[gst-devel] GStreamer 0.2.0 roadmap/tasklist

Christian Schaller Uraeus at linuxrising.org
Mon May 7 20:19:33 CEST 2001

GStreamer 0.2.0 will be the last release we do for the Glib/GTK+ 1.2
platform. After this release GStreamer will move to the GLIB2.0
platform. Due to this GStreamer 0.2.0 will be a release which probably
will be the primary introduction new users have to GStreamer for a good
while ahead, since the GLIB\GTK+ 2.0 platform will probably only be
widely deployed at the end of the year. In that regard I have tried
putting togheter this list of features we have working or want to have
working for the GStreamer 0.2.0 release. This is a DRAFT, not a final
document, so many things in here might change depending on your feedback
and commitments. 
I know that there is a lot of stuff missing so please give feedback and
put your names to tasks, and I will put out a new version of this doc in
a few days.

The main new features in the core of GStreamer in the new INCSCHED1
system which Erik details here:
and Wim's new dynamic autoplug architecture described here:

Since we are not moving this relase onto Glib2.0 no other major changes
will hapen to the core before GStreamer 0.2.0

Input plugins
Fakesrc - Works like a charm, our best sourcelugin :)
Mpeg - Works fairly well
Avi - currently not working well (not at all?)
Wav - currently does not work
au - currently does not work
Ogg - works quite flawlessly
mp3 - works quite flawlessly
Xmms - some xmms plugins works, but far from all
FLI - segfaults
Win32 codecs - works for mpeg at least

Plugins I haven't personally tested:
Firewire -works currently
v4lsrc - works?
DV - works currently
vcdsrc - Video cd plugin

**target for 0.2.0**
Idealy all should work since this influences user impressions so
strongly. If anything should be left broken for 0.2.0 I suggest it is
the au and wav ones. (wtay, omega)

What output plugins do we have:
Ascii - works well
X - works well
OSS - Works well
ALSA - Should work on older versions of ALSA
artsd -  Works well

**target for 0.2.0**
The audio and screen outputs work well which is the important stuff. Not
sure about the milage of the encoders, but having at least one working
video encoder for demonstration purposes should be a priority. (wtay,

GUI applications
The editor has suffered some bitrot, but cleaning this up is not realy
on the table for the 0.2.0 release unless someone steps up and offers to
do it. Should probably be a higher priority for the 0.3.0 release.

The gstmediaplay application still works and is shipable as is too. I
would suggest however that if someone on the list would be interested in
maybe adding support for configuring what output sink to use for
instance that would be great.

***Tagert for GStreamer 0.2.0***
No release-stoping plans, but some improvements to gstmediaplay would
probably be a good idea for public perception of GStreamer capabilities.

The status of our build system:
For the 0.2.0 release we should try to make sure that our source build
system will be as userfriendly as possible. This means that the vast
majority of users on supported operating systems should be able to have
GStreamer installed by doing a: configure, make, make install
This means that anything in our build system which currently doesn't
build should be disabled by default and all plug-inns which requirements
aren't meet should not try to build.

*** Target for GStreamer 0.2.0 ***
This means that docs-build should probably be disabled by default for
0.2.0 (rboulton)

Plattform support:
Prossesors: Currently we have support for Intel, PPC and Sparc
processors in GStreamer.
Operating Systems: We currently compile and run on Linux and FreeBSD, we
probably would also compile and run under Solaris if the Solaris
instance uses XFree86.

Milage for other Unices on our supported processors are unknown.

*** Target for GStreamer 0.2.0 ****
We should probably try to make the XFree86 dependency in GStreamer
optional for GStreamer 0.2.0, both to cater to the people running
Solaris on Intel and Sparc, but also for the people using commerical X
servers on Linux. (wtay)

Other things:
Bonobo-media - we now have the start of bonobo-media support in

** target for GStreamer 0.2.0 **
wim must make a decision depending on how far along it is, if this
should be targeted for completion before 0.2.0

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