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Thu May 10 06:28:11 CEST 2001

[06:43] Nick change: aj_uni -> ajmitch
[06:49] <taaz> hmm... i'm finding limitations of current code
[06:52] <taaz> made a quick & dirty latency test... wanted to add lots of identity elements to a pipeline.  turns out i can only add fakesrc + 13*identity + fakesink?  else it pukes with some array index...
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[08:59] <steveb> ping
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[09:08] Action: steveb pokes omega_
[09:12] <taaz> pong
[09:21] walken (foobar at c1583255-a.smateo1.sfba.home.com) joined #gstreamer.
[09:21] <walken> yopyop
[09:23] <steveb> yo
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[09:47] Nick change: ajmitch -> ajbusy
[09:51] <taaz> hey walken 
[09:51] <taaz> g'night ;)
[09:51] Nick change: taaz -> taazzzz
[09:52] <walken> nite nite
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[15:35] Action: matth_ yawns
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[18:11] <Uraeus> hi
[18:13] <steveb> yo
[18:14] <steveb> wtay-eating: where in Belgium do you live?
[18:21] gleblanc (gleblanc at joined #gstreamer.
[18:21] <Uraeus> gleblanc: to early, he prolly will not be in for some hours yet :)
[18:21] <gleblanc> yeah, but if I don't join now, I'll forget to join later.  :)
[18:21] bklein (bklein at bas2-100.idf2-1.club-internet.fr) joined #gstreamer.
[18:22] <bklein> lo
[18:22] <Uraeus> hi
[18:22] <bklein> people are sleeping over here ?
[18:24] <Uraeus> kind of, many of the US developers are not active yet and the european ones are in the middle of dinner :)
[18:24] <bklein> lol
[18:24] <Uraeus> :)
[18:25] <bklein> I've some trouble with gstreamer...
[18:25] <Uraeus> 0.1.1 or CVS?
[18:25] <bklein> both
[18:25] <Uraeus> ok, whats the problem?
[18:26] <bklein> When I'm playing a video, it's like if images are not in the window...
[18:27] <Uraeus> hmm, ok typical developer food :) think wtay or omega are the ones you need to talk to :)
[18:27] <bklein> if I drag a window ( by example a xterm window ) on the gstmediaplayer, it's like if my xterm is *btw* the interface and the video...
[18:28] <bklein> I think it's a XFree issue...
[18:29] <Uraeus> well, Arik Devens is currently doing a fixup/rewrite of gstmediaplay so hopefully that version will clear up issues such as this one
[18:30] <bklein> I have the same problem with all video apps on Linux... First I thought about SDL problem but GStreamer doesn't use it
[18:31] <Uraeus> what graphics card do you have?
[18:31] <bklein> ATI Radeon
[18:32] <Uraeus> hmm, I have no experience with that one unfortunatly
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[18:46] Nick change: bklein -> bklein-[Looking4GStreamerDevel
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[18:52] Nick change: taaz -> taaz-away
[19:03] Nick change: wtay-eating -> wtay
[19:03] <wtay> yo
[19:03] hadess (hadess at pc121-gui14.cable.ntl.com) joined #gstreamer.
[19:04] <wtay> hi
[19:04] <hadess> heya wtay
[19:04] <bklein-Looking4GStreamerDevelo> hi !
[19:04] <steveb> bl: look no further
[19:04] Nick change: bklein-Looking4GStreamerDevelo -> bklein
[19:05] <wtay> bklein: SDL has this issue too?
[19:05] <bklein> yes when I use a SDL program like aviplay, i have the same problem
[19:06] <wtay> bklein: it's an XFree issue then
[19:06] <wtay> bklein: can you describe what happens?
[19:06] <bklein> yes
[19:07] <wtay> bklein: on my pc, it looks like the video image is lagging behind when I move the window
[19:07] <bklein> when I'm playing a video in gstmediaplayer, if I open a menu, the menu is underthe video
[19:07] <bklein> between the video and the gui
[19:07] <wtay> bklein: does the menu pop on top of it eventually?
[19:08] <bklein> no
[19:08] <bklein> the menu pop under the video but I can click on it :)
[19:09] <wtay> bklein: a lot like MS media player then...
[19:09] <bklein> ?? I don't use it 
[19:09] <wtay> bklein: It's a problem of your X server.. what version do you have?
[19:10] <bklein> 4.0.3
[19:10] <wtay> bklein: ok
[19:10] <wtay> bklein: looks like hardware accelerated images are not very well supported by it..
[19:11] <bklein> yes but when I disable hardware acceleration in SDL I've got the same problem...
[19:11] <wtay> wow
[19:11] <wtay> are you sure it's disabled?
[19:12] <bklein> I followed the instruction from www.libsdl.org
[19:12] <wtay> ok
[19:12] <wtay> bklein: maybe you should ile a bug report for X free
[19:13] <bklein> yes...
[19:13] <hadess> bklein: what video card you have ?
[19:13] <bklein> Radeon
[19:13] <hadess> hmm, support for the radeon is really young
[19:13] <hadess> hold on a sec.
[19:14] <wtay> hadess: don't you have an ATI?
[19:14] <bklein> i do
[19:14] <bklein> oups
[19:15] <wtay> hehe
[19:15] <hadess> bklein: check http://linuxvideo.org/gatos/ at the bottom
[19:15] <hadess> bklein: they have updated drivers for radeon and Xv (the video acceleration bit of XFree)
[19:15] <hadess> wtay: yep, r128
[19:16] <wtay> hadess: it works for you doesn't it?
[19:16] <hadess> wtay: radeon != r128 =)
[19:17] <wtay> hadess: hmm ok, I though "r" == radeon :)
[19:17] <hadess> nope
[19:17] <bklein> are is rage
[19:17] <hadess> i wish it was a radeon though :P
[19:18] <wtay> ah
[19:18] <bklein> I'm going to try with gatos...
[19:29] ChiefHighwater (paul at temple-baptist.com) joined #gstreamer.
[19:30] <wtay> hello
[19:31] <hadess> yo chief
[19:45] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) joined #gstreamer.
[19:49] <wtay> hi
[19:49] <Uraeus> hi wtay
[19:49] <Uraeus> wtay: I am redoing the Roadmap based on the feedback :)
[19:50] <wtay> nice
[20:04] Nick change: maYam -> maYam_mad
[20:05] <Uraeus> hehe, maYam_mad what has happened?
[20:08] <wtay> Uraeus: uploading the pages, she made for a customer, to geocities failed :( 
[20:08] <wtay> Uraeus: invalid file on 2 pages, no way to know what's wrong... very frustrating
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[20:42] Action: maYam_mad jumps up and screams
[20:42] <maYam_mad> aaaaaargh!!!!
[20:43] <maYam_mad> wtay, give me a shot of morphine... now!
[20:43] Action: wtay hand maYam the remains of his shot of morphine..
[20:52] Nick change: gleblanc -> gregEat
[20:59] <Uraeus> :)
[21:26] Nick change: maYam_mad -> maYam
[21:33] Nick change: taaz-away -> taaz
[21:34] <taaz> does it matter which thread you add queues to?  ie, source side vs sink side
[21:37] Nick change: ajzzzz -> aj_uni
[21:40] Nick change: gregEat -> gleblanc
[21:50] <wtay> taaz: nope
[21:51] <wtay> taaz: in insched it doesn't, in HEAD it does matter, add it to the same thread as the src element
[21:52] Action: maYam catches her breath again
[21:52] <maYam> after rain comes sunshine
[21:53] <maYam> where's dobey though?
[21:54] vini (vincent at bones.kulnet.kuleuven.ac.be) joined #gstreamer.
[21:55] <wtay> hi
[21:55] <wtay> vini: Leuven?
[21:55] <vini> yo
[21:55] <vini> yep
[21:55] <wtay> cool ik ook
[21:55] <maYam> me too
[21:55] Action: Uraeus wonders if there is a end the wtay plugin list, his keyboard fingers are getting tired :)
[21:56] <vini> u2 ?
[21:56] <vini> :-)
[21:56] <vini> werk je mee aan gstreamer ?
[21:56] <vini> welke richting ?
[21:56] <wtay> vini: yup, tervuursestraat
[21:57] <vini> ah, zitten jullie via chello op internet ?
[21:57] <wtay> vini: I'm a main developer..
[21:57] <wtay> yup
[21:57] <vini> nice :)
[21:57] <vini> en hoe gaat het ermee ?
[21:57] <wtay> nogal goed :)
[21:58] <vini> lang geleden dat ik er nog mee gespeeld heb :)
[21:58] <vini> doen jullie nu ook audio ? (ja zeker ?)
[21:58] Action: wtay kent nog een vincent van aan de unief..
[21:58] <wtay> yup, omega (project leider) is nogal fel met audio bezig
[21:59] <vini> hmm en wim ...
[21:59] <vini> volgt die ook lad ?
[21:59] <wtay> ik denk het wel
[21:59] <vini> daar willen ze een soort low latency sound server bouwen
[21:59] <wtay> hij heeft toch een LADSPA plugin gemaakt
[21:59] <wtay> hmm
[22:00] <vini> cool :)
[22:00] <wtay> vini: een ladspa fan?
[22:00] <vini> misschien toch maar eens de laatse sources afhalen
[22:01] <vini> van het idee alleszins
[22:01] <vini> ik doe nog geen uistpraak over de uitwerking he
[22:01] <vini> een universele plugin API is niet slecht
[22:01] <vini> voor pure DSP alleszins
[22:01] <wtay> dat is wat gstreamer doet
[22:01] <vini> daar was ze voor bedoeld dacht ik
[22:01] <wtay> yup
[22:02] <vini> tsja, mensen (developers) lopen elkaar al eens voor de voeten :)
[22:02] <wtay> kleine wereld :)
[22:02] <vini> inderdaad :)
[22:02] <vini> letten jullie hard op de latency ?
[22:02] <wtay> vini: latency is een zaak voor plugins in gstreamer
[22:03] <vini> dus gstreamer is enkel een soort router
[22:03] <wtay> gstreamer heeft een zeer lage overhead en laat toe om DMA etc naar de audio te doen
[22:03] <wtay> vini: yup
[22:03] <vini> mmm
[22:03] <wtay> router/plugin mechanisme/media type negotiator
[22:03] <wtay> en een SDK voor applicaties
[22:04] <vini> jullie zitten op sourceforge he ?
[22:04] <vini> vlug ff de sources afhalen ...
[22:04] <wtay> het doel is eigenlijk om plugins te combineren en met elkaar te laten spreken..
[22:04] <wtay> yup sf
[22:05] <Uraeus> wtay: what is a parser?
[22:05] <wtay> Uraeus: something to get basic elements out of a stream...
[22:06] <wtay> Uraeus: example: mpeg1parser : substracts audio and video out of an mpeg
[22:06] <taaz> so... why is there a 16 cothread limit?
[22:06] <wtay> Uraeus: audio get decoded by a pipeline and video by another
[22:06] <wtay> taaz: yes
[22:06] <wtay> taaz: cothread.h
[22:06] <wtay> taaz: dunno
[22:06] <wtay> taaz: dunno why
[22:07] <wtay> taaz: memory issues I guess
[22:07] <wtay> taaz: insched has a limit of 64 IIRC
[22:07] <Uraeus> ok, thanks
[22:07] <vini> hmm, ik heb de 'lots of duct tape' al staan :)
[22:07] <wtay> taaz: ideally that should be a config option
[22:07] <wtay> vini: oooe die is oud :)
[22:07] <taaz> hmm... is it possible to just put in a glib dynamic sized array there?
[22:08] <vini> vlug ff van cvs halen zeker ? =)
[22:08] <wtay> taaz: yeah.. sorta
[22:08] <wtay> vini: yup :)
[22:09] omega_sick (omega at omegacs.net) joined #gstreamer.
[22:09] <taaz> i wrote a latency checker... i'm limited to src + sink + 13 elements on a basic src -> ... -> sink test.  kinda sucks.  wanted to see how it scaled.
[22:09] <wtay> ouch :(
[22:09] <omega_sick> 1+1+13 == 15
[22:10] <taaz> well, the pipeline too maybe?  or 0?
[22:10] <omega_sick> yup
[22:10] <omega_sick> plus the zeroth, and you've got 16
[22:10] <maYam> omega sick?  poor omega!
[22:10] <wtay> omega_sick: very sick?
[22:10] <omega_sick> incsched has raised that to 64
[22:11] <omega_sick> no, just a nasty sore throat, but that's always the precursor to a cold
[22:11] Action: maYam runs over to omega with a magic potion
[22:11] <taaz> i was asking if it could be changed to a glib dynamicly sized array? 
[22:11] <omega_sick> taaz: no, because cothread stacks must exist in the pthread stack space
[22:11] <Uraeus> gleblanc: omega is here
[22:11] <gleblanc> I see dat, many tanks
[22:11] <gleblanc> :-)
[22:11] <omega_sick> heh
[22:11] <omega_sick> yo
[22:12] <gleblanc> yo!
[22:13] <wtay> omega_sick: I've been looking into refcounting in GTK to see how we could handle it..
[22:14] <omega_sick> taaz: set COTHREAD_STACKSIZE to 32768 and COTHREAD_MAXTHREADS to 64
[22:14] <omega_sick> or any other combination that equals 2MB
[22:20] Nick change: omega_sick -> omega_breakfast
[22:20] <wtay> omega_sick: I see you thought about FLOATING too in the gst code at some points..
[22:20] <omega_breakfast> not really...
[22:20] <wtay> _object_sink?
[22:20] <omega_breakfast> it's a widget concept, though I suppose it's useful
[22:20] <wtay> I thin,k it is/can be
[22:20] <omega_breakfast> that's just to placate the gtkobject system
[22:21] <wtay> btw we should override finalize instead of destroy
[22:21] <omega_breakfast> I guess
[22:21] <wtay> destroy is gone in glib2.0
[22:21] <omega_breakfast> hrm, ok
[22:21] <ChiefHighwater> breakfast!?!
[22:22] <ChiefHighwater> you'd be hard pressed to call it brunch 8-]
[22:23] <wtay> ChiefHighwater: it's allowed whn your nick ends with _sick :-)
[22:23] <ChiefHighwater> it is 1:30 pm here
[22:23] <hadess> even sick, you can't this a breakfast anymore...
[22:27] <hadess> wtay: dude ?
[22:28] <wtay> hadess: dude!
[22:28] <hadess> wtay: can you explain to me .cvsignore ?
[22:29] <wtay> hadess: usually cvs barfs about files in dirs not are not checked in
[22:29] <wtay> hadess: if it does, just put the file in .cvsignore
[22:29] <hadess> wtay: ok
[22:30] <hadess> thanks
[22:30] Action: wtay looks at that previous sentence and scratches his head
[22:30] <hadess> heh
[22:30] <hadess> i think i got it =)
[22:31] <omega_breakfast> taaz: you succeed in getting 61 identities?
[22:36] <wtay> hmm, glib2.0 doesn't have an object_destroyed signal...
[22:37] <omega_breakfast> oh?
[22:37] <wtay> there's an empty space where the code should go...
[22:37] <omega_breakfast> mu
[22:38] <taaz> omega_breakfast: not yet... hacking at something else right now
[22:39] <wtay> gtkobject implements the signel itself..
[22:40] <omega_breakfast> hrm
[22:40] <wtay> gtkobject also has the destroy implemented
[22:43] Nick change: aj_uni -> ajmitch
[22:44] <ajmitch> hello ppl
[22:45] <ChiefHighwater> ello
[22:45] <wtay> ajmitch: hi
[22:45] <taaz> what do you all think of a mod to fakesrc/sink to allow a custom function for buffer creation/destruction?  current behavior if not set.  would allow people (me) to read/write timestamps and so on.  ??
[22:47] <wtay> taaz: isn't it enough to get the buffer with a signal?
[22:47] CHW (paul at temple-baptist.com) joined #gstreamer.
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[22:47] Nick change: CHW -> ChiefHighwater
[22:48] <omega_breakfast> taaz: whaddya mean, read/write timestamps?
[22:48] Nick change: omega_breakfast -> omega_sick
[22:48] <taaz> wtay: is it?  there's that handoff signal now but that doesnt pass the buffer.  and even if it did, for src its called after the puffer is pushed... not sure if there are thread issues with that
[22:49] <taaz> omega_sick: i'm trying to do latency checking.  works ok for non-threaded with handoff signal, but with threads that doesn't work anymore (or not easily)
[22:50] <wtay> taaz: yeah, meybe fire the signal before pushing the buffer
[22:50] <taaz> i'm trying to avoid writing new src/sinks
[22:50] <omega_sick> threads introduce unacceptable latency by definition, why bother measuring?  it's entirely up to the kernel at that poit
[22:50] <taaz> wtay: well that signal doesnt pass around the buffer
[22:50] <wtay> taaz: feel free to change it :)
[22:51] <wtay> taaz: I think it makes sense to pass the buffer too
[22:51] <omega_sick> fakesrc doesn't do timestamps anyway
[22:51] <omega_sick> taaz: what you're needing is the curremt *machine* timestamp at either end
[22:52] <omega_sick> rdtscll
[22:52] <taaz> omega_sick: you aren't at all interested in such results?
[22:52] <wtay> could be added to fakesrc
[22:52] <omega_sick> yes, but not when the kernel is the culprit
[22:52] <omega_sick> wtay: yes, you could add timestamps, but that's not relevant
[22:52] <omega_sick> what's relevant is the amount of time it takes for a buffer to get from the fakesrc to the fakesink, in *wallclock* time
[22:52] <taaz> yeah, i'm use tsc stuf..  which by the way gsttrace has the code for but the HAVE_RDTSC (or whatever) is never defined anywhere
[22:52] <omega_sick> hmm
[22:53] <wtay> I agree threads should not be measured for latency of course
[22:53] <omega_sick> any pentium or above has rdtsc
[22:53] <wtay> omega_sick: I thought there was code in CVS to test object destruction etc.. I can't find it..
[22:54] bklein (bklein at bas2-100.idf2-1.club-internet.fr) left irc: Client Exiting
[22:54] <omega_sick> wtay: doubt it
[22:54] <wtay> I saw code once..
[22:54] <omega_sick> wtay: why would there be, if it never was even expected to work? <g>
[22:54] <wtay> you mean, I saw it in my dreams? :-)
[22:55] <omega_sick> yeah, I guess
[22:55] <wtay> hmm
[22:57] <wtay> ah, teardown.c has some
[22:57] <omega_sick> ok
[22:59] <wtay> I'm working in INCSCHED now, I hope this is ok..
[22:59] <omega_sick> yeah
[22:59] Action: hadess is away: busy
[23:00] <taaz> what's left to fix in incsched?
[23:02] <wtay> taaz: it looks like in some cases destruction of scheduling state is not complete..
[23:03] Action: wtay remembers he has to get gstplay working soon
[23:17] <Uraeus> wtay: isn't Arik working on that?
[23:17] <wtay> Uraeus: maybe..
[23:23] <Uraeus> ok, my first version of the new roadmap is mailed, it is as far as I have come today :)
[23:24] <ajmitch> to the mailing list?
[23:24] <Uraeus> yes
[23:24] <taaz> i think arik is improving it... not doing the core 'make it work' stuff ;)
[23:24] Action: ajmitch hits check mail...
[23:24] <Uraeus> ajmitch: if you are claiming any plugins let me know so I can put you in
[23:25] <ajmitch> Uraeus: i'm going to take a look at some plugins, will look to see what i can do first
[23:26] Action: Uraeus just noticed that he wrote the wrong name for Richard ;)
[23:26] <ajmitch> damn, i'll probably have to wait 1/2 an hour for my ISP to get the mail to me...
[23:26] <Uraeus> ajmitch: I can dcc it to you
[23:27] <omega_sick> wow, what format is that in?
[23:27] <omega_sick> ah, html
[23:27] <omega_sick> ok
[23:27] <Uraeus> html table
[23:27] <omega_sick> pine has a cow
[23:27] <ajmitch> Uraeus: ok
[23:27] steveb (steveb at node1ee04.a2000.nl) left irc: Ping timeout for steveb[node1ee04.a2000.nl]
[23:27] Action: ajmitch opens another mozilla window to read it
[23:29] <Uraeus> the plugin ownership list is a little random, lots of cut and paste, didn't really know if anyone claimed ownership so wtay got a large bunch
[23:29] <ajmitch> hehe, lucky wtay
[23:29] <wtay> ajmitch: lucky?
[23:29] Action: wtay reads
[23:30] matth_ (matth at qwest.dsplinux.net) left irc: Ping timeout for matth_[qwest.dsplinux.net]
[23:30] <ajmitch> seems to be a lot of bitrotten plugins
[23:30] <Uraeus> my idea is that we mark all unmaintained plugins as such so new developers can easily indentify and adopt them
[23:30] <Uraeus> yup
[23:31] <wtay> hmm, where the h*ll am I going to find time to fix all this?
[23:31] <Uraeus> wtay: under the carpet?
[23:31] <ajmitch> heh, i should look at vorbisenc sometime (not taking ownership yet)
[23:32] <Uraeus> wtay: just let me know which plugins you are taking ownership for and I remove you from the rest
[23:32] <ajmitch> what is audioscale for? timescaling
[23:32] <ajmitch> ?
[23:33] <ajmitch> (cursed enter key)
[23:33] <wtay> Uraeus: I don't agree with all the yellow. for example fakesrc and disksrc are not bitrotten, fakesrc is merely less featurefull then we want, disksrc is actually broken..
[23:34] <Uraeus> wtay: np, the reason I sent the list already now was just so you could adjust my color settings
[23:34] Action: wtay wonders if evolution can edit the table..
[23:34] <Uraeus> wtay: either mail me fixed table or tell me what to change in a mail 
[23:34] <wtay> hmm it does, cool
[23:34] <ajmitch> i should try and work on ones that i will use in an app of mine (eg, osssrc, oggenc, volenv, etc)
[23:35] <ajmitch> wtay: you use evolution as well? ;)
[23:35] Action: Uraeus wonders why some of the color fields are white in evolution
[23:35] <wtay> ajmitch: yeah
[23:35] <omega_sick> Uraeus: I'll take disksink, renamed to filesink, for the same reasons as disksrc
[23:36] <ajmitch> got the mail, evolution displays it fine
[23:36] <omega_sick> autoplugcache is mine
[23:36] <ajmitch> wait, i see white patches ;)
[23:36] <omega_sick> temple-baptist.com/~omega/gstreroadmap2.html
[23:36] <Uraeus> omega_sick: please mail me, it is easier for me to fix things then 
[23:36] <omega_sick> ok
[23:36] <wtay> Uraeus: I don't want autoplugcache! give it to omega! <g>
[23:37] <Uraeus> wtay: ok, but then you get 5 others instead :)
[23:37] <omega_sick> wtay: mutlfilesrc also the same as disksrc?
[23:37] <ajmitch> what does ossgst do?
[23:39] <Uraeus> ajmitch: noone knows :)
[23:39] <ajmitch> ah, sorta soundserver code...
[23:39] Action: ajmitch looks at source
[23:39] <ajmitch> static GstElementDetails gst_ossgst_details = {  
[23:39] <ajmitch>   "Audio Wrapper (OSS)",
[23:39] <ajmitch>   "Src/Audio",
[23:39] <ajmitch>   "Hijacks /dev/dsp to get the output of OSS apps into GStreamer",
[23:40] <wtay> omega_sick: somewhat, you can hand it a list of files to read from..
[23:40] <wtay> Uraeus: you'll need an &nbsp; to get color in the white table entries..
[23:40] <ajmitch> how's the core lib going at the moment?
[23:41] <omega_sick> wtay: but it should be implemented with the striding mmap code used in filesrc
[23:42] <omega_sick> Uraeus: changes sent
[23:42] <Uraeus> wtay: according to my html code there is &nbsp; there 
[23:42] <omega_sick> yup, it's there
[23:42] <wtay> Uraeus: then it's a evolution bug (or rather gtkhtml)
[23:42] <Uraeus> yup, guess I can mail em the list as a bugreport
[23:46] Action: taaz laughs at mutt+lynx attempt to display that table
[23:47] <ajmitch> taaz: heh, i just used mozilla
[23:47] <taaz> i'm using omegas site link ;)
[23:48] <Uraeus> taaz: guess my roadmap isn't very lynx friendly, but it is quite informative in my opinion :)
[23:49] <taaz> mpeg2dec plugin depends on libmpeg2 and libmpeg2dec from mpeg2dec dist
[23:49] <omega_sick> fyi, the ossaudio plugin is listed for each of the three elements
[23:49] <taaz> cdparanoia depdnds on libcdparanoia
[23:49] <taaz> esdsink depends on some esd lib.
[23:49] <wtay> lame on libmp3lame
[23:50] <wtay> rtp on something else librtp 
[23:50] <taaz> icecast thing on libshout or something that isnt in debian i dont think
[23:50] <wtay> dvdec on libdv
[23:50] <wtay> taaz: true
[23:50] <taaz> mad on libmad
[23:51] <wtay> dvsrc on libraw1394
[23:51] <taaz> does xvideosink really depend on Xfree86?
[23:52] <wtay> where my masterpiece: aasink? <g>
[23:52] <wtay> taaz: currently yes...
[23:52] <wtay> taaz: it doesn't properly ifdef out some things
[23:52] <taaz> you could do extension checking and so on
[23:52] <wtay> aasink on aalib
[23:52] <ajmitch> gonna put this roadmap in gstreamer cvs?
[23:52] <ChiefHighwater> yup
[23:52] <ChiefHighwater> doh, wrong window
[23:52] <ajmitch> ;)
[23:55] <Uraeus> thanks for the support ChiefHighwater :)
[23:55] <Uraeus> aasink added
[23:55] <ajmitch> so what's being done on gstmediaplay? arik's improving UI?
[23:55] <ChiefHighwater> Uraeus:don't mention it, no really <g>
[23:57] Action: ajmitch runs cvs diff to see why configure.in is different from what's in cvs...
[23:58] <ajmitch> ah, /me sees ;)
[23:58] <omega_sick> oh, Uraeus: you could look at the cvs annotate output to see who actually wrote plugins
[23:58] <omega_sick> dv1394src is mine
[23:59] <Uraeus> ok, I have added all the libs and changed all the ownerships requested :)
[00:00] --- Thu May 10 2001
[00:00] <ajmitch> ok, so you gonna remail the page?
[00:00] <Uraeus> ajmitch: waiting for wtay to get me his changes first
[00:00] <ajmitch> Uraeus: you should get cvs write access & stick it on cvs, would be easier for people ;)
[00:00] <omega_sick> Uraeus: just post it on gstreamer.net...
[00:00] <ajmitch> or that...
[00:01] <omega_sick> Uraeus: email to me, I'll put it up
[00:01] <omega_sick> I get the lowest email latency of anyone here (well, CHW can match <g>) because I run the server ;-)
[00:01] <ajmitch> omega_sick: what, you don't have Uraeus listed as a developer? ;)
[00:01] <wtay> Uraeus: you can get my comment from the IRC log :)
[00:01] <omega_sick> ajmitch: he never asked to be able to commit anything..
[00:01] <wtay> lame is omegas too..
[00:02] <ajmitch> omega_sick: oh well ;)
[00:02] <wtay> vcdsrc isn't mine
[00:02] <Uraeus> wtay: ok, but we still need to mail the list since everyone probably doesn't check the homepage that regurarly
[00:02] <omega_sick> wtay: it's mine
[00:02] <wtay> I know
[00:03] <omega_sick> Uraeus: email the list with the url
[00:03] <wtay> int<->float isn't zaheers
[00:03] <Uraeus> is it yours?
[00:03] <omega_sick> it isn't
[00:03] <omega_sick> steveb's ?
[00:03] <wtay> dunno... checking
[00:04] <omega_sick> yeah, steveb
[00:04] <wtay> ok
[00:04] <Uraeus> what is the b in steveb ?
[00:04] <omega_sick> baker
[00:05] <wtay> flxdec is from mrrazz
[00:05] <wtay> mulaw stuff is from zaheer
[00:05] <wtay> and so is alaw stuff
[00:06] <omega_sick> gstreamer.net/images/dscn0009.jpg: l2r: zaheer, steveb, BBB
[00:07] <Uraeus> wtay: any other changes?
[00:07] <Uraeus> taaz: anything I should put your name on?
[00:08] <wtay> Uraeus: jpegenv -> jpegenc
[00:08] <wtay> sinesrc isn't mine
[00:08] <ajmitch> caps nego hard to get working in plugins, or does it just require some time? ;)
[00:08] <omega_sick> sbaker has been doing sinesrc
[00:09] <wtay> ajmitch: hard... and doesn't work 100% 
[00:10] <omega_sick> and it may change again ;-)
[00:10] <ajmitch> wtay: ok, cos i was thinking of helping with the oss, oggenc, & volume ones
[00:10] <omega_sick> ajmitch can be our expert in audio caps nego ;-)
[00:11] <ajmitch> well, they're the ones that i need ;)
[00:11] <ajmitch> omega_sick: sure, sure, whatever you say ;)
[00:11] Action: Uraeus adding ajmitch to roadmap
[00:11] <ajmitch> Uraeus: want my nick or actual name? 
[00:12] <Uraeus> your choice, but as you can seen I have used real name for all others
[00:12] <ajmitch> ok, name is Andrew Mitchell
[00:12] <ajmitch> good thing i only got 1 50min lecture tomorrow, i guess ;)
[00:14] <Uraeus> ok, 8 plugins up for ajmitch, and 8 plugins down for wtay :)
[00:14] <Uraeus> wtay is still the leader with the most plugins assigned to him :)
[00:15] <wtay> and that's not a good idea :)
[00:15] <Uraeus> hehe
[00:15] <ajmitch> heh, what am i letting myself in for? ;)
[00:16] <Uraeus> ok, I mail erik the new updated list so he can put it up and mail the mailing list, since I am going to bed now, see ya
[00:16] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) left #gstreamer.
[00:16] <hadess> btw, is it still impossible to connect to a tee while the pipeline is spinning ?
[00:16] <wtay> yeah, I'm of to bed too...
[00:16] <wtay> hadess: hmm, it should work in incsched
[00:16] <ajmitch> ok, cya wtay
[00:16] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-zZz
[00:16] <wtay-zZz> cya all
[00:16] <hadess> wtay-zZz: and incsched will be 0.2 ?
[00:17] <wtay-zZz> hadess: yes
[00:17] <hadess> wtay-zZz: cool, thanks
[00:17] <wtay-zZz> hadess: well it will be *in* 0.2
[00:17] <hadess> wtay-zZz: huh, yeah, what you say :P
[00:18] <hadess> cya gang
[00:18] hadess (hadess at pc121-gui14.cable.ntl.com) left irc: mooooh!
[00:19] <omega_sick> gstreamer.net/gstreamer-0.2.0-roadmap.html
[00:20] <ajmitch> k
[00:22] <wtay-zZz> dvdec and aasink work, yet they are coloured red?
[00:22] <omega_sick> um
[00:22] <omega_sick> checking
[00:23] <omega_sick> hrm
[00:23] <omega_sick> I'll fix that on this copy
[00:23] <ajmitch> what is orange for?
[00:24] <ajmitch> means it compiles but sucks?
[00:25] arik (arik at adsl-64-174-42-2.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net) joined #gstreamer.
[00:25] <ajmitch> hi arik
[00:25] <arik> ajmitch: hey
[00:25] <ajmitch> what parts of gstmediaplay are you hacking?
[00:26] <arik> right now i am finishing up a small patch to add double sizing and full screen play
[00:27] <arik> eventually i want to rewrite most of it ;-)
[00:27] <ajmitch> ok
[00:28] <ajmitch> omega_sick: just how useful is the plugin writer's guide? ;)
[00:28] <omega_sick> not very
[00:28] <omega_sick> about as useful as I am right now ;-(
[00:29] Nick change: arik -> arik|sick
[00:29] <ajmitch> ok, so we have to sorta guess by example about caps nego?
[00:29] <omega_sick> yup
[00:29] <ajmitch> sounds fun <g>
[00:30] <omega_sick> arik|sick: you too?
[00:30] <arik|sick> omega_sick: yep
[00:30] Action: ajmitch is only sick upstairs
[00:30] <arik|sick> omega_sick: home from work and all
[00:30] <arik|sick> ;-(
[00:31] <omega_sick> ajmitch: yeah, we can testify to that ;-)
[00:31] Action: omega_sick counts the number of elements ajmitch signed up for...
[00:31] <ajmitch> lol
[00:32] <ajmitch> osssink broken in cvs?
[00:33] <wtay-zZz> ajmitch: read docs/random/capnego*
[00:34] <arik|sick> so i think maybe i'm doing this full-screen thing the wrong way
[00:34] <arik|sick> because at the moment i am reparenting the socket
[00:35] <ajmitch> ooh, stuff to read... thx ;)
[00:35] <arik|sick> but i think i should eithe create a new socket and steal the element
[00:35] <arik|sick> or i should just play the same movie in a different play in the full screen window
[00:35] <omega_sick> arik|sick: no clue
[00:35] <arik|sick> omega_sick: ;-)
[00:35] <arik|sick> i'm mostly just thinking out loud
[00:35] <omega_sick> just to confuse things...
[00:35] Nick change: omega_sick -> erik|sick
[00:36] <arik|sick> heh
[00:36] <arik|sick> nice ;-)
[00:36] Action: ajmitch has to go now
[00:36] <erik|sick> not nice ;-(  /me doesn't wanna be sick
[00:36] <ajmitch> bye all, bbl ;)
[00:36] Nick change: ajmitch -> aj|uni
[00:37] <erik|sick> l8r
[00:37] <ChiefHighwater> aj|uni: l8rz
[00:37] <arik|sick> erik|sick: well not the sick bit no
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[01:34] Nick change: ChiefHighwater -> CHW|away
[01:38] matth_ (matth at qwest.dsplinux.net) joined #gstreamer.
[01:59] <taaz> hmm... new moinmoin out
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[03:00] Nick change: aj|uni -> ajmitch
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[04:38] Nick change: ajmitch -> aj_uni
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[06:07] Nick change: aj_uni -> ajmitch

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