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[14:12] <sienap> sexy people
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[17:53] <Uraeus> hi
[17:54] <matth_> howdy
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[18:21] <Zeenix> hi there
[18:21] <Zeenix> i need help
[18:22] <matth_> ?
[18:22] <Zeenix> any body there
[18:23] <matth_> i'm here.  i don't know if i can help but i'll try...
[18:23] <Zeenix> i dowloaded the docs about gstreamer from gstreamer.net
[18:24] <Zeenix> but thos pdf docs arent readable when opened by xpdf
[18:24] <Zeenix> they work just fine on acrobat reader in windows
[18:27] <Zeenix> are you still there ?
[18:27] <matth_> hmm... i use acroread in linux (you can download from adobe)
[18:28] <matth_> i'm looking for the url
[18:29] <Zeenix> i cant
[18:29] <Zeenix> i'm in a netcaffe
[18:29] <Zeenix> i can only afford to dowload those things that can be taken on a floppy to my home PC from here
[18:29] <Zeenix> floppy = floppy disk( 1.44 MB )
[18:31] <matth_> hmm...
[18:36] <matth_> you could use 'ghostview' to view the files - works pretty well
[18:36] <Zeenix> nice idea
[18:36] <Zeenix> i didnt know that
[18:36] <Zeenix> i'll try that
[18:37] <matth_> works for me with the version of ghostscript that came with my redhat 6.2 distro
[18:37] <Zeenix> it will work if it isnt the prob. with X fonts
[18:38] <Zeenix> there was a doc a read, which told that how to make thos X fonts straight
[18:38] <Zeenix> but i have lost that doc & i dont remember where i got it from
[18:41] <Zeenix> so u using redhat 6.2 like me
[18:41] <Zeenix> but there is prob.
[18:42] <Zeenix> now a days everbody is making rpm packs incompatible with rpm in rh6.2
[18:43] <matth_> you can get the newer version of rpm and install it on 6.2
[18:43] <matth_> 3 rpm's:
[18:43] <matth_> rpm-3.0.5-9.6x
[18:43] <matth_> , rpm-devel-3.0.5-9.6x
[18:43] <matth_> , rpm-build-3.0.5-9.6x
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[18:49] <Zeenix> sorry i got dissconected
[18:49] <Zeenix>  plz repeat last messages for me, if any
[18:51] <Zeenix> what do i need to download from gstreamer.net( docs & packs ) to get started using gstreamer for my voice chat app
[18:51] <Zeenix> hi thomas: any help from you again
[18:52] <matth_> Zeenix: you can only download to a floppy disk?
[18:52] <Zeenix> i know that, i have two floppies
[18:54] <Zeenix> i dowloaded the gstreamer.xxx-i386.rpm & gstreamer-devel-xxxi386.rpm
[18:54] <Zeenix> which one do i need ?
[18:57] <matth_> are you going to write plugin(s)?
[18:59] <Zeenix> i dont know much about plugins, but maybe not
[19:00] <Zeenix> ?
[19:03] <Zeenix> where are you matth_
[19:06] steveb (steveb at node1ee31.a2000.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[19:09] <Zeenix> hello
[19:09] <steveb> hi
[19:11] Nick change: wtay-zZz -> wtay
[19:11] <wtay> hi
[19:14] <steveb> hi
[19:14] <Zeenix> why saying hi again & again, are you saying it to/for me ?
[19:14] <steveb> just had my first Queens day
[19:14] <wtay> heh, drunk?
[19:15] <steveb> naah :]
[19:15] <wtay> :)
[19:15] <wtay> I hope to be a bit more productive again now..
[19:15] <steveb> snooker over?
[19:15] <wtay> nope, not yet
[19:16] Action: steveb correlates wtay cvs commits to snooker coverage
[19:16] <wtay> a perfect match :)
[19:16] <steveb> quite :)
[19:17] <wtay> pfff, I have lots of docs to write :(
[19:17] sienap (synap at ipc379c03f.dial.wxs.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[19:17] <sienap> boe
[19:17] Action: wtay verschiet zich een hoedje
[19:18] <wtay> sienap!
[19:20] <sienap> Wtay!
[19:20] <sienap> he
[19:20] <sienap> belgen :)
[19:20] <sienap> verschiet zich een hoedje >:)
[19:20] <sienap> *ducks*
[19:20] <sienap> hoe gaatut met gstreamer de laatste tijd ?
[19:20] <wtay> nogal afgeleid door de snooker op TV...
[19:21] <sienap> mwha
[19:21] <sienap> daar kan ik wel wat aan doen
[19:21] <sienap> waar woonde je ook alweer ?
[19:21] <wtay> Leuven
[19:21] <sienap> die tv kan wel gedesolved worden..
[19:21] <wtay> nee dank you :-)
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[19:21] <wtay> hmm autocomplete sucks..
[19:22] <sienap> he =]
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[19:30] <wtay> yo
[19:31] omega_ (omega at omegacs.net) joined #gstreamer.
[19:32] <wtay> 'morning..
[19:32] <omega_> yo
[19:39] hadess (hadess at pc121-gui14.cable.ntl.com) joined #gstreamer.
[19:39] <wtay> hi
[19:40] <hadess> heya wtay
[19:40] <hadess> Ura_shop: dude !!!
[19:40] <hadess> i need to get his attention before he posts the gnome summary
[19:41] <omega_> I wanna know what all he's gonna list in the gstreamer section <G>
[19:42] <hadess> http://lists.gnome.org/archives/gnome-devel-list/2001-April/msg00232.html <- i'd like him to talk about this
[19:42] <hadess> http://news.gnome.org/gnome-news/988524917/index_html <- and the talk about the bundles here
[19:48] <wtay> omega_: are the source code comments in gst/autoplug/gststaticautoplug.c a good start?
[19:48] <omega_> HEAD?
[19:48] <wtay> yu
[19:48] <wtay> yup
[19:48] <wtay> or you prefer a more detailed (with pictures/use case) explanation?
[19:49] <omega_> checking
[19:50] <omega_> not much here...
[19:51] Nick change: taazzzz_ -> taaz
[19:51] <wtay> http://www.blug.linux.no/rfc1149/ :-)
[19:51] <omega_> yup
[19:53] <sienap> hmm
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[19:54] <wtay> ooh they use duct tape :-)
[19:55] <omega_> uh oh
[19:55] <taaz> hadess: off topic about that bundle post: hard to do in unix world if you follow normal standards.  people split stuff up into bin/ share/ lib/ doc/ etc now.  hard to switch them to one app-wrapper
[19:57] <hadess> i know
[19:57] <hadess> but it's easier for users
[19:57] <hadess> even for ppl like me
[19:57] <taaz> its easier for everyone, but you won't get people to change just cause you are right ;)
[19:58] Action: taaz used NeXTStep, NeXTSTEP, NEXTSTEP, and OpenStep for ~5 years
[19:58] <taaz> like for plugins, wouldn't it be nice to have gstreamer plugins as bundles?
[19:59] <taaz> then could have foofilter.bundle/ and put shared libs, docs, UI stuff, etc in one dir...
[20:00] Action: taaz wants to go back to nextstep... opensource world still hasnt caught up...
[20:01] <hadess> that's exactly what i want
[20:02] <taaz> well... it will be -very- hard to convince anyone
[20:02] <taaz> all the auto* tools are against you for starters
[20:02] <hadess> that's why i start only with gnome
[20:03] <hadess> no they're not really
[20:03] <taaz> file layout standards (FHS or whatever) are against you too
[20:03] <hadess> ./configure --prefix=Foo.app
[20:03] <hadess> FHS and LSB are also against GNUStep
[20:04] <hadess> the thing is that GNUStep is already there and doing that
[20:04] <hadess> we just have to copy
[20:04] <taaz> i'm on your side here ;)  i've tried to argue this before and got alot of crap from everyone except those that had seen the beauty of the nextstep way
[20:05] <hadess> i want to be able to drop my beta version of foo inside this dir and double-click on it !
[20:05] <taaz> while you're at it... try to convince gnome people that the NeXT services concept is something that really should be cloned
[20:05] <hadess> stuff like "Dictionary" and stuff ?
[20:06] <taaz> double click?  are there any good gui file browsers yet?
[20:06] <hadess> nautilus is actually pretty good, bloated but good
[20:06] <taaz> dictionary, web browser, spellcheck, etc... anything that operates on data content really...
[20:07] <omega_> that's what bonobo is for, right?
[20:07] <hadess> and i also like the way it uses the apps to see what to use to open what
[20:08] <taaz> i'm going to be a NeXT weenie some more... nautilus isn't nearly as good a ui as NeXT Workspace.  it's certainly pretty but other than that it doesn't work the way i'd like it too... i should probably write something up about this and tell them.
[20:08] <omega_> taaz: yes, you should
[20:09] <hadess> i've been thinking about making another file manager, but i just don't have time to do that
[20:09] <taaz> nooooo
[20:09] <taaz> improve nautilus is a much better idea ;)
[20:10] <hadess> i wouldn't know where to start really...
[20:11] <taaz> hmmm gstreamer doesn't do eos... i think i'll write a new media framework
[20:11] <taaz> <g>
[20:13] <hadess> no.. the thing is that nautilus in itself is pretty small
[20:14] <hadess> nautilus is nautilus + bonobo + gnome-vfs + librsvg + eel...
[20:18] Nick change: Ura_shop -> Uraeus
[20:18] <Uraeus> hadess: hi
[20:19] <omega_> Uraeus: so, what kind of stuff is going in the GStreamer chapter of the weekly summary? <g>
[20:20] <Uraeus> omega_: well just little bit of this and that, technically it should be up now but there something wrong
[20:20] <omega_> up where?
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[20:20] <omega_> gnome-news has been toast for a while
[20:21] <omega_> ok, -news is back, summary not up yet
[20:21] <Uraeus> omega_: http://developer.gnome.org/news/summary/
[20:21] <Uraeus> I haven't posted it to gnotices yet cause it doesn't come up
[20:22] <omega_> jpgi ?
[20:22] <Uraeus> ?
[20:22] <omega_> aalib.jpgi
[20:22] <Uraeus> it is up?
[20:22] <omega_> yes
[20:22] <omega_> s/jpgi/jpg/
[20:23] <Uraeus> weird, cause I can't access it
[20:23] <omega_> also, I think it's 
[20:23] <omega_> 'aRts' and 'artsd'
[20:24] <Uraeus> ok, I'll fix that, but this is still weird :)
[20:28] <hadess> progres takes 2 's'
[20:28] <hadess> Uraeus: i'm sad you didn't mention my stuff though
[20:28] <hadess> i can't get anybody to be interested in it... i thought i'd get flamed, not even that happened
[20:28] <Uraeus> hadess: I have already committed it
[20:29] <Uraeus> thats why your stuff is not in
[20:30] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-distracted
[20:30] <hadess> could you write it down somewhere for the next one ?
[20:30] <Uraeus> omega_: any more typos before I set personal record in CVS comits?
[20:30] <Uraeus> hadess: mail me
[20:30] <omega_> checking
[20:30] <omega_> got 'together' with
[20:30] <omega_> not togheter
[20:31] <omega_> added 'an' artsd output plugin
[20:31] <omega_> 'output' plugin
[20:31] <omega_> s/DV input/DV decoder/
[20:32] <omega_> Firewire (1394) input plugn
[20:32] <omega_> er, plugin
[20:35] <omega_> 'nother instance of aRTS in there still
[20:36] <omega_> s/gstreamer/GStreamer/
[20:38] <hadess> Uraeus: ok
[20:38] <Uraeus> omega_: did you click on the link to the summary or just go to the directory?
[20:38] <omega_> I typed in the url
[20:38] <omega_> s/Gstreamer/GStreamer/
[20:38] <omega_> 'streams ahead'? <g>
[20:39] <Uraeus> he
[20:39] Action: omega_ groans
[20:39] <Uraeus> I know I am master a dorky workplay :)
[20:39] <omega_> wor'd'play...
[20:40] Action: omega_ offers to be Uraeus's editor <g>
[20:41] Action: Uraeus starts to cry
[20:41] thomas (thomas at adsl-64926.turboline.skynet.be) joined #gstreamer.
[20:41] <omega_> just send me a copy before you publish, I'll fix it up and send back a diff...
[20:41] <Uraeus> great....
[20:41] <Uraeus> :)
[20:42] <omega_> kinda late now though <g>
[20:43] <Uraeus> :)
[20:45] <richardb_> Hi all.
[20:45] <omega_> yo
[20:45] <omega_> hmm, fully 1/3 of the nicks here have trailing _'s
[20:46] <Uraeus> richardb_: you need to fix so the makefile setup doesn't try to build artds plugin without artd installed :)
[20:46] <omega_> several of the recent configure.in checks are broken
[20:48] <richardb_> Hmm, I just tried to fix the artsd check.
[20:49] <richardb_> Is it still broken?  In what way?
[20:49] <omega_> false positives
[20:49] <Uraeus> might be ok then, I tried yesterday
[20:49] <richardb_> (ie, what does configure output say)
[20:49] <richardb_> Uraeus: give it another go then.
[20:49] <richardb_> omega_: which checks?
[20:49] <omega_> the 3 or 4 added
[20:50] <omega_> aalib for instance
[20:50] <omega_> I never get a true from that check
[20:50] <richardb_> *sigh*.  Okay - I'll get to it soon. ;-)
[20:50] <richardb_> false negatives too, then.
[20:51] <omega_> richardb_: any progress with your automake patches?
[20:52] <richardb_> No response on the list.  Will try again shortly.
[20:52] <richardb_> Think I'll email the debian maintainer as well, and try and get the back-patch inserted there.
[20:58] <taaz> um... aalib check?  is that still the %VAR crap in configure.in in incsched?  works in head for me
[20:58] <omega_> could have been
[21:00] <omega_> uh oh
[21:01] Action: omega_ just realized why that solaris guy kept running into issues with switching to cothreads in different pthreads
[21:01] <omega_> I think
[21:02] <omega_> ah, ok, nevermind
[21:05] <richardb_> Hmm: aalib check looks like it'll succeed if you have aalib installed, even if you don't have the headers.
[21:05] <richardb_> That could be the problem. ;-)
[21:05] <richardb_> Also applies to libdv and raw1394 checks
[21:06] <omega_> yup
[21:13] <hadess> taaz: ?
[21:14] Action: Uraeus waves his arms to distract wtay-distracted even more :)
[21:15] dobey (dobey at joined #gstreamer.
[21:15] <richardb_> Hmm: quite a few libs checks which don't check for headers too...
[21:15] <omega_> Uraeus: my, what long arms you have
[21:18] <omega_> Uraeus: do you know anything about the next GUADEC ?
[21:19] Gman (gman at beryllium.eu.sun.com) joined #gstreamer.
[21:19] <omega_> yo
[21:19] <Gman> howdy folks
[21:19] <Uraeus> nothing specific, except it will not be every six months, the still go for once a year
[21:19] <omega_> still having problems with cothreads & pthreads?
[21:19] <omega_> Uraeus: darn
[21:19] Action: Gman not sure yet...hasn't compiled since the last spate of changes
[21:19] <omega_> oh?
[21:20] <Uraeus> omega_: still think the next one will be on Spain
[21:20] <omega_> ok
[21:20] <taaz> hadess: ?
[21:20] <Uraeus> Gman: you know if GUADEC 3 will be in spain?
[21:20] <Gman> Uraeus: yes, I think so....
[21:20] <omega_> Barcelona?
[21:21] <Gman> Madrid?
[21:21] Action: Gman forgets
[21:21] <Uraeus> omega_: yes, Barcelona is what I have heard
[21:21] <omega_> same here
[21:21] <Gman> they made an offer after Denmark put in a bid..
[21:21] <Gman> Barcelona would be good..
[21:21] <Gman> :)
[21:21] <hadess> taaz: how do you make sure that a debian/changelog file is always up-to-date ?
[21:22] <Uraeus> Gman: yes, Barcelona would be great
[21:22] <Gman> cheap alcohol :)
[21:22] <Uraeus> warm weather
[21:23] <Gman> lovely ladies :)
[21:24] <taaz> hadess: what do you mean?
[21:25] <taaz> hadess: you can run 'dch' to update it in a sane manner.
[21:25] <hadess> taaz: yeah, so there isn't an automatic way of doing that otherwise, right ?
[21:27] linuxnewbie (barfoo at joined #gstreamer.
[21:28] <linuxnewbie> Omega?
[21:28] <omega_> yeah?
[21:28] <linuxnewbie> Justin here.
[21:28] <omega_> yup
[21:28] <linuxnewbie> Is your mail server okay?
[21:28] <omega_> afaik, yes
[21:28] <omega_> which one?
[21:28] <linuxnewbie> hold...
[21:28] <omega_> Received: from ridgerun-lx.ridgerun.cxm (108dsl063.dsl.micron.net
[21:28] <omega_>     [])
[21:28] <omega_>         by alpha.temple-baptist.com (8.11.0/8.8.7) with SMTP id f3UFZRZ04324
[21:28] <linuxnewbie> does not like recipient.
[21:29] <linuxnewbie> <omega at temple-baptist.com>:
[21:29] <linuxnewbie> does not like recipient.
[21:29] <linuxnewbie> Remote host said: 551 5.7.1 we do not relay
[21:29] <linuxnewbie> Giving up on
[21:29] <omega_> hmm, what address are you sending to?
[21:30] <linuxnewbie> omega at ridgerun.com
[21:30] <linuxnewbie> I sent a test earlier today, did you get that?
[21:30] <omega_> you got this just now?
[21:30] <omega_> yes
[21:30] <linuxnewbie> no, Phil got it sometime ago.
[21:30] <omega_> hmmm
[21:30] <Gman> So when are you guys going to clean up those warning: int format blah blah balh bits??
[21:30] <linuxnewbie> well, I guess it was actually about 9:40am MST today
[21:31] Action: Gman smiles forcefully
[21:31] <Uraeus> :)
[21:31] Action: richardb_ sighs at mess configure.in has got into
[21:32] Nick change: richardb_ -> richardb
[21:32] <Uraeus> Gman: where is the patch ? <g>
[21:32] <taaz> hadess: (sorry kinda doing other stuff)  how would you automate it? 
[21:32] <thomas> hi all
[21:32] <hadess> i dunno, a Makefile rule, or something like that...
[21:32] <Gman> Uraeus: then I would have to patch the *whole* tree!!! :(
[21:33] <thomas> omega_: I'm writing a simple level detection plugin...
[21:33] <thomas> ... is that something that's more generally useful ?
[21:33] <thomas> ... and how should it fit in the plugin hierarchy ?
[21:33] <Uraeus> Gman: no problem, since you aren't watching telly you have lots of time :)
[21:33] <omega_> thomas: I'd tend to say that you should make it a gain plugin with level detectioon
[21:33] <omega_> then it can do something useful at the same time as it strides the data
[21:34] <Gman> Uraeus: oh no, telly is back on...it was only a week.
[21:34] <thomas> omega_: right now it's purely data collection
[21:34] <thomas> I have a similar script based on AfSP which does this...
[21:34] <Uraeus> Gman: ok, turn it of again then :)
[21:34] <thomas> ... to supply mixing times for automatic mixes
[21:34] <thomas> a good AGC is hard to write ;(
[21:34] <thomas> but what would you want from it ?
[21:34] <omega_> thomas: I've got some neat ideas for an uber-compressor/limitter, btw
[21:34] <thomas> omega_: like ?
[21:35] <omega_> very much based on full graphs instead of thresholds
[21:35] <Gman> Uraeus: heh, I have a computer at home now...and ISDN line...which the company pay for...
[21:35] <Gman> so I guess I have time..
[21:35] <thomas> omega_: I've always wanted to do a purely MPEG-audio equalizer/compressor...
[21:35] <thomas> since it's in 32 subbands anyway
[21:35] <thomas> which would make it pretty speedy
[21:35] <thomas> if not generally applicable
[21:35] <omega_> yeah, but STFT doesn't sound great
[21:35] <thomas> STFT ?
[21:36] <omega_> short-time fourier transform
[21:36] <omega_> unless it's very carefully windowed and such
[21:36] <thomas> no, tru
[21:36] <thomas> true
[21:36] <thomas> the hardest part ;)
[21:36] <thomas> hmmm... btw is that something that could work in gstreamer ?
[21:37] <thomas> What I mean is : can you write a general plugin and a special-case plugin
[21:37] <omega_> you're back to what mpeg does at low bitrates: significant blocking in the image
[21:37] <thomas> the way you write assembler optimizations for specific platforms
[21:37] <omega_> thomas: yes
[21:37] <thomas> while still providing c code for portability ?
[21:37] <omega_> see the volume plugin for an aborted attempt at that
[21:37] <omega_> it won't work just yet because of scheduling stuff, but that'll be fixed before 0.2.0
[21:37] <thomas> when's that planned ?
[21:37] <omega_> probably 2 weeks
[21:38] <thomas> ok.  oh yeah, I remember : I was going through the mixer again to make it work with incsched, together with wtay...
[21:38] <thomas> ... and we ran into some issues for which he said I should ask you ;)
[21:38] Action: omega_ finally looked up the shortcuts for xchat: Alt-(minus) to switch between tabs, or Alt-[0-9] for absolute switching
[21:38] <omega_> thomas: fire away
[21:38] <thomas> wait, I'll try again first to see what failed
[21:39] <thomas> ** CRITICAL **: file gstbin.c: line 274 (gst_bin_add): assertion `gst_object_check_uniqueness (bin->children, GST_ELEMENT_NAME(element)) == TRUE' failed.
[21:39] <thomas> this was the error that stumped wtay
[21:39] <thomas> but I suppose you cannot give two elements the same name ?
[21:39] <omega_> right
[21:39] <thomas> other than that, the weird thing is that gstreamer considers it's playing...
[21:39] <thomas> ... but no audio is heard.
[21:40] <omega_> in incsched1?
[21:40] <thomas> yes
[21:40] <omega_> is this test program generally runable?
[21:40] <omega_> and is it in CVS?
[21:40] <thomas> well, I changed it a bit yesterday... but you should get the same result, it's in CVS
[21:40] <thomas> I'll fix up the names first
[21:42] <thomas> ok, it's in CVS, it doesn't give errors but it doesn't play sound
[21:43] <omega_> ok
[21:43] <omega_> what plugins does it use?
[21:43] <thomas> volenv, adder
[21:43] <thomas> and whatever is needed for the input channels
[21:43] <thomas> autoplugs
[21:43] <omega_> hardcoded to osssink or can it use esdsink?
[21:44] <thomas> hardcoded to esd for the moment
[21:44] <omega_> ok
[21:44] <thomas> but I see wtay changed some more stuff...
[21:44] <thomas> ... because I had a short delay in between the two channels
[21:44] Nick change: wtay-distracted -> wtay
[21:44] <wtay> man, that was a close match...
[21:44] <thomas> giving me some kind of "cothread switching legal but unneccessary" while only the first channel was running
[21:44] <thomas> I'll try to reproduce that
[21:45] <omega_> hrm, that's a new one
[21:46] <omega_> unknown media type on mp3's ????
[21:46] <wtay> it looks like its bouncing in cothread switches with the CPU at 100%
[21:46] <omega_> neat
[21:46] <omega_> so, why is mp3 unknown?
[21:46] <wtay> even with just one mp3 decoder, which is weird
[21:46] <wtay> hm
[21:46] <Uraeus> wtay: do we have yout full attention now? or are you still distracted :)
[21:47] <wtay> Uraeus: sorta full attention now :)
[21:47] <omega_> sorta?
[21:47] <thomas> wtay: gf's computer fixed ?
[21:47] <dobey> haha
[21:47] <dobey> tell her i said hi ;-)
[21:47] <wtay> thomas: sorta :)
[21:49] <thomas> cothread: trying to switch to same thread, legal but not necessary
[21:49] <thomas> that's the error
[21:49] <omega_> right, but I can't even get that far
[21:49] <omega_> you do this with two mp3's ?
[21:49] <thomas> yeah
[21:49] <thomas> what, it won't autoplug ?
[21:49] <omega_> I'm gonna autogen again
[21:49] <omega_> nope
[21:49] <omega_> richardb: eta on those configure.in fixes?
[21:49] <thomas> you have the volenv and adder plugin compiled, right ?
[21:49] <omega_> yup
[21:50] <thomas> hmmm... ok.
[21:50] <omega_> 101MB and climbing
[21:50] <omega_> there, automake finished...
[21:50] <richardb> 10 mins or so...
[21:50] <omega_> ok
[21:50] Action: wtay can't even get mixer to run anymore...
[21:51] <richardb> What's Hermes?
[21:51] <wtay> hmm, it works now here (with 1 mp3)...
[21:51] <thomas> wtay: what's wrong with it ?
[21:51] <wtay> richardb: a color conversion library
[21:51] <wtay> thomas: mixer.c
[21:51] <wtay> richardb: RGB->RGB only
[21:52] <Gman> god gstreamer takes too long to compile on sparc :(
[21:52] <thomas> wtay: I did change back to esdsink
[21:52] <steveb> richardb: you there?
[21:52] <richardb> yup
[21:52] <thomas> wtay: what doesn't work for you ?
[21:52] <wtay> thomas: it works now, and plays an mp3
[21:52] <steveb> tell me if this answers all your questions about audio/raw float type: http://www.geocrawler.com/archives/3/1504/2001/4/50/5586903/
[21:52] <thomas> wtay: huh ? audio ? I'm not getting any.
[21:53] <wtay> thomas: hmm, it even works with 2 mp3s now... strange
[21:53] <wtay> doh!
[21:53] <thomas> wtay: you're in incsched right ?
[21:53] <wtay> I'm in HEAD
[21:53] <thomas> wtay: :)
[21:54] <thomas> wtay: i'm not touching the one in head anymore then ;)
[21:54] Action: wtay hides in shame
[21:54] <omega_> eek, that's a sign that incsched needs to be merged into HEAD ASAP
[21:54] <thomas> omega_: whenever you're ready
[21:54] <omega_> need to get these scheduling things dealt with first
[21:56] Ow3n (owen at ti34a80-0313.bb.online.no) joined #gstreamer.
[21:56] <Ow3n> yo
[21:56] <wtay> yo
[21:56] <richardb> Hmm, make that 20 mins.  More mess here than I thought.
[22:00] <thomas> hmm... ok.  from the info output I can tell that the program creates five cothreads
[22:00] <thomas> and keeps switching without doing much.
[22:01] <wtay> what's weird is that it switches from disksrc to adderel...
[22:02] <thomas> it doesn't seem to ever switch to play_audio does it ?
[22:02] <thomas> how can I tell what cothread corresponds to what element ?
[22:02] <wtay> no
[22:02] <wtay> I wonder if the disksrc ever does a push...
[22:03] <thomas> INFO (16563: 0):gst_schedule_enable_element:1207
[22:03] <thomas> : element not found in any chain, not enabling
[22:03] <thomas> that looks like a bad error
[22:04] <omega_> wow, 20 people in the channel <g>
[22:04] Action: omega_ waits for a compile
[22:04] <Uraeus> hi ow3n
[22:04] <Ow3n> Uraeus: hi
[22:05] <wtay> thomas: hmm it looks like that message is only given for bins..
[22:08] <wtay> Uraeus:  got tog4eether with 
[22:08] <Uraeus> kill -9 wtay
[22:08] <wtay> oops
[22:09] <hadess> hey Ow3n
[22:09] <Ow3n> hadess: Yo. How's tings?
[22:09] <hadess> sucky
[22:09] <Uraeus> wtay: thanks, I fix it
[22:09] <Ow3n> hadess: how come?
[22:09] <wtay> Uraeus: ah :)
[22:10] <thomas> hmm... I just don't understand enough of gstreamer's internals to figure this out
[22:10] <Uraeus> wtay: it is just that omega_ the evil nitpicker has had me updating it ten times already :)
[22:10] <omega_> Uraeus: then send it to me beforehand next time <g>
[22:10] Action: omega_ still gets unknown media type
[22:10] <hadess> Ow3n: my application for a job at ximian came back with the "SELECT job WHERE 'skills = hadess'" came back with nothing
[22:11] <omega_> ouch
[22:11] <hadess> and i can't even speak
[22:11] <Ow3n> doh.
[22:11] <Uraeus> hadess: did you say that you where the Gunghoo author?
[22:11] Action: hadess slaps Uraeus gently in the back
[22:12] <wtay> omega_: tools/gstreamer-inspect mp3types?
[22:12] <Uraeus> you didn't? no wonder you didn't get hired
[22:12] <Ow3n> I'd guess they're not taking on any new people right now despite their job apps page.
[22:13] <Ow3n> Things are very bad for Eazel so I'd guess Ximian will wait to see what's happening there before they start expanding.
[22:13] <omega_>   audio/mp3: .mp3 .mp2 .mp1 .mpga
[22:13] <omega_>       Has typefind function: 0x4003fb78
[22:13] <Uraeus> hadess: take comfort of being in good company in that regard (mine)
[22:13] <Uraeus> hadess: at least you got a reply 
[22:14] <Gman> okay *finally*
[22:14] <Gman> ld: fatal: library -lXxf86vm: not found
[22:14] <Gman> ld: warning: file ../gst/.libs/libgst.so: attempted multiple inclusion of file
[22:14] <Gman> ld: fatal: File processing errors. No output written to .libs/qtest
[22:14] <omega_> hmm, wtay: we should try to have inspect print out names of function pointers
[22:14] <omega_> Gman: oooh, you don't have xfree86 4.0 obviously
[22:14] <hadess> Uraeus: yep, after nearly 2 months of waiting
[22:14] <Gman> omega_: obviously :)
[22:14] <wtay> omega_: need to add that special macro I guess..
[22:15] <omega_> wtay: but that macro doesn't work in static struct initializers like mp3types has
[22:15] <Uraeus> hadess: well I think I applied 3 or 4 months ago and never heard shite
[22:15] <Gman> Okay...now I go..
[22:15] <Gman> complete in the knowledge that I've given you guys another headache to think about :))
[22:16] <richardb> Okay - think I've got configure.in sorted now.  Just testing...
[22:16] <omega_> heheh
[22:16] <Uraeus> Gman: but you'll be back :)
[22:16] <Gman> Uraeus: oh, probably....
[22:16] <omega_> bringing asprin I hope
[22:16] Action: Gman somehow thinks that Uraeus will send over a crate of beer or something ;)
[22:16] <Uraeus> Gman: ok here is the deal, the day Gstreamer works under Solaris I send you a box of norwegian beer ok?
[22:16] <omega_> wtay: oh wait, it might work in that case, checking
[22:17] <wtay> omega_: not really... the typefind function is wired to a dummy one...
[22:17] <Gman> Uraeus: heh, that sounds perfect...
[22:17] <Gman> g'night dudes...
[22:17] Action: Uraeus know how to motivate gman
[22:17] <wtay> cya
[22:17] Gman (gman at beryllium.eu.sun.com) left irc: Food, Beer, Sleep...in which order ??
[22:18] <omega_> wtay: huh?
[22:18] <hadess> Uraeus: you applied at ximian ?
[22:18] <wtay> omega_: when you call the function, the plugin system will load the plugin and then it will be assigned to the real function
[22:18] <Uraeus> hadess: I did
[22:18] <dobey> heh
[22:18] <dobey> voltron applied too
[22:19] <hadess> Uraeus: what kind of job ?
[22:19] <omega_> wtay: right, but the mp3_typefind function is what I want the name of
[22:19] <Uraeus> hadess: Ximian GNOME product manager
[22:19] <omega_> we need to at the very least make sure that we make use of the GST_DEBUG_FUNCPTR stuff as much as possible, wherever we can
[22:19] <hadess> Uraeus: ho
[22:20] <dobey> heh
[22:20] <wtay> omega_: not sure how to do that..
[22:21] <Uraeus> hadess: not really sorry I didn't get it, but I am pissed of that Nat never replied saying: sorry, your not the right candidate or something
[22:21] <Uraeus> in my view that is a minimum of common decensy and proffesionalism
[22:21] <hadess> Uraeus: yeah, i think i got an answer because i harrassed them for a month
[22:22] <Happyfeet> is there some special magic to gstreamers automake routine ? Its hitting my disk hard, and vacumming up memory 
[22:22] Action: richardb grins
[22:22] <hadess> Happyfeet: that's normal
[22:22] <richardb> Read the README
[22:22] <omega_> which readme?
[22:22] <richardb> hadess: though definitely a bug.
[22:23] <omega_> ah, got it
[22:23] <richardb> The one in gstreamer CVS HEAD
[22:23] <Happyfeet> sorry, never seen that happen before ,it finally cooled off at 150megs
[22:23] <omega_> wow
[22:23] <richardb> I thought I'd mention it since it's become a FAQ around here...
[22:23] <hadess> huh, _that_ is not normal
[22:23] <richardb> Next time someone adds another conditional to plugins/Makefile.am it'll go to 300Mb.
[22:24] <richardb> Unless you patch your automake...
[22:24] <Ow3n> richardb: Did your am patch get accepted?
[22:24] <omega_> richardb: that really sucks
[22:25] <richardb> Ow3n: automake list didn't reply to it.
[22:25] <richardb> I shall spam them all shortly. ;-)
[22:25] <omega_> wow, it didn't break 3.5MB with that patch
[22:25] <Ow3n> We've got an army of 19 here. Let's start spamming ;)
[22:25] <omega_> 18
[22:26] <thomas> anyone know of a good data plot program I could use to plot RMS levels of an audio track based on time/level points ?
[22:26] <Happyfeet> hey , is there an official gstreamer logo that everybody likes now ?
[22:26] <omega_> richardb: I'd pust the contents of that README on -devel
[22:26] <omega_> ah, that reminds me...
[22:26] <omega_> it seems that the rgb banana slugs logo is the favorite by far
[22:26] Action: wtay never even noticed the automake bug...
[22:27] <omega_> wtay has too much ram, just like omega
[22:27] <Happyfeet> omega_: I've gotta see this
[22:27] Action: omega_ will brb
[22:28] <Ow3n> Hmm. My mouse pointer suddenly went AWOL. Now for a real GNOME shortcuts test.
[22:31] <richardb> Updated configure.in.  I now know of no tests which give either false positives or negatives.
[22:31] <richardb> So if you see any, tell (email) me. ;-)
[22:31] Ow3n (owen at ti34a80-0313.bb.online.no) left irc: Read error to Ow3n[ti34a80-0313.bb.online.no]: EOF from client
[22:32] Ow3n (owen at ti34a80-0313.bb.online.no) joined #gstreamer.
[22:32] <Ow3n> Urgh. Couldn't take it any more.
[22:32] <omega_> ctrl-alt-backspace is your friend <g>
[22:32] <Ow3n> I got stuck in another window in X-Chat.
[22:33] <Ow3n> Suddenly I couldn't get out of the edit box.
[22:33] <Ow3n> BTW. Have you had any more thoughts about networking?
[22:33] Action: richardb never uses a mouse
[22:34] <wtay> richardb: uhm, in X?
[22:34] Action: richardb is running gnustep, though
[22:34] <omega_> Ow3n: not yet, but that's just because I've been figuring out incsched1
[22:34] <richardb> Have a shortcut for creating xterms, and switching between them.
[22:34] <richardb> Okay: never is a bit of an overstatement though.
[22:35] <richardb> But I don't think I've touched it today
[22:35] <Ow3n> omega_: I've been thinking about it for gnostream
[22:35] <omega_> ok
[22:35] <Ow3n> I was planning on gnostream playing some part in the networking and the communication with other remote gnostreams.
[22:36] <Ow3n> Then I wondered, since gstreamer will become quite network aware...
[22:36] <Ow3n> it would make more sense for gnostream to communicate just with other gstreamer-based servers.
[22:37] <Ow3n> gnostream being heavily bonobo-based makes it very GNOME.
[22:37] <Ow3n> But, if someone were to write a media server using kparts based on gstreamer.
[22:37] <Ow3n> And the networking was at the gstreamer level then maybe they could work together.
[22:38] <omega_> yup
[22:38] <omega_> though any kind of idl would be a problem
[22:38] <Ow3n> Why? Were do you mean? in gstreamer itself?
[22:38] <omega_> between apps and the server
[22:39] <thomas> omega_: can you play mp3's through gstmediaplay ?
[22:39] <omega_> checking
[22:39] <Ow3n> Ah, right. Apps will talk to the gnostream server through the gnostream bonobo interface.
[22:39] <omega_> thomas: no
[22:39] <Ow3n> Then, say, $AUDIO is pointing to a KDE machine.
[22:39] <omega_> they have to have a bridge of some sort
[22:40] <Ow3n> Within gstreamer.
[22:40] <omega_> why within gstreamer?
[22:41] <Ow3n> Isn't that going to be necessary in the render farm example?
[22:41] <Ow3n> gstreamers talking to other gstreamers.
[22:41] <omega_> yes, why is that a problem?
[22:41] <wtay> thomas: that's another kind of error though..
[22:41] <thomas> wtay: I'd like to have the filters I'm writing be independent of channel count or bit depth...
[22:41] <thomas> ... is that hard to do ?
[22:41] <thomas> I'd rather do it before I try my hand at equalizing at stuff
[22:41] <wtay> thomas: not really, depends
[22:41] <Ow3n> Will they just send/receive streams blind of what the other gstreamers are doing?
[22:42] <omega_> Ow3n: no, they'd cooperate within a single pipeline
[22:42] <thomas> wtay: I think the easiest way would be to start by having passhtrough detecting what data it is passing through
[22:42] <thomas> ... but it only knows when it's starting to play right ?
[22:42] <wtay> thomas: yes
[22:42] <omega_> the main process would have a single view, you'd have Bins like the Thread, except they just move thigs to other machines instead of other threads
[22:42] <Ow3n> Good. That's exactly what I was thinking/hoping.
[22:43] <thomas> wtay: I'd like passhtrough to detect these general parameters and make them available to the filter writer through some variables
[22:43] <Ow3n> Because then it means that an app can use gnostream which sets up a pipeline using gstreamer...
[22:43] <thomas> wtay: or is that the bad way to do it ?
[22:43] <omega_> right
[22:44] <Ow3n> Then it notices that $AUDIO is remote so it communicates with the gstreamer-based server on that machine (not necessarily gnostream) to construct the pipeline.
[22:44] <wtay> thomas: not really...
[22:44] Action: richardb remailed automake list
[22:44] <richardb> Feel free to chip in comments. ;-)
[22:44] <wtay> thomas: as long as they use the gtk args..
[22:45] <omega_> Ow3n: right, though I think that exposing a GStreamer interface should be optional
[22:45] <wtay> thomas: alternatively the app can just connect the new_caps signal to a pad and look at the caps...
[22:45] <omega_> if you're not using a server built from gstreamer, you don't expose that interface, and the app has to fall back
[22:45] <thomas> wtay: right, but I want the filters based on passhtrough to be easy to write...
[22:46] <thomas> ... so it should be available in the chain function easily
[22:46] <thomas> so a filter writer should only adapt the chain function
[22:46] <wtay> thomas: no prob in the chain function
[22:46] <omega_> we can write a filterfactory setup that can handle varying sets of caps
[22:46] <wtay> thomas: I though you meant the app
[22:46] <omega_> you specify the caps and the function with the same basename, it could match and select automatically
[22:47] <steveb> richardb: tell me if this is enough to write audio/raw float docs: http://www.geocrawler.com/archives/3/1504/2001/4/50/5586903/
[22:47] <wtay> omega_: ?
[22:47] <thomas> wtay: no, I just have some ideas for filters and it would be stupid to implement them now for 16 bit stereo and later have to go back and change all of them
[22:48] <omega_> thomas: ?
[22:48] Nick change: ajbusy -> ajmitch
[22:48] <steveb> i've been thinking about using XSLT for filterfactory stuff
[22:48] <omega_> uh oh <g>
[22:48] <steveb> what?
[22:49] <omega_> um, nothing ;-)
[22:49] <thomas> omega_: passhtrough now doesn't care about numbers of channels
[22:49] Action: wtay was thinking about a druid for a filterfactory..
[22:49] <thomas> or bit depth
[22:49] <omega_> wtay: heh
[22:49] <thomas> which is not good for general filters of course
[22:49] <omega_> GST_FILTER_MONK
[22:49] <thomas> they need to know what bit width the data is and how many channels they are
[22:49] <steveb> just think - we can update plugins to a new api just by changing the XSLT template
[22:49] <wtay> :)
[22:50] <omega_> ok, we have a bit of a problem
[22:50] <omega_> we have to define GNU_SOURCE for compilation
[22:51] <wtay> omega_: ok, We can get the typefind names by not using the static TypeFactory
[22:51] <omega_> and this is usually autoconf's job from what I can tell
[22:51] <omega_> wtay: I have another solution, which is why I need GNU_SOURCE
[22:51] <taaz> i don't understand the point of a filter factory code generator
[22:51] <omega_> see the very last prototype in /usr/include/dlfcn.h
[22:51] <taaz> why not abstract it into functions or code or something that you pass parameters to
[22:52] <omega_> taaz: that's my idea for a cpp-based filterfactory
[22:52] <wtay> omega_: wicked..
[22:52] <taaz> cpp based?  i don't see why you need that
[22:52] <omega_> because there's a lot of boilerplate
[22:52] <taaz> i bet you like c++ templates too ;)
[22:52] <omega_> um
[22:52] <omega_> not c++, c preprocessor
[22:52] <omega_> macros
[22:52] <taaz> what boilerplate? 
[22:53] <omega_> have you even seen the code for a plugin?
[22:53] <wtay> GST_PADTEMPLATE_FACTORY-like?
[22:53] <taaz> could you just make that boilerplate into a 20 parameter filter generator function?  pass in string info and function pointers and so on
[22:54] <omega_> that's the goal, except it can't be done as a function, it has to be an uber-macro
[22:54] linuxnewbie (barfoo at left irc: [x]chat
[22:54] <omega_>       Has typefind function: gst_type_register
[22:54] <taaz> hmm... i'm just trying to think ahead to where we have run-time created filters or something... can't do that with macros/cpp/xslt very easily
[22:54] steveb (steveb at node1ee31.a2000.nl) left irc: [x]chat
[22:56] <richardb> I was thinking that either cpp or perl could be used for filterfactories
[22:57] <richardb> But I like the XSLT idea.
[22:58] <thomas> what would a filter factory do, specifically ?
[22:58] <taaz> i really think that is the wrong direction to head...  it's a neat concept but you start to have lots of issues
[22:58] <richardb> Is everyone happy to use slope and intercept for format=float audio/raw
[22:58] <richardb> ?
[22:59] <richardb> taaz: Filter factory would always be an option: for wierd things like that you'd do it directly.
[22:59] <taaz> if you do xslt translation you need to put in info to help people debugging the code figure out how line numbers coorespond to user source
[22:59] <taaz> look at how the gob project does stuff... you'll probably end up with something like they have
[23:00] <richardb> Okay: I'll rephrase.  Is anyone unhappy with using slope/intercept instead of min/max for format=float audio/raw?  If not, I'll document that in a short while.
[23:00] <wtay> entering XML is not very nice
[23:00] <omega_> richardb: nope
[23:00] <wtay> richardb: no objections, I my opinion counts..
[23:00] <wtay> s/I/If
[23:00] <richardb> I think cpp is probably the best idea, anyway.
[23:01] <richardb> wtay: well, at least as much as mine since I've never looked at a piece of code using format=float yet...
[23:01] Action: richardb will have a cup of tea and then get onto that, then.
[23:01] Nick change: richardb -> richardb-tea
[23:02] <taaz> why are they called slope and intercept?
[23:03] <taaz> seems that something line origin/range would be more intuitive... 
[23:03] <taaz> s/line/like
[23:03] <omega_> taaz: same thing, basicaly
[23:04] <taaz> it is?
[23:04] <omega_> yes, you have the intercept (origin) and the slope over X range -1 to +1
[23:04] <omega_> slope * X = range
[23:05] <taaz> maybe i'm thinking sideways
[23:14] <thomas> how can I add a directory in CVS to the plugins dir ?
[23:15] <taaz> mkdir foo; cvs add foo
[23:15] <taaz> whoops... i mean "man cvs"
[23:18] Action: thomas is going to bed
[23:21] thomas (thomas at adsl-64926.turboline.skynet.be) left irc: Client Exiting
[23:24] Nick change: omega_ -> omega_lunch
[23:25] richardb-tea (richard at ixion.tartarus.org) left irc: [BX] 1998: year of the BitchX
[23:26] <Happyfeet> Crazy. I'm crazy 
[23:27] <hadess> bye everyone
[23:28] hadess (hadess at pc121-gui14.cable.ntl.com) left irc: mooooh!
[23:28] dobey (dobey at left irc: eh
[23:29] <Happyfeet> will gstreamer.net be down long ?
[23:30] <omega_lunch> um, it shoudln't be down at all
[23:32] <Happyfeet> all i get is connection refused :(
[23:33] <omega_lunch> same
[23:36] <Happyfeet> life is weird sometimes
[23:37] <Happyfeet> there it is
[23:43] <Ow3n> got to go now. cul8r
[23:43] Ow3n (owen at ti34a80-0313.bb.online.no) left irc: [x]chat
[23:46] <Uraeus> omega_lunch: http://www.linuxgraphic.org/cgi-bin/exposer/View.pl?foldername=/fred&indexname=public.db
[23:46] <Uraeus> omega_lunch, wtay: that guy with the above URL would probably be interested in making icons etc. for GStreamer, interested ?
[23:47] <wtay> Uraeus: very...
[23:47] Nick change: omega_lunch -> omega_
[23:47] <omega_> yup
[23:48] <wtay> for gstplay and editor...
[23:48] Action: wtay is writing a book about autoplugging
[23:48] <omega_> cvs.sf is down
[23:48] <omega_> cvs.sf is up
[23:48] <wtay> damn
[23:48] <wtay> ah
[23:50] <taaz> make the icon based off my newt crawling on a 'G' logo ;)   i liked it... no one else seemed to though...
[23:51] <wtay> taaz: I liked the idea, but your attempt at drawing it.. well... It need some more work ;-)
[23:52] <omega_> hehehe
[23:52] <taaz> yeah yeah...
[23:52] <taaz> it was my first ever attempt at using SVG ;)
[23:52] <wtay> oh you did that with SVG?
[23:52] <wtay> what app?
[23:52] <taaz> sodipodi i think...
[23:52] <omega_> wtay: did you ever get examples/mixer/ to autoplug?
[23:52] <Happyfeet> pay some local university art students to doodle some cute little cartoons then scan em in as icons
[23:52] <wtay> omega_: yeah, sure
[23:53] <Happyfeet> most of them will do it for free to boost their ego
[23:53] <omega_> wtay: I can't get it to function
[23:54] <taaz> the thing about icons and other bitmap images is that if you want to blow it up to tshirt size or bigger it may start to look terrible
[23:54] <omega_> right
[23:54] Action: omega_ thinks that icons should be done in mip-map style
[23:54] Action: taaz thinks icons should be done in SVG style ;)
[23:54] <wtay> omega_: and in HEAD?
[23:54] <omega_> well, that too
[23:54] <omega_> wtay: checking
[23:54] Action: omega_ has to build HEAD
[23:55] <taaz> i thought incsched1 was merging into head today?
[23:55] <omega_> I hope it does
[23:55] <omega_> but there are several failures showing up that need to be dealt with first
[23:55] <omega_> (this is good)
[23:59] <Happyfeet> http://www.erikyyy.de/compilercache/  <- any of you tried this ?
[00:00] --- Tue May  1 2001
[00:02] <omega_> since we already use autoconf, that shouldn't have any effect
[00:20] Action: taaz is updating debian packaging stuff
[00:21] <Uraeus> night
[00:21] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) left #gstreamer.
[00:22] Action: taaz is embarrassed he hasn't finished the packaging and put apt-get-able packages up on gst.net yet
[00:23] <ajmitch> yes....
[00:23] Action: ajmitch waits....
[00:23] <ajmitch> ;)
[00:23] <ajmitch> taaz: CVS or released version?
[00:29] <taaz> cvs
[00:29] <ajmitch> k
[00:29] Nick change: ajmitch -> aj_uni
[00:30] <taaz> unless you want 0.1.1 debs... but that's kind of old.  (omega_: hint hint)
[00:33] <wtay> taaz: first get the 0.1.1 debs online and then you can hint omega_ for a newer version ;-)
[00:34] Action: wtay tries apt-get install libgst0 every day...
[00:36] <taaz> heh
[00:38] <taaz> do you really think i should work on 0.1.1 debs?  i'm thinking i'll just try and get them working for 0.1.2 at this point.
[00:40] <taaz> i still need to find someone to do the mpeg2dec packaging... 
[00:41] <wtay> I'm thinking that the debs are untested...
[00:41] <taaz> i suppose i'll end up doing it
[00:41] <taaz> which debs?
[00:41] <wtay> you do have most of it anyway
[00:41] <wtay> 0.1.1
[00:41] <taaz> yeah they are really untested... i didn't even do much testing ;)
[00:42] <taaz> i was kind of planning on throwing them up for people to test for me 
[00:43] <wtay> If you put them online, you'll get testers for free and continue to fix and add debs for all the new stuff...
[00:43] <taaz> yeah, i'll do that.  but i'll do it with todays cvs
[00:44] <wtay> ok
[00:44] <wtay> I now have a new debian clean install so I can test them
[00:44] <wtay> untainted system :)
[00:44] <taaz> argh!  stupid auto* nonsense...
[00:44] <Happyfeet> is gstmediaplayer functional ?
[00:45] <wtay> Happyfeet: to some definitions of functional, yes...
[00:45] <taaz> i keep forgetting i have to run autogen.sh by hand before making the debs... 
[00:46] <taaz> i really don't see the wisdom in not requiring people to just install auto* tools if they want to build source.
[00:47] <taaz> it would be much less hassle that way
[00:49] <taaz> does it make sense to seperate autogen.sh into a bootstrap script with the auto* stuff and autogen.sh that calls bootstrap then configure?  would let people just run auto* stuff before the configure
[00:49] <omega_> I don't think so
[00:50] <omega_> besides, remember that both rpms and debs are supposed to build from pristine sources, which means a tarball
[00:50] <omega_> the tarball has configure already generated, and includes all the auto* you're gonna need
[00:50] <omega_> there should be a deb: target very very similar to the rpm: target
[00:53] <taaz> what does that rpm target do?
[00:54] <omega_> look at it
[00:54] <taaz> i don't know what the 'rpm' tool does... sorry  (debian rules!)
[00:55] <taaz> i could guess it builds the rpms... but -ta doesn't really imply that.
[00:55] <omega_> rpm -ta untars, finds the .spec file, and goes from there, assuming that the only source for the .spec is that tarball
[00:57] <taaz> i could add a debian target (deb, debian, ?) but i'm not sure what you want it to do
[00:57] <omega_> I should be able to: cvs co gstreamer;./autogen.sh;make rpm deb
[00:57] <omega_> and grab gstreamer-*.tar.gz, /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/i386/gstreamer-*.rpm, and ..../*.deb
[00:57] <taaz> ok... but do you want to sign the debs or not?
[00:58] <omega_> yeah, that's a secondary proceedure though, right? it is for rpms
[00:58] <taaz> well, the high level tools do everything... 
[00:58] <omega_> it boils down to: I should be able to hand you a .tar.gz, and you should be able to construct the .deb's
[00:58] <taaz> ie, debuild does deb checking and stuff too... i run dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc  for testing though
[00:59] maYam (mayam at cable-195-162-214-190.upc.chello.be) joined #gstreamer.
[00:59] <omega_> yo
[00:59] <maYam> hi everyone
[00:59] <wtay> yo maYam
[00:59] <taaz> i guess i'll have a deb-maint target or something too that does the extra stuff
[01:01] <taaz> argh! stupid doc building needing DISPLAY set... grr
[01:01] <omega_> eh?
[01:01] <omega_> oh, right, it runs gstreamer stuff <g>
[01:01] <omega_> so actually, installing the gstreamer rpm requires that DISPLAY be set right now too ;-(
[01:01] <omega_> at least one built from incsched
[01:01] <taaz> there are like a million warnings and other bad looking messages while building the docs
[01:02] <omega_> yes, we know this
[01:02] <wtay> it's LaTeX stuff mainly and some docbook useless crap
[01:02] <taaz> i wonder if debian policy requires building to work without X... i bet it does
[01:03] <omega_> probably
[01:03] Nick change: maYam -> half-maYam
[01:03] <omega_> but this is a side effect of using gtkobject, which is on the shortlist of things to fix
[01:03] <omega_> and is the first thing up after 0.2.0
[01:08] <taaz> is there going to be a 0.1.2 or is next stop 0.2.0?
[01:08] <omega_> I think the next is 0.2.0
[01:09] <omega_> there have been significant changes
[01:09] <taaz> maybe you should put up a roadmap on the web site with planned features and so on...  
[01:09] <omega_> yeah, we should
[01:09] <omega_> as soon as we know what that is
[01:09] <taaz> make it up ;)
[01:10] <taaz> 1.0.0 - world domination
[01:10] <omega_> yeah, that's on there
[01:11] <taaz> 1.1.0 - replace Windoze Media Player as defacto media player on M$'s OS's
[01:11] <omega_> heh
[01:11] <taaz> i'm sure there is a good reason libglade stuff isn't detected on my machine...
[01:11] <omega_> libglade-dev installed?
[01:11] <taaz> of course
[01:12] Action: taaz debugs configure crap
[01:12] <Happyfeet> what is gstreamer supposed to do ? if i may ask that question :)
[01:12] <wtay> Happyfeet: It is a library for creating multimedia apps
[01:12] herring (seth at null.Stanford.EDU) left irc: Ping timeout for herring[null.Stanford.EDU]
[01:13] <Happyfeet> any apps been built ontop of gstreamer yet ?
[01:13] <wtay> Happyfeet: gstmediaplay is an attempt, OpenTeleMedia is another
[01:13] <omega_> ERROR : evenlope control points were not supplied in the right order !
[01:14] <wtay> omega_: heh
[01:14] <Happyfeet> i wonder about gstmediaplay,.. i'm doing something wrong , keeps crashing, probably a path thing
[01:14] herring (seth at null.Stanford.EDU) joined #gstreamer.
[01:14] <omega_> ok, HEAD gstplay works
[01:15] <wtay> omega_: must be something wrong with you incsched build I guess, it plays mp3 here
[01:15] <omega_> but I have a very strange problem with incsched
[01:15] <omega_> it == gstplay ?
[01:15] <wtay> Happyfeet: how does it crash (warnings/arrors)
[01:15] <wtay> yup
[01:15] <Happyfeet> some stupid gnome error
[01:15] <wtay> like?
[01:15] <omega_> wtay: gui shows, it clicks, but nothing plays
[01:16] <wtay> omega_: ok that's in INCSCHED1 right?
[01:16] <omega_> yes
[01:16] <Happyfeet> "fatal error;  segmentation fault"
[01:16] <omega_> DEBUG(13224: 1)gst_pad_push:1372: no pushfunc
[01:16] <wtay> indeed
[01:16] <wtay> Happyfeet: nothing else?
[01:16] <Happyfeet> nope
[01:17] <Happyfeet> something wrong with my build though, dunno
[01:17] <Happyfeet> always something wrong with this system
[01:17] <wtay> Happyfeet: not even:
[01:17] <wtay> INFO(4240:-1): Initializing GStreamer Core Library
[01:17] <wtay> INFO(4240:-1): CPU features: (c1c7f9ff) MMX 3DNOW MMXEXT 
[01:17] <wtay> etc..
[01:18] <wtay> omega_: same problem here with incsched
[01:18] <Happyfeet> ** WARNING **: gstplugin: registry needs rebuild: run gstreamer-register
[01:18] <wtay> Happyfeet: ah
[01:18] <wtay> Happyfeet: and then?
[01:18] <Happyfeet> INFO(21817:-1): Initializing GStreamer Core Library
[01:18] <Happyfeet> INFO(21817:-1): CPU features: (808029bf) MMX 3DNOW 
[01:19] <Happyfeet> a bunch of criticals, then crash
[01:19] <wtay> Happyfeet: it's the criticals I'm interested in!
[01:19] <Happyfeet> ** CRITICAL **: file gstbin.c: line 172 (gst_bin_add): assertion `element != NULL' failed.
[01:19] <Happyfeet> ** CRITICAL **: file gstelement.c: line 577 (gst_element_connect): assertion `src != NULL' failed.
[01:19] <Happyfeet> ** CRITICAL **: file gstelement.c: line 326 (gst_element_get_pad): assertion `element != NULL' failed.
[01:19] <Happyfeet> ** CRITICAL **: file gstelement.c: line 273 (gst_element_add_ghost_pad): assertion `pad != NULL' failed.
[01:19] <wtay> Happyfeet: ok, do tools/gstreamer-inspect colorspace
[01:20] <Happyfeet> no such element or plugin 'colorspace'
[01:20] <wtay> omega_: 100% CPU?
[01:20] <omega_> Happyfeet: you need Hermes
[01:20] <Happyfeet> :( I need psychiatric evaluation
[01:20] <omega_> wtay: yes, in two threads
[01:22] <wtay> omega_: maybe save the xml of the pipeline to see how it is set up..
[01:22] <omega_> I tried to do that at one point, but you've got an unimplemented function (return the GstElement *pipeline from a play struct)
[01:23] <wtay> oh
[01:23] <omega_> prototype, no impl
[01:23] <wtay> cool
[01:23] <wtay> well. easy fix
[01:24] <wtay> I'll implement it
[01:24] <Happyfeet> should i rebuild after getting hermes installed ?
[01:25] <wtay> Happyfeet: yes
[01:26] <wtay> omega_: in CVS
[01:27] <Happyfeet> wtay; thanks for not telling me to go away or something
[01:27] Action: omega_ is still working through the problems mpeg2parse4 causes
[01:27] <wtay> Happyfeet: don't worry :)
[01:28] <omega_> what's that function called?
[01:29] <Happyfeet> i dont know what gstreamer is realy all about except it'll probably help watching porn mpgs, so i've gotta play with it a bit
[01:30] <taaz> mp2p4? what does it do?
[01:31] <omega_> didn't you write it?
[01:31] <taaz> uh... did i?
[01:31] <omega_> no, you wrote mp2p3
[01:31] <Happyfeet> heh
[01:31] <omega_> this one just uses a thread for each decoder + a thread for each sink
[01:32] <taaz> you know what will need to happen at some point... # of cpus detection so you can adapt # threads to maximize performance while minimizing overhead... yum
[01:33] <omega_> yup
[01:33] Action: omega_ needs a dual first
[01:33] <wtay> omega_: I'm not telling you something...
[01:33] <omega_> ?
[01:33] <wtay> omega_: gstplay uses a thread as the toplevel bin
[01:33] <omega_> ah
[01:34] <wtay> dunno if that helps create the problem
[01:34] <omega_> but what's the name of the function that returns the toplevel element?
[01:34] <omega_> wtay: it might
[01:34] <wtay> gst_play_get_pipeline?
[01:35] <wtay> gives the element on which PLAYING/NULL state changes are performed
[01:35] <omega_> takes GstMediaPlay* ?
[01:35] <wtay> GstPlay
[01:35] <omega_> how do I get that??
[01:35] <wtay> errr
[01:35] <wtay> sec..
[01:35] herring (seth at null.Stanford.EDU) left irc: Client Exiting
[01:36] <wtay> GstMediaPlay->play for now..
[01:37] <omega_> um
[01:38] <wtay> not?
[01:39] <omega_> I see a thread_play_audio inside autoplug_bin, which is a Bin, which is in main_bin, which is a Pipeline, within the toplevel, which is a thread
[01:39] <omega_> that's screwed up
[01:40] <wtay> doesn't work, or too much crap?
[01:41] <omega_> should not work at all 
[01:41] <omega_> you can't have a managing element anywhere where it won't get iterated
[01:41] <omega_> a toplevel thread can't iterate a child pipeline
[01:41] <wtay> I thought so..
[01:42] <wtay> what is your suggestion?
[01:42] <wtay> pipeline as toplevel, thread inside it?
[01:42] <omega_> pipeline toplevel, put disksrc in that, then create a autoplug_bin as a Bin
[01:42] <omega_> in there, put a queue and a decoder and such as necessary, within threads as appropriate
[01:43] <wtay> and call _iterate in g_idle?
[01:43] <omega_> yeah
[01:43] <wtay> hmm ok..
[01:43] <omega_> or probably better to make disksrc its own thread with a queue, then autoplug from the queue out
[01:43] <omega_> but you have to typefind before you put the queue on, or something, I dunno
[01:43] <wtay> I see..
[01:44] <wtay> this also means that you always have to run an idle loop from now on
[01:44] <omega_> not if you put the disksrc in its own thread
[01:45] <omega_> then everything goes off in its own world when you PLAY
[01:45] <wtay> good
[01:45] <Happyfeet> has libsdl made its way into any parts of gstreamer ?
[01:45] <omega_> nope
[01:46] <omega_> probably won't either because it always assumes it 'owns' the application
[01:46] <omega_> though I guess we should have an SDL sink of some kind, just not sure quite how
[01:46] <Happyfeet> thats too bad, code harmony is delicious
[01:46] <wtay> I think we should, let it open it's own window if it wants...
[01:47] <wtay> like aasink
[01:47] <omega_> or better, just get handed a SDL_Screen or whatever it is, and the sink just writes out to it
[01:47] <omega_> let the app deal with SDL
[01:47] Gandalf_ (gandalf at tux.rsn.bth.se) got netsplit.
[01:47] Gandalf_ (gandalf at tux.rsn.bth.se) returned to #gstreamer.
[01:50] <wtay> omega_: I'm going to adjust gstplay
[01:51] <wtay> I'll start with an idle_loop for now, see if it gets better
[01:51] <omega_> ok
[01:51] <omega_> but isn't it 2am?
[01:51] <wtay> yes, so? :-)
[01:51] <omega_> ok
[01:51] <wtay> I have a day off tomorrow
[01:51] <omega_> ah
[01:52] <omega_> anyone ever have any luck with DDD ?
[01:52] <wtay> 1st may =~ labour day
[01:53] <wtay> tried it once, got pretty pictures...
[01:53] <omega_> I need pretty pictures now
[01:53] <wtay> of data structs?
[01:53] <omega_> yup
[01:53] <wtay> should work
[01:53] Action: omega_ searches for ddd
[01:53] sienap (synap at ipc379c103.dial.wxs.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[01:54] <sienap> hi all
[01:54] <wtay> sienap: hello
[01:54] <sienap> HEj wtay ;)
[01:54] <Happyfeet> gotta take a pee test ;~(
[01:57] <sienap> wtay did something lately ?
[01:57] <wtay> sienap: nope
[01:59] <sienap>  wtay bast
[01:59] <wtay> omega_: mp3 plays now
[02:00] <wtay> omega_: mpeg1 doesn't...
[02:00] <omega_> hmm
[02:00] Action: omega_ tries to figure out ddd
[02:00] <sienap> ddd?
[02:00] <wtay> ogg works fine too
[02:04] <sienap> he
[02:04] sienap (synap at ipc379c103.dial.wxs.nl) left #gstreamer.
[02:06] <wtay> omega_: _iterate never returns now...
[02:07] <omega_> which?
[02:08] <wtay> I have disksrc in the pipeline and the autoplugged element too, gst_bin_iterate on the pipeline never returns (everything plays fine though)
[02:08] <omega_> well, ddd isn't of any use without significant extension to make it gtkobject aware
[02:09] <omega_> what is the autoplugged element?
[02:09] <wtay> mp3
[02:09] <omega_> no, what is it?
[02:09] <wtay> mad in a bin, esdsink in a thread
[02:09] <wtay> all in a bin
[02:09] <omega_> ok
[02:09] <omega_> um, well
[02:10] <wtay> I'll try disksrc in a thread now
[02:10] <omega_> I dunno, but I need to figure out this one first, else I'll never figure out any of them
[02:10] <wtay> sure
[02:12] <omega_> somehow sched pointers are getting trashed
[02:13] <wtay> hmm
[02:16] <omega_> I fixed it, but I'm not quite sure exactly what was wrong still
[02:17] <wtay> hmm
[02:17] <wtay> fixed it by accident?
[02:17] <omega_> no, I know what I did, but I dunno why it was broken
[02:17] <wtay> oh
[02:19] <omega_> gstmediaplay of AlienSong gives a fault
[02:20] <wtay> great
[02:20] <omega_> in the code I just wrote, no less
[02:20] <Happyfeet> somewhere beyond the sea
[02:31] Nick change: half-maYam -> maYam_sleep
[02:32] <wtay> maYam_sleep: ?
[02:32] <wtay> maYam_sleep: wait for me!
[02:32] <wtay> omega_: no luck with the two threads (disksrc in thread, autoplugged element in thread)
[02:33] <omega_> hmm, ok
[02:33] <omega_> I need to rethink a couple small parts of the scheduler
[02:33] <omega_> and document it while I do that
[02:33] <wtay> I'll wait for your fixes
[02:34] <omega_> ok
[02:34] <omega_> 'night
[02:34] <wtay> yup, cya
[02:34] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-zZz
[03:08] Nick change: aj_uni -> ajmitch
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[03:42] Nick change: ajmitch -> ajbusy
[04:15] Nick change: ajbusy -> ajmitch
[05:39] Nick change: taaz -> taazzzz
[05:40] Nick change: ajmitch -> aj_busy

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