[gst-devel] Realtime element properties (was: RFC: argument system?)

Jan Tore Korneliussen jtkornel at yahoo.no
Fri May 18 21:32:29 CEST 2001

I have followed this list and gst development in
general for a while, and I think that a framework for
timely update of element properties + dynamic element
properties would be a great feature with lots of uses.
I looked up the documentation for MS DirectShow
because I remembered reading about something similar
it in the feature list of their newest version.
It seems like they have a parameter system a bit on
the side of ordinary COM method invocations, using
lookup on 32-bit integers for performance reasons. I
do not know how it works in practice,though.. They
call it MediaParameters. (See
the number of parameters can not be changed
dynamically, so if you succeed in implementing it that
is another advantage over DS.
Since the properties are supposed to be changed in a
timely manner, wouldnt it be natural to read the
arguments from stream buffers? I have not thought much
about the implications of that, but it sure would be
nice to pull the element properties from different
source filters - from disk,gui, external hardware or

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