a clue where that is :)
[01:14] <omega-packing> djcb: ?
[01:14] <omega-packing> wtay: could be
[01:14] <wtay> zaheer_: it's marked with great big signs probably.. :)
[01:14] <zaheer_> wtay: thats where the announcer announces ppl to go to
[01:15] <ajmitch> wtay: got the FD logs sorted yet? :)
[01:15] Action: zaheer_ recalls schippol being HUGE :)
[01:15] Action: omega-packing keeps reaching for the wrong keyboard
[01:15] Action: omega-packing is switching mice
[01:15] <wtay> ajmitch: no idea what went wrong...
[01:16] <djcb> omega-packing: ack == ok; wrote down the address, so I can give you precise directions...
[01:16] <omega-packing> djcb: ah, ok <g>
[01:16] <ajmitch> wtay: i got an email from Arun asking what i'd done to the logs ;)
[01:16] <omega-packing> that'd ACK <g>
[01:16] <wtay> ajmitch: just say I screwed up :)
[01:16] <ajmitch> wtay: i did ;)
[01:17] <wtay> ajmitch: I'm using my ISPs mail server now, -devel works and so should FD
[01:17] <wtay> ajmitch: I'll try again tomorrow..
[01:17] <omega-packing> brb in 1min
[01:17] <ajmitch> wtay: righto, can you test the FD one separately? (to avoid spamming gstreamer-devel)
[01:17] <wtay> I gotta sleep now...
[01:17] <wtay> ajmitch: sure, they're separate scripts
[01:18] <ajmitch> wtay: heh, k
[01:18] <wtay> hadess: any luck?
[01:18] <hadess> disabling Xv for it
[01:18] <wtay> hadess: how come?
[01:19] <hadess> wtay: no YUV src on my webcam dude
[01:19] <zaheer_> ok wtay, hopefully i'll have my plugins done my morning :)
[01:19] <wtay> hadess: doh
[01:19] <ajmitch> wtay: i planned to code for a little while last night (and ask questions here), but had to get up at 5:30 ;)
[01:19] Action: omega-packing adjusts to his new glasses
[01:19] <zaheer_> thats a clue, you wear glasses :)
[01:19] <omega-packing> yup <g>
[01:19] <hadess> wtay: it just displays trash, but it doesn't core dump any more
[01:20] <ajmitch> zaheer_: you haven't seen pics of omega-packing? ;)
[01:20] <wtay> hadess: heh
[01:20] Action: ajmitch digs thru irc logs to find some URLs of photos ;)
[01:20] <wtay> zaheer_: lots of pics on his site...
[01:20] Action: omega-packing will email him one
[01:20] <ajmitch> omega-packing: cruel person ;)
[01:21] <omega-packing> ajmitch: oh?
[01:21] <wtay> hadess: will work on this tomorrow
[01:21] <hadess> wtay: it's not really nice to see right now :/
[01:21] <zaheer_> omega-packing: i think the red baseball cap with black DEKRA written on it, a black jacket and a beard (not sure what style tho), and brown (skin colour) should be unique enough for anyone to spot me :)
[01:21] <wtay> gotta sleep now, cya all
[01:21] <hadess> wtay: lemme try if vanity has more luch
[01:21] <zaheer_> cya wtay, thx for the help
[01:22] <wtay> hadess: It wont
[01:22] <omega-packing> zaheer_: probably <g>
[01:22] <wtay> omega-packing: have a nice flight
[01:22] <hadess> wtay: why not ?
[01:22] <ajmitch> omega-packing: what would be crueller would be if i emailed zaheer a pic of me ;)
[01:22] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-sleeping
[01:22] <wtay-sleeping> hadess: completely broken
[01:22] <zaheer_> when you leaving seattle?
[01:22] <omega-packing> 10am Friday
[01:22] <wtay-sleeping> hadess: capsnego on incompatible caps and stuff
[01:22] <zaheer_> wow...
[01:22] <djcb> btw, if anyone is near The Hague on Monday, and wants to see Omega: http://linux.denhaag.org/ (in Dutch)
[01:23] <zaheer_> denhaag = the hague .... now i know where it is :)
[01:23] <hadess> djcb: oh, "La Hague"
[01:23] <omega-packing> zaheer_: yup
[01:23] <hadess> wtay-sleeping: did you test it ?
[01:24] <wtay-sleeping> hadess: videotest2 works fine here
[01:24] <omega-packing> hadess, djcb: how many variants of 'den haag' are there??
[01:24] <hadess> wtay-sleeping: with Xv, right ?
[01:24] <wtay-sleeping> hadess: also with RGB
[01:24] <hadess> omega-packing: it's just the french name
[01:24] <omega-packing> yup
[01:24] <hadess> wtay-sleeping: i'm using format 4
[01:25] <wtay-sleeping> hadess: formats are irrelevant now...
[01:25] <omega-packing> http://www.temple-baptist.com/~omega/omega.png
[01:25] <djcb> omega-packing: in dutch there are two, and then there's french and english...
[01:25] <hadess> wtay-sleeping: heh, alright then
[01:25] <omega-packing> w/old glasses
[01:25] <wtay-sleeping> hadess: I only tried on BGR16 though
[01:25] <omega-packing> djcb: glad I don't live in Belgium....
[01:25] <djcb> hadess: I think it's La Haye (?)
[01:25] <wtay-sleeping> hadess: will try on other colordepths too 
[01:26] <wtay-sleeping> djcb: yup "La Haye" it is
[01:26] <hadess> djcb: yeahm that's it, "La Hague" is a french town, looks alike though
[01:26] <hadess> wtay-sleeping: thanks
[01:27] <hadess> omega-packing: i was ready to tell you to change the glasses :P
[01:27] <omega-packing> hadess: um, yeah...
[01:28] <hadess> reminds me that i'll need to shave before going to denmark...
[01:29] <zaheer_> hadess: i need a sheap shearer to shave my beard off :P
[01:30] <hadess> zaheer_: not that much, but i use hair clippers to take mine off
[01:30] Action: omega-packing is grabbing a shot of his new glasses
[01:30] <hadess> omega-packing: just of the glasses :)
[01:30] Action: omega-packing is *trying* to grab a new shot
[01:30] <omega-packing> hehehe
[01:30] <zaheer_> omega-packing: youre very clean cut, none of this long hair, goatee hacker style look :P
[01:30] <hadess> zaheer_: lol
[01:31] <hadess> zaheer_: my bearb is longer than my hair
[01:31] <zaheer_> aaah you're a david beckham :P
[01:31] <hadess> zaheer_: that's what i was told 3 times a day when i changed my haircut recently
[01:32] <zaheer_> if i have my normal haircut my beard could be longer than my hair :)
[01:32] <hadess> muhahah
[01:32] <zaheer_> and my normal haircut is a grade 3 :P
[01:33] <hadess> zaheer_: i should go on the train to london so we can have a pint before i move (if i move)
[01:33] <zaheer_> theres cheap beer at the university union if you fancy coming to london
[01:33] <ajmitch> hehe
[01:34] Action: omega-packing is having trouble dumping dv to ppm
[01:34] <hadess> zaheer_: just send over the details to me
[01:34] <hadess> omega-packing: mpeg is fine
[01:34] <zaheer_> when you moving? :)
[01:34] <hadess> zaheer_: dunno, i'm probably gonna have an interview in denmark
[01:34] <omega-packing> dv isn't mpeg
[01:35] <zaheer_> aaah ok
[01:35] <hadess> omega-packing: yeah, true, forget what i said
[01:35] <zaheer_> if you can get to euston station
[01:35] <omega-packing> if you wanna grab libdv and watch the 120000 byte dv file <g>
[01:35] <hadess> omega-packing: huh, maybe not
[01:35] <zaheer_> thats like 5 mins walk from my desk at university
[01:36] <hadess> zaheer_: send me your details so that i can call you or whatever, that'd probably be on a w-e though, after guadec
[01:36] <zaheer_> hadess: is that why youre showing off stuff at guadec?
[01:36] <omega-packing> playdv is dumping mangled ppm files ;-(
[01:36] <zaheer_> email address?
[01:37] <hadess> zaheer_: no, came after, and the interviewers will at guadec as well...
[01:37] <hadess> zaheer_: hadess at hadess.net
[01:37] <omega-packing> zaheer_: interviewing for ximian.dk or something? <g>
[01:37] <hadess> omega-packing: .com
[01:38] <hadess> good guess mate
[01:38] <omega-packing> er, right hadess...
[01:38] <omega-packing> move to MA ?
[01:38] <hadess> well, if i have the job =)
[01:38] <omega-packing> cool
[01:39] <zaheer_> omega-packing: i will be observing the talent in copenhagen for potential candidates for Bell Worldwide in the future, but only  informally :)
[01:39] <omega-packing> hehhe
[01:39] Action: omega-packing thinks GUADEC is going to *rock*
[01:40] <hadess> lots of hairy geeks
[01:40] <omega-packing> my sister says that there could be a 'train strike' starting Sunday
[01:40] <omega-packing> this could be, um, fun
[01:40] <zaheer_> it sure beats playing golf in miserable weather :)
[01:40] <omega-packing> or, um, playing golf <g>
[01:40] <zaheer_> there was a train strike today here
[01:41] <hadess> omega-packing: that's mean
[01:41] <djcb> omega-packing: guadec *rocked* last year
[01:41] <omega-packing> djcb: you coming?
[01:41] <djcb> yes
[01:41] <omega-packing> hadess: but true... IMO
[01:41] Action: omega-packing isn't Tiger Woods, though
[01:41] Action: omega-packing hasn't seen this yet either: http://www.temple-baptist.com/~omega/gst.gif
[01:42] <hadess> omega-packing: that's lucky for you, Tiger Woods is a such a lame name
[01:42] <omega-packing> ooooh, neat
[01:42] <omega-packing> hadess: yeah... <g>
[01:42] <zaheer_> omega-packing: you'd need more than an improvement in your swing to be tiger woods :P
[01:42] <omega-packing> true
[01:42] <zaheer_> a heavier wallet
[01:43] <omega-packing> isn't that *after* a better swing?
[01:43] <hadess> "i want the same as michael jackson, but reversed"
[01:43] <zaheer_> omega-packing: it isnt for some of the pro players :)
[01:43] <omega-packing> hadess: dare I ask?
[01:43] <hadess> omega-packing: better not
[01:44] <zaheer_> hadess: you want a deep man's voice and an untouched nose?
[01:44] <hadess> zaheer_: got your mail
[01:44] <djcb> ok, see you all in the hague or copenhagen...
[01:44] <hadess> gotta head for bed now, *i* work tomorrow
[01:44] <omega-packing> everyone see the logo?
[01:44] <zaheer_> cya djcb
[01:44] <hadess> omega-packing: yep
[01:45] <djcb> need to get some sleep before another 8 hours of h323 hacking...
[01:45] <omega-packing> thoughts?
[01:45] <omega-packing> djcb: openh323?
[01:45] <hadess> omega-packing: reserve me a tshirt =)
[01:45] <omega-packing> hrm, I see we lost wtay just in time too ;-(
[01:45] <djcb> omega-packing: well, I use that, yes.
[01:45] <omega-packing> cool
[01:45] <zaheer_> hadess: im up at 6 tomorrow :(
[01:45] Action: omega-packing just hopes we have tshirts
[01:45] <zaheer_> djcb: what kinda h323 hacking?
[01:45] <omega-packing> does anyone have leads on a company that can print them in either Amsterdam or Copenhagen
[01:45] <hadess> zaheer_: i was knackered before waking up...
[01:45] <omega-packing> ?
[01:46] <hadess> night all
[01:46] <djcb> well, need to decode some netmeeting stufff
[01:46] hadess (hadess at pc123-gui14.cable.ntl.com) left irc: sleep
[01:46] <zaheer_> i can get em printed in london if you want, dunno how much it'll cost tho :(
[01:46] <omega-packing> heh
[01:46] <zaheer_> but i wont be in copenhagen till saturday
[01:46] <omega-packing> zaheer_: only if you want to print them tomorrow, (in ~24hrs) and bring them with you <g>
[01:47] <omega-packing> gst talk is saturday anyway <g>
[01:47] <ajmitch> bbl
[01:47] ajmitch (me at p40-max6.dun.ihug.co.nz) left irc: http://www.freedevelopers.net
[01:47] <zaheer_> omega-packing: i am having trouble getting an A2 poster printed tomorrow :P
[01:47] <omega-packing> hmm
[01:47] <zaheer_> let alone t-shirts :)
[01:47] djcb (binnema at 29dyn1.dh.casema.net) left #gstreamer.
[01:48] <zaheer_> cya djcb
[01:48] Action: omega-packing watches the #gstreamer count drop like a rock ;-(
[01:48] <zaheer_> its late in europe :P
[01:48] <zaheer_> and im the only one thats gonna code till he gets it working :)
[01:48] <omega-packing> yup
[01:48] <zaheer_> he=i
[01:53] <zaheer_> only 1 more compile error :)
[01:53] <omega-packing> cool
[01:53] <zaheer_> for stereo2mono with capsnego
[01:53] <omega-packing> you know that that one will cause all the others to be exposed, right? <G>
[01:53] <zaheer_> oh yes im used to that hehe
[01:54] <zaheer_> it compiled :)
[01:54] <omega-packing> does it run?
[01:54] <zaheer_> its a plugin...it needs a test program now :)
[01:55] <zaheer_> ive tested it without capsnego stuff
[01:55] <zaheer_> so now i just gotta test it with capsnego stuff
[01:56] <zaheer_> i might do it with mpg123 <---> stereo2mono <----> osssink
[01:56] <omega-packing> cool
[01:56] <omega-packing> does this have any controls on it, or just m = (l+r)/2 ?
[01:56] <zaheer_> osssink has capsnego...dunno about mpg123
[01:56] <omega-packing> I think it does, not sure
[01:57] <zaheer_> m=(l+r)/2 :)
[01:57] <zaheer_> i will add controls later
[01:57] <omega-packing> I guess there isn't much variance you can really do for s2m...
[01:58] <zaheer_> if (x+y==1.0) m=(int)((x*l+y*r)/2) else m=(l+r)/2;
[01:58] <zaheer_> aargh
[01:58] <omega-packing> yeah, but why would you want to take the mono from some off-center location?
[01:58] <zaheer_> if (x+y==1.0) m=(int)(x*l+y*r) else m=(l+r)/2;
[01:59] <zaheer_> if its made generic into a numchannels filter
[01:59] <omega-packing> yeah
[01:59] <zaheer_> then it might be useful
[01:59] <omega-packing> but that's a mixer, technically
[01:59] <omega-packing> counldn't x+y < 1.0 ?
[01:59] <omega-packing> or even != 1.0
[01:59] <zaheer_> for my purposes, i just want a stereo 2 mono
[01:59] <omega-packing> right
[02:00] <zaheer_> someone else was working on mono2stereo i believe
[02:00] <omega-packing> yeah, simon at uoregon
[02:00] <omega-packing> thoughts on the logo?
[02:00] <zaheer_> i dont really like it :)
[02:01] <omega-packing> I like his other ideas better actually
[02:01] <zaheer_> its a bit big
[02:01] <zaheer_> with little portrayed
[02:01] <omega-packing> yeah, I think logos should be shorter
[02:01] <zaheer_> but thats just my opinion, im a crap artist so i dont like to criticise art :)
[02:01] <omega-packing> his other has an RGB sine wave disappearing into the background, sorta 'wrapping' the text
[02:01] <omega-packing> I like that a lot better
[02:02] <zaheer_> sounds good
[02:02] <zaheer_> adds the dsp angle subtlely :)
[02:02] <omega-packing> yup, and RGB
[02:02] <omega-packing> too bad you can't 'show' YUV <g>
[02:02] <omega-packing> brb in 30sec
[02:03] <zaheer_> :)
[02:03] <omega-packing> should get snapshots of the other two logos shortly
[02:07] <zaheer_> i saw today the 4 logos that a calling card company are planning to use for their cards which run on our network, and i didnt really like any of them, so i may be missing something today :)
[02:07] <omega-packing> heh
[02:10] <zaheer_> GST_BUFFER_SIZE returns size in bytes, frames or words?
[02:10] Action: zaheer_ has forgotten :P
[02:10] <omega-packing> bytes
[02:10] <zaheer_> ok cool
[02:11] <omega-packing> http://images.slashdot.org/banner/rack0073en.gif?985911583015
[02:11] <omega-packing> ouch
[02:12] <omega-packing> or...
[02:12] <omega-packing> http://images.slashdot.org/banner/rack0074en.gif?985911626083
[02:15] <zaheer_> rackspace.com? :)
[02:15] <zaheer_> both of them...
[02:16] <omega-packing> yup, but there's so much truth to those ads <g>
[02:17] <zaheer_> cali still having blackouts? :)
[02:17] Action: zaheer_ remembers when he went it was plastered on the newspapers here just before he left to cali :)
[02:18] <zaheer_> such a rich state, having blackouts like 3rd world countries is bad
[02:22] Action: zaheer_ wonders how to do the stereo2mono with arbitrary width.....
[02:22] <omega-packing> yup, CA had several over the last few days <g>
[02:22] <omega-packing> you'd switch the chain function for each different type
[02:22] <omega-packing> and when x+y = 1.0, etc.
[02:23] <omega-packing> see the volume plugin for an example of roughly how to do that
[02:23] <zaheer_> im not doing then x+y stuff yet...
[02:23] Action: zaheer_ looks at the volume plugin...
[02:23] <omega-packing> right, but when you do...
[02:24] <zaheer_> thats cheating!!
[02:24] <zaheer_> seperate one for 8 and 16 bit :P
[02:24] <zaheer_> what about 12 bit, 32bit etc. :)
[02:25] <zaheer_> there must be a way.....
[02:25] <omega-packing> um, have a generic one that handles all cases slowly
[02:26] <omega-packing> but not making the decision for each sample, do it per buffer <g>
[02:26] <zaheer_> ok so fast ones for common cases
[02:26] <zaheer_> slow for general case
[02:26] <zaheer_> and decide per buffer obviously :)
[02:27] <omega-packing> yeah
[02:27] <zaheer_> thats i guess the best compromise :)
[02:27] <zaheer_> inline functions too...
[02:29] <omega-packing> only inline functions that you're calling from your own code
[02:29] <omega-packing> remember, it needs a funcptr to the chain functions
[02:30] <omega-packing> brb, going to patch up laptop for shipment
[02:31] <zaheer_> i was planning to call these on a switch (width) inside my chain func
[02:39] <omega-packing> for the non-optimized ones, yeah
[02:41] <zaheer_> how do you set different chain funcs depending on width?
[02:41] <omega-packing> ~omega/gst2.gif
[02:41] <omega-packing> in set_arg you just do gst_pad_set_chainfunc again
[02:41] <zaheer_> that is nice!!
[02:42] <omega-packing> beware that this won't work on HEAD or even INCSCHED1 right now, but will be fixed in a few days in time for the INCSCHED1 merge
[02:42] <omega-packing> the problem is that the chain pointer is copied to the peer pad at schedule generation time, and there's no callback to *re*-copy the pointer when it's changed live
[02:42] <omega-packing> easy to fix, I just have to get around to it
[02:42] <zaheer_> ok so for mo, i will keep it as a switch :)
[02:42] Action: zaheer_ puts a //TODO comment
[02:43] Action: omega-packing made a significant point to provide opportunities for optimization such as these
[02:43] <zaheer_> nice
[02:43] <omega-packing> www.dsplinux.net
[02:43] <zaheer_> you been thinking ahead :)
[02:43] <omega-packing> I designed that feature in from the very very very beginning <g>
[02:44] <zaheer_> wow
[02:44] <omega-packing> that's the first difference between ogi's pipeline and gstreamer, when I started designing this whole thing
[02:44] <zaheer_> you been definitely thinking ahead
[02:44] <omega-packing> <g>
[02:44] <zaheer_> i might signup for the sdk :)
[02:44] <omega-packing> you'll want to check out dsplinux site and apply to get yourself a copy of the CD
[02:44] <zaheer_> i wanna play with dsplinux
[02:44] <omega-packing> definitely do, the sales guy is even practically waiting to hear from you <g>
[02:45] <omega-packing> ok, and on that screenshot...
[02:45] <omega-packing> rrplay is an FLTK GStreamer app
[02:46] <omega-packing> on the products page, see the huge 'GStreamer' blob on the component diagram <g>
[02:47] <omega-packing> it even should extend all the way down through the kernel and onto the dsp, to be fully correct though
[02:48] <zaheer_> that is coool
[02:48] Action: zaheer_ wonders how scalable it plans to be
[02:48] <omega-packing> dsplinux or gstreamer?
[02:48] <zaheer_> dsplinux
[02:49] <omega-packing> depends on what you mean by scalable..
[02:49] <zaheer_> how many dsps and how many cpus on same box?
[02:49] <omega-packing> the primary target is true embedded systems with the dual-core chips
[02:49] <omega-packing> but it's conceivable that larger systems could be targetted
[02:49] Action: zaheer_ isnt that interested in the embedded arena, tho that is an angle we are looking at
[02:49] <omega-packing> yup
[02:49] <omega-packing> but the dsp bit is interesting, right?
[02:49] <zaheer_> i wanna work with heavy dsp processing servers
[02:49] <omega-packing> yup
[02:50] <zaheer_> i see the gstreamer box :)
[02:51] <zaheer_> i wanna build cost-effective powerful media servers
[02:51] <omega-packing> yup
[02:51] <omega-packing> omicron lives!
[02:52] <zaheer_> whos omicron? :)
[02:52] <omega-packing> my laptop
[02:52] <zaheer_> GStreamer is the Linux community's leading Open Source streaming media framework
[02:52] <zaheer_> i like that :)
[02:52] <omega-packing> hehehe
[02:53] <zaheer_> however its kinda like saying George Bush is America's leading president :)
[02:54] <zaheer_> i dont see anything out there having anything close to gstreamer's architecture :)
[02:54] <zaheer_> GStreamer "Transparently executes code on the DSP when running on DSPLinux
[02:54] <zaheer_> "
[02:55] <zaheer_> that is very interesting....
[02:55] <zaheer_> plugins have to be written for the dsp?
[02:56] <omega-packing> of course, though with the right tools they might compile on both with ease, dunno yet
[02:57] <zaheer_> that would be super...
[02:57] <zaheer_> i see it mentions the Corba interface....
[02:57] <omega-packing> yup
[02:57] <zaheer_> it looks like GStreamer is a core component of RidgeRun's main product :)
[03:00] <zaheer_> its nice to see some industrical backing
[03:00] <zaheer_> for open source projects
[03:01] <zaheer_> these are the kind of projects that would have been done in-house and propritary 5 years ago...
[03:03] <zaheer_> i implemented just 8 and 16bit for mo, cant be bothered with general case tonight :)
[03:04] <zaheer_> on monday i want to start the glib2/gobject work...
[03:04] <zaheer_> maybe we can discuss a cpla things on saturday about it
[03:07] ajmitch (me at p28-max3.dun.ihug.co.nz) joined #gstreamer.
[03:08] Action: zaheer_ goes to modify helloworld.c to use stereo2mono in pipeline and see if it blows up :)
[03:08] <zaheer_> hi aj
[03:09] <ajmitch> hehe
[03:09] <ajmitch> hi zaheer_
[03:12] <zaheer_> while the whole of gst is compiling im gonna go eat some strwaberries
[03:12] <zaheer_> bbin 5 mins
[03:12] <ajmitch> k ;)
[03:33] <zaheer_> back...
[03:33] Action: zaheer_ is ready to run his modified helloworld :P
[03:36] <zaheer_> ** WARNING **: pad '':sink tried to set caps incompatible with its padtemplate
[03:36] <zaheer_> then crash :(
[03:36] ajmitch (me at p28-max3.dun.ihug.co.nz) left irc: Ping timeout for ajmitch[p28-max3.dun.ihug.co.nz]
[03:36] <omega-packing> oops
[03:36] <omega-packing> pad '' ?
[03:36] Action: zaheer_ goes to add some printf's to stereo2mono.c :)
[03:36] <zaheer_> yah that is strange pad '' :)
[03:38] <zaheer_> ouch
[03:38] <zaheer_> i didnt check for *caps being NLL :P
[03:39] <zaheer_> NLL=NULL
[03:39] <omega-packing> oops
[03:39] <omega-packing> but pad '' ?
[03:39] <zaheer_> yah that is dodgy and a half
[03:39] <zaheer_> why would it be a blank name
[03:40] <omega-packing> dunno
[03:42] <zaheer_> anyway im checking for NULL *caps now...
[03:42] <omega-packing> ok
[03:42] <zaheer_> and gonna rerun
[03:42] <zaheer_> my prediction is it wont negotiate correctly
[03:43] <omega-packing> heh
[03:44] <zaheer_> ** WARNING **: pad '':sink tried to set caps incompatible with its padtemplate
[03:44] <zaheer_> ** CRITICAL **: file gstcaps.c: line 224 (gst_caps_ref): assertion `caps != NULL' failed.
[03:44] <zaheer_> ***** GStreamer ERROR ***** in file gstscheduler.c at gst_bin_schedule_func:431
[03:44] <zaheer_> Element: /bin/s2m.sink
[03:44] <zaheer_> Error: peer is null!
[03:44] <zaheer_> ***** attempting to stack trace.... *****
[03:44] <zaheer_> #0  0x4002e1d6 in g_on_error_stack_trace (prg_name=0x806bc40 "lt-helloworld")
[03:44] <zaheer_> #1  0x402f6a24 in gst_default_error_handler (file=0x40312ddc "gstscheduler.c", 
[03:44] <zaheer_> #2  0x403048db in gst_bin_schedule_func (bin=0x80b1998) at gstscheduler.c:431
[03:44] <zaheer_> #3  0x402effa2 in gst_bin_create_plan_func (bin=0x80b1998) at gstbin.c:618
[03:44] <zaheer_> #4  0x402f0906 in gst_bin_create_plan (bin=0x80b1998) at gstbin.c:586
[03:44] <zaheer_> #5  0x402edf59 in gst_bin_change_state (element=0x80b1998) at gstbin.c:263
[03:44] <zaheer_> #6  0x402f4db6 in gst_element_set_state (element=0x80b1998, 
[03:44] <zaheer_> #7  0x8048d17 in main (argc=2, argv=0xbffffa6c) at helloworld.c:59
[03:44] <zaheer_> sorry for flood..
[03:44] <omega-packing> hmm, sounds like you're trying to start it even though the negotiation failed somehow
[03:44] ajmitch (me at p5-max11.dun.ihug.co.nz) joined #gstreamer.
[03:44] <omega-packing> welcome back <g>
[03:45] <zaheer_> trying to start it in that setting state to playing?
[03:45] <ajmitch> who, me?
[03:45] <omega-packing> zaheer_: yes
[03:45] <zaheer_> ok
[03:46] <zaheer_> how would the app know that it hadnt nego'd properly?
[03:46] <omega-packing> could be that there's a case where it's failing rather silently
[03:46] <omega-packing> there's a signal
[03:46] <omega-packing> or there should be....
[03:47] <omega-packing> bvb
[03:47] <ajmitch> omega-packing: how's packing going? ;)
[03:50] <omega-packing> um
[03:51] <zaheer_> interesting...only srcpad's nego function was called....
[03:52] Action: ajmitch listens to Luna Halo - Hang on to you
[03:52] <ajmitch> ;)
[03:53] Action: ajmitch also has Delirious - Hang on to you
[03:55] <zaheer_> ** WARNING **: pad '':sink tried to set caps incompatible with its padtemplate
[03:55] <zaheer_> ** WARNING **: pad '':src tried to set caps incompatible with its padtemplate
[03:55] <omega-packing> hmmmm
[03:55] Action: omega-packing doesn't like the ''s
[03:55] <zaheer_> now i got both, i "fixed" the src template
[03:55] <zaheer_> to say it has 1 channel
[03:56] <zaheer_> be4 i missed the fact i had said it had 2 channels
[03:56] <zaheer_> what names these?
[03:57] <omega-packing> actually, it's the element name that's the ''
[03:57] <zaheer_> ok...
[03:57] <zaheer_> thats taken from element?
[03:57] <zaheer_> or from the app?
[03:57] <omega-packing> it's taken from the element, but the app must provide that name
[03:58] <omega-packing> when creating it from the elementfacotry
[03:58] <zaheer_> ok
[03:58] <zaheer_> name then should be stereo2mono
[03:58] <omega-packing> the instance name, though, not the class name
[04:00] <zaheer_> so the name is given by the app as the 2nd param to elementfactory?
[04:00] Action: omega-packing is gonna have to reboot this machine, mount is hanging for some reason
[04:00] <omega-packing> yes
[04:00] Action: omega-packing will brb
[04:00] omega-packing (omega at omegacs.net) left irc: [x]chat
[04:05] Omega (omega at omegacs.net) joined #gstreamer.
[04:05] <ajmitch> hello Omega
[04:05] <Omega> yo, let's try this mount again....
[04:06] <Omega> grrrrr
[04:06] <ajmitch> mounting what?
[04:06] <Omega> loopback .iso image
[04:06] Nick change: Omega -> omega-dinner
[04:06] <zaheer_> ok i figured out why those errors were coming up
[04:06] <ajmitch> it's not on an nfs-mounted partition, is it?
[04:06] <zaheer_> they have disappeared now
[04:07] <zaheer_> however nego is still messed up...
[04:08] <ajmitch> bbl
[04:14] <zaheer_> i give up
[04:14] <zaheer_> erik, enjoy your flight
[04:14] <zaheer_> ill see you in amsterdam's wonderful airport
[04:15] zaheer_ (zaheer at tnt-18-96.easynet.co.uk) left irc: sleep
[04:19] prodos (BJimmy at OL1-226.charter-stl.com) joined #gstreamer.
[04:20] ajmitch (me at p5-max11.dun.ihug.co.nz) left irc: http://www.freedevelopers.net
[04:39] Action: omega-dinner reboots to deal with mount problems, again.
[04:39] <omega-dinner> brb
[04:40] omega-dinner (omega at omegacs.net) left irc: Read error to omega-dinner[omegacs.net]: EOF from client
[04:46] Omega (omega at omegacs.net) joined #gstreamer.
[04:46] Action: Omega should watch where /me is going
[04:47] prodos (BJimmy at OL1-226.charter-stl.com) left irc: Leaving
[05:10] PartyZan (root at ip95-221.dialup.wplus.net) joined #gstreamer.
[05:11] <Omega> to
[05:11] <Omega> er, y
[05:11] <Omega> er, yo
[05:11] <PartyZan> Hi
[05:35] bananes (Banane at HSE-Sherbrooke-ppp78458.qc.sympatico.ca) joined #gstreamer.
[05:35] <Omega> yo
[05:35] <bananes> exit
[05:35] bananes (Banane at HSE-Sherbrooke-ppp78458.qc.sympatico.ca) left #gstreamer.
[05:36] maestro (Banane at HSE-Sherbrooke-ppp78458.qc.sympatico.ca) joined #gstreamer.
[05:36] <Omega> yo
[05:36] maestro (Banane at HSE-Sherbrooke-ppp78458.qc.sympatico.ca) left irc: Killed (NickServ (This nick is reserved by another user))
[05:36] _maestro_ (Banane at HSE-Sherbrooke-ppp78458.qc.sympatico.ca) joined #gstreamer.
[05:38] <_maestro_> somebody here!
[05:38] <_maestro_> what's up with gstreamer?
[05:38] <Omega> yup
[05:38] <Omega> lots of stuff happening in Europe the next two weeks
[05:39] Action: Omega leaves tomorrow morning for a 10hr plane trip
[05:39] <_maestro_> leaving for Europe?
[05:40] <Omega> gstreamer.net/2001odyssey.html, a LUG meet, and GUADEC[.gnome.dk]
[05:40] <_maestro_> kewl!
[05:41] Action: Omega is packing and trying to burn 10-12 CDs full of mp3s for my sister, who's getting sick of her small collection of CDs
[05:41] <_maestro_> you know Wim Taymans ?
[05:41] <Omega> yeah, he's the other main developer of gstreamer
[05:42] <_maestro_> you are one main developer of gstreamer? (I am sorry I am new to this channel, as you can see...)
[05:42] <Omega> yeah, I started the project
[05:43] <_maestro_> I am a main developper of Overflow...
[05:43] <Omega> ah, ok, I've been meaning to reply to you....
[05:44] <Omega> just been so ridiculously busy preparing ;-(
[05:44] <_maestro_> no problemo, I understand.
[05:44] <Omega> you're in Canada?
[05:44] <_maestro_> When you'll be back, maybe we could have a little chat..
[05:44] <_maestro_> yes Sherbrooke QC
[05:44] <Omega> I should be online a fair amount from Europe, at various times
[05:44] Action: Omega is in Portland, OR
[05:45] <_maestro_> Near Burlington...
[05:45] <Omega> doesn't tell me much <g>
[05:45] <_maestro_> North 2hours
[05:45] Action: Omega is very unaware of Canadian geography ;-(
[05:45] <_maestro_> 1h30 from Montreal
[05:46] <_maestro_> anyways, where the snow falls at winter
[05:46] <_maestro_> hehehe
[05:46] <Omega> heh
[05:48] <_maestro_> I looked at your project, and it seems that we could collaborate in many ways
[05:48] <Omega> yup
[05:48] <Omega> though your project is definately targeted at a smaller granularity
[05:49] <_maestro_> yes and that makes it "doable" to do gstreamer node(s) incorporating Overflow nodes
[05:49] <Omega> yes
[05:49] <Omega> hrm, there's a project that lets you design audio filters and actually dump C code for a LADSPA plugin, forget what it's called
[05:49] <_maestro_> We are specially good at doing audio stuff.
[05:49] <Omega> but that could be the same idea
[05:51] <Omega> could be a very cool mix
[05:51] <Omega> (so to speak...)
[05:51] <_maestro_> Maybe you could also be interested in our subnet system (Networks encapsulated into nodes of higher levels)
[05:51] <_maestro_> AI stuff too. 
[05:51] jmv (jmv at HSE-Montreal-ppp333276.sympatico.ca) joined #gstreamer.
[05:51] <PartyZan> Hey,i waked up:)
[05:51] <Omega> gstreamer has a hierarchical design implicit
[05:51] <Omega> so we already have 'subnets' in a sense
[05:52] <Omega> just don't make use of them yet for true components yet, but nothing stopping anyone from doing so
[05:52] <Omega> jmv: yo
[05:52] <PartyZan> WHO is author of gstreamer?
[05:52] <Omega> I started it, there's a list of other authors in CVS
[05:52] <_maestro_> heheh jmv is the other main developer of OVerflow
[05:52] <PartyZan> My respect
[05:52] <Omega> I figured <g>
[05:52] <Omega> http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/gstreamer/AUTHORS?cvsroot=gstreamer
[05:53] <PartyZan> thanks
[05:53] <_maestro_> Hotkeys are helpful
[05:53] <Omega> hotkeys ?
[05:53] <Omega> a lot of us are going to be finally meeting each other in person over the next two weeks
[05:54] <_maestro_> that's very interesting... Who's sponsoring the event exactly?
[05:54] <Omega> the first meet is ad hoc, we're just meeting
[05:54] <Omega> the second is a LUG meet that was thrown together in the last few days, in Den Haag, Holland
[05:54] <Omega> the third is GUADEC, which is a big GNOME meet (guadec.gnome.dk)
[05:55] <_maestro_> I still have a lot to learn about GNOME! 
[05:55] <Omega> heh
[05:55] <Omega> don't we all
[05:55] <_maestro_> probably, but some more than others
[05:55] <_maestro_> (does it make sense)
[05:56] <Omega> yup
[05:57] <_maestro_> gstreamer is exactly what has been missing to GNOME I think
[05:57] <Omega> yup
[05:57] <Omega> that's why I started it <g>
[05:57] <_maestro_> We need an easier way to do multimedia stuff.
[05:57] <Omega> hrm, anyone know if there are any filename-length limits at all in iso9660 RockRidge filesystems?
[05:58] <_maestro_> 250 comes to my mind, but I can be mistaken
[05:58] <Omega> according to a page on mp3.com, Joliet has a 63char limit, but RockRidge doesn't have any
[05:59] <_maestro_> I'll try to find something about that....
[05:59] <Omega> Joliet is only a couple years old, is a variant of RockRidge, and is a Micro$oft standard
[05:59] <Omega> now why exactly do they impose a *new* limit on a working format???
[06:01] Action: Omega has pretty much stopped trying to figure out why M$ does *anything*
[06:01] <_maestro_> they make $$$ that's simple
[06:01] <Omega> I suppose
[06:01] <_maestro_> over everyting
[06:01] <PartyZan> I agree
[06:02] <Omega> but "innovation"...!
[06:02] <PartyZan> M$-MustDie
[06:02] <_maestro_> Can I ask you how old are you guys?
[06:02] <Omega> <g>
[06:02] <Omega> 22
[06:02] <Omega> wim is 28
[06:02] <_maestro_> i'm 24
[06:02] <Omega> if you want some more background on gstreamer, btw, there are links to two interviews on the 'press' page on the website
[06:03] <PartyZan> You mean their technologies?
[06:03] <PartyZan> I'm 16
[06:03] <_maestro_> I am computer engineer, and I am finishing my master degree in eletrical engineering (robotics)
[06:03] <Omega> PartyZan: you're being generous
[06:03] <Omega> ooooh
[06:04] <_maestro_> maybe I shouldn't say that! sorry
[06:04] <PartyZan> What's it mean?
[06:04] <PartyZan> Hey,where are you all?
[06:04] <_maestro_> computer scientists don't like engineers most of the time
[06:04] <Omega> hmmm, depends on how you define the two terms
[06:05] <Omega> PartyZan: calling M$'s stuff 'innovation' is, um, being kind <g>
[06:05] <_maestro_> Are you working full time on the project (gstreamer?)
[06:05] <Omega> yup, ridgerun is paying me to do that
[06:06] <_maestro_> That's really a cool thing to work on an "open" project and be paid for that!
[06:07] <_maestro_> I hope I could do that someday
[06:07] <PartyZan> Coding - first,money - second
[06:08] <Omega> heh
[06:08] <_maestro_> Ehhh it depends if you still have something in the fridge at the first place
[06:08] <Omega> heh
[06:08] <PartyZan> hehe
[06:09] <_maestro_> It's cold out here, we need energy first!
[06:09] <Omega> heh
[06:11] <PartyZan> You seat without electricity?
[06:12] <_maestro_> ?
[06:12] <PartyZan> Why cold?
[06:12] <PartyZan> Sorry for my English:)
[06:12] <_maestro_> Meaning that in Canada it's cold
[06:12] <_maestro_> don't worry about it... my first language is french
[06:14] <_maestro_> Omega, the Matrix movie we see on your web page, is it the divx format, or standard mpeg1?
[06:14] <Omega> mpeg2
[06:14] <_maestro_> ok, do you support divx right now?
[06:14] <Omega> sorta, yeah
[06:14] <PartyZan> hey,what computer is really need for DivX?
[06:15] <Omega> pretty fast...
[06:15] <_maestro_> well it seems that my old 286 is too slow for divx
[06:15] <Omega> PIII 500 or better, I'd guess, for full-sized video
[06:15] <_maestro_> yes that's what i was gonna say
[06:15] <Omega> 'divx' is actually mpeg4, which is probably almost twice as expensive as mpeg2
[06:16] <_maestro_> You need processing power, since there is a lot of intensive maths in the codec
[06:16] <PartyZan> My PII 333 Cel 32MB 4Mb video did rather good even under MD'98 SE 
[06:16] <Omega> what video card?
[06:17] <jmv> Sorry for not participating too much... I'm preparing a presentation on Overflow for tomorrow!
[06:17] <PartyZan> S3 Trio3D 4Mb without any hardware codecs
[06:17] <_maestro_> That is possible, in that case, your computer becomes a single task computer ! 
[06:18] <Omega> jmv: heh, I have to prepare for a meet 'tomorrow', and slides for GUADEC....
[06:18] <Omega> PartyZan: S3 does have hardware YUV, which takes 10-15% of the load off, maybe even more
[06:18] <PartyZan> Yes,but it's strange to show movie in one window and play Quake 3 in another
[06:19] <Omega> yeah, it doesn't work very well
[06:19] <PartyZan> Really?
[06:19] <_maestro_> Maybe your girlfriend want to browse the Internet on your second screen .. heheh
[06:19] <Omega> well, no, that's way too much for a single processor to do, even a really fast one
[06:20] <Omega> maybe a 1+GHz machine could do it, but there's still too much contention for limited resources when you try that
[06:20] <jmv> ...or you can run vmware and hook-up a second mouse and keyboard to get two machines!
[06:20] <_maestro_> yes now you need a 4GHz machine
[06:20] <Omega> yeah, with both of them running at less than half the single CPU's speed
[06:21] <_maestro_> And, please run a Linux VMWare virtual machine.
[06:21] <Omega> heh
[06:22] <_maestro_> By the way, is VMWare running for PPC?
[06:22] <jmv> Nope!
[06:22] <PartyZan> I have downloaded VMware and now trying to find another 64Mb of RAM
[06:22] <Omega> only x86
[06:22] <_maestro_> sigh
[06:22] <jmv> (I'd run Windows vmware for my girlfriend, while I'm running linux)
[06:22] <Omega> vmware can only simulate the same process it's running on
[06:23] <Omega> and I dunno if they even have considered variants for other archs
[06:23] <_maestro_> Yes I know, but a PPC version is doable.
[06:23] <Omega> vmware is a virtualizer, not a simulator
[06:23] <Omega> no, it isn't
[06:23] <PartyZan> And plex86?
[06:23] <Omega> only one that can run PPC OS's on the PPC
[06:23] <Omega> same
[06:24] <_maestro_> yes that's true, could run MacOS on Linux PPC for instance
[06:24] <Omega> right, if the PPC chip is sufficient to allow vmware-style operations
[06:24] <Omega> I'd think it probably is
[06:24] <_maestro_> ? I have no expertise in that field
[06:25] <Omega> I'm gonna be in and out of here, I need to do some more work at preparing to leave...
[06:25] Nick change: Omega -> omega-packing
[06:25] <PartyZan> VMware is very cool for one :you can play CS with yourself:)
[06:25] <_maestro_> What I am really waiting for (for my robots) are single board computers with a Transmeta processor
[06:26] <jmv> ...imagine a Beowolf robot!!!
[06:26] <_maestro_> Good luck with your presentation
[06:26] <_maestro_> I already thought about that
[06:26] <_maestro_> or a mobile server to balance load as desired

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