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Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 18:24:30 -0400
From: Christoph Scheurer <chris at nessy.chem.rochester.edu>
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Subject: [libdv-dev] video editing project?

Hello all,

first of all my apologies to everybody who gets this e-mail more than once
since I posted it to three mailing-lists. But that takes me exactly to the
point that I want to address: would it be a good idea to initiate a project on
sourceforge that tries to bring people working in different projects together
to discuss a common video-editing or video-production toolset for linux?

I subscribed to these different mailing-lists since I was interested in the
following (maybe I am not the only one here)
1. capture video from analog sources or a digital camcorder
2. nonlinear editing of the material
3. add titles, effects, manipulate/dub sound
4. compress the video to MPEG, manipulate MPEG
5. create (S)VCDs for easy watching of the result on a standalone player

And luckily there were tools to do almost all of these steps. The problem is
that they are distributed over a lot of places:
1. MJPEG project, libdv, dvgrab, kino, bcast2000
2. MJPEG project, kino, bcast2000
3. GIMP, bcast2000
4. MJPEG project, SAMPEG, mpgtx
5. vcdimager

Some of the recent developments or plans that are very interesting for the
above purposes that I have seen include:
    * the source from several of the above projects has been used to build
      gstreamer plugins (DV, MPEG,...)
    * there has been some discussion on the MJPEG mailing list to move to a
      gstreamer based framework
    * the MJPEG tools now also allow to encode DV data directly as MPEG
    * for vcdimager a XML frontend is underway that would allow to create
      (S)VCDs with menus, etc.

I get the impression that it would be beneficial to have a central discussion
forum for video-editing that covers the whole way from MJPEG, DV capture to
(S)VCD production with open-source tools and to combine some efforts in
developing the missing links and tools. Probably everything based on the
gstreamer framework.


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