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Sat May 19 06:28:21 CEST 2001

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[08:20] <walken> yop
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[10:17] <Uraeus> morning
[10:21] <ajmitch> hi
[10:22] <Uraeus> hi ajmitch
[10:22] <Uraeus> Kuroyi: are you around?
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[11:17] <arik> lo all
[11:18] <ajzzzz> hi
[11:18] Action: ajzzzz is not quite asleep yet ;)
[11:18] <arik> ;-)
[11:19] Action: ajzzzz should go for a walk to the shop, buy something with caffiene, then come back & play with plugins ;)
[11:19] <arik> heh
[11:19] <ajzzzz> bbs ;)
[11:20] Action: arik should get some actual work done before netscape fires him
[11:20] <ajzzzz> lol
[11:21] <arik> ;-)
[11:23] <Uraeus> hi arik
[11:23] <arik> Uraeus: hey
[11:24] <Uraeus> arik: fires? is that why your diary says visiting parents and the mozilla status says sick :)
[11:25] <arik> Uraeus: no ;-)
[11:25] <arik> i was sick, and i am visiting my parents
[11:25] <arik> but i haven't been fired yet ;-)
[11:26] <Uraeus> arik: making any headway on the gstmediaplayer?
[11:27] <arik> Uraeus: yes actually
[11:27] <arik> but i really shouldn't untill i finish more work ;-)
[11:28] <Uraeus> :)
[11:29] <Uraeus> arik: well if you fix the bug with cut'n pasting large amounts of text between Mozilla and GNOME apps that would make you a certified hero both inside and outside Netscape
[11:30] <arik> heh, i didn't even know about that bug
[11:32] <Uraeus> pavlov have been trying to fix it/hate it for ages
[11:32] <arik> heh
[11:34] <arik> atm i am trying to figure out why stop is broken 
[11:34] <arik> not mozilla
[11:34] <arik> gstmp
[11:35] <arik> wow
[11:35] <arik> jacob mentioned me in his diary
[11:35] <arik> i think that's the first time, and i worked directly with him for 4 months
[11:38] <Uraeus> arik: if I get the goahead from Erik and wtay I will try to get gstreamer accepted as a core package for GNOME 2.0 :)
[11:39] <arik> that would be a good think imho
[11:39] <arik> if we can be done intime
[11:39] <arik> gst is very young
[11:40] <Uraeus> well Erik's timetable in regard to the needs of RidgeRun will make us ready for GNOME 2.0
[11:41] <arik> hmm
[11:41] <arik> good deal
[11:42] <Uraeus> and I can also say we have the support of long time GNOME hackers such as Arik Devens and Erdi Gergo
[11:42] <Uraeus> :)
[11:43] <arik> hehe
[11:43] <arik> ;-)
[11:43] <Uraeus> time to get to work, don't want to miss lunch :)
[11:43] <arik> enjoy ;-)
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[13:33] <arik> lo
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[14:13] <arik> hadess: hey
[14:14] <hadess> heya arik
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[14:14] <hadess> arik: huh, where is it you're based ? it's quite early, init ?
[14:15] <arik> seattle, it's 5:17am
[14:16] <hadess> heh, that's what i thought, you coded overnight, bad boy :)
[14:17] <sienap> hehe
[14:17] <hadess> hey sienap
[14:17] <sienap> arik what are u coding no dewd ?
[14:18] <hadess> arik: watch out sienap's l33t dutch sp34k
[14:18] <arik> sienap: mozilla atm
[14:20] <arik> work work work
[14:25] <hadess> any new features in gstmediaplay ?
[14:26] <arik> hadess: yes actually, but haven't commited anything yet
[14:26] <hadess> besides the full-screen thingy ?
[14:26] <arik> *nod*
[14:27] <hadess> tell me :)
[14:27] <arik> working on a few other things
[14:27] <arik> mostly code cleanup atm
[14:27] <arik> i'm fixing the stop button though ;-)
[14:27] <hadess> heh, good thing
[14:28] <arik> ;-)
[14:32] <hadess> i'm cleaning up my hard drive, then will probably hack on the XST
[14:32] <arik> ;-)
[14:39] <sienap> ik ben de man! (that is what hadess means)
[14:39] <sienap> sorry for my being away 
[14:39] <sienap> hadess what are u going to do on XST ?
[14:40] <hadess> sienap: ppc support for the boot admin tool
[14:41] <sienap> aah cool
[14:41] <sienap> XST tools are pretty 31337 >:)
[14:41] <arik> xst is very easy to use
[14:43] <sienap> yeah
[14:43] <sienap> cool stuff that is
[14:43] <sienap> hej hadess if you are bored anyway .. we still need an smb:// for gnome-vfs :)
[14:44] <hadess> i don't have any machine using smb here... wait a sec. i have only one machine...
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[14:45] <sienap> lol :)
[14:45] <sienap> then forget it i guess :)
[14:45] <arik> hadess: ;-)
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[16:05] <Uraeus> hadess: since you are done with the gnome-vfs plugins what about a flash plugin using the GPL flash code?
[16:05] <sienap> YEAH!
[16:06] <sienap> that would be cool!
[16:06] <hadess> Uraeus: it's broken
[16:06] <sienap> playing flash movies in gstreamer
[16:06] <sienap> drewl
[16:06] <hadess> and it doesn't fit in gstreamer...
[16:06] <hadess> i'm trying to do a nautilus theme
[16:07] <Uraeus> hadess: ok, then there is the other little thing I have been thinking about. We need a GNOME capplet for setting a default output plugin for GStreamer. I think we must have this in order to be able to get bundled with GNOME 2.0 as the primary multimedia API
[16:08] <Uraeus> cause if all panel applets etc. use GStreamer then users should be able to do one-stop shopping for where their sound go
[16:08] <hadess> Uraeus: this depends on the application, this is not a desktop wide configuration
[16:09] <Uraeus> hadess: for GNOME it should be, at least for sound
[16:09] <hadess> each application will choose the output it sees fit
[16:09] <Uraeus> having 10 applets which you all must configure to use ALSA would be a pain
[16:09] <hadess> that's a part of the arts thingy we're gonna be using
[16:09] <Uraeus> hadess: it can't be purely automatic, even if I have OSS I might want to use ESD or artsd
[16:10] <Uraeus> hadess: running artsd should be optional
[16:10] <hadess> Uraeus: i think you want to talk to owen about that
[16:10] <Uraeus> hadess: I will, I plan on writing a detailed proposal
[16:10] <hadess> cool
[16:11] <Uraeus> but you will make that capplet if I get consensus for this approach on g-h?
[16:11] <hadess> not now, the control-center for 2.0 is still in development
[16:12] <Uraeus> we don't need it until 2.0 anyway so np :)
[16:13] <hadess> heh, we'll see then, it's still a couple of months further
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[16:56] <Uraeus> hadess, sienap: would you be willing to look over my first (and early) draft of a letter to gnome-hackers and say what you think?
[16:56] Nick change: taazzzz -> taaz
[16:56] <hadess> sure
[16:56] <Uraeus> hadess: can I DCC it?
[16:56] <hadess> yep
[16:57] <Uraeus> hadess: Am I going the right direction with that mail or am I taking the wrong approach is my question
[16:58] <sienap> uareaus ok
[16:58] <sienap> where
[16:58] <Uraeus> sienap: can I DCC it to you?
[16:58] <hadess> Uraeus: dcc it
[16:58] <Uraeus> hadess: already done so
[16:59] <Uraeus> hadess: queded it says here
[16:59] <hadess> Uraeus: i don't see anything here
[16:59] <sienap> yeah
[16:59] <sienap> is ok
[16:59] <sienap> brb
[17:00] <Uraeus> hmm, think my version of x-chat is a little borked, let me upload it to my website instead
[17:01] <Uraeus> http://www.linuxrising.org/gstreamerproposal.txt
[17:02] <Uraeus> sienap, hadess: that is a url to my draft
[17:02] Action: taaz smacks netscape... didn't word wrap the msg :(
[17:03] <Uraeus> hi taaz
[17:03] Action: taaz resorts to lynx and everything works great as usual
[17:03] <taaz> hey
[17:04] <hadess> Uraeus: "This we can now do away with in a better way." ?!?!
[17:05] <Uraeus> hadess: ok, need some fixing I see :)
[17:05] <hadess> "C based API created to work well with GTK+ and GLIB" <- it is  _based_ on glib...
[17:06] <Uraeus> ok I put that in, but you could make a different looking API I guess on top of glib :)
[17:07] <sienap> back.. i got my self some soup and crackers with spread cheese or soemthing like that
[17:07] <sienap> will have a look uraeus
[17:08] <sienap> uraeus ever heard about <enter> ? :)
[17:08] <Uraeus> sienap: yup, but I don't like to use it for formating :)
[17:09] Action: Uraeus uploads a slighly fixed draft basedin hadess feedback
[17:09] <hadess> concesus <- consensus
[17:09] <sienap> ok i start reading..
[17:11] <hadess> Uraeus: i am not a long time gnome developer...
[17:11] <Uraeus> hadess: most people know who you are, that is almost the same
[17:12] <hadess> heh, i'm a big mouth :)
[17:13] <Uraeus> got a mail today from the extace developer, he is working on a gstreamer port
[17:13] <hadess> i could use this i think
[17:13] <hadess> can you fwd me the mail ?
[17:14] <taaz> shouldn't that be posted to gst-devel? ;)
[17:14] <Uraeus> hadess at hadess.net?
[17:14] <hadess> yep
[17:14] <Uraeus> taaz: well he mailed me so I feel a bit weird about forwarding it to a public list
[17:14] <sienap> ureaus great draft!
[17:14] <sienap> i hope they agree with it ...
[17:14] <hadess> Uraeus: a iTunes clones <- an iTunes clone
[17:15] <taaz> perhaps you shouldn't be so biased and have a list of negatives too
[17:16] <Uraeus> taaz: huh? that would break with my personality, but you might have a point :)
[17:16] <Uraeus> taaz: got any suggestions?
[17:16] <sienap> taaz there is no list of negatives
[17:16] <taaz> one tricky bit may be the need to support cothreads on all GNOME platforms
[17:16] <sienap> bbl
[17:17] <taaz> i have no idea what that may mean for windows world... 
[17:17] <hadess> taaz: what are the gnome platforms ?
[17:18] <taaz> hadess: i have no idea 
[17:19] <hadess> if gst is to be the multimedia framework for gnome, i think ppl will take care of that...
[17:19] <taaz> is there some requirement that such an adoption would mean lists/cvs/irc/etc would have to move to gnome machines?  sf/openprojects works out quite nice at the moment...
[17:20] <hadess> Uraeus: where is extace ?
[17:20] <Uraeus> http://extace.sourceforge.net/
[17:20] <taaz> hadess: at www.google.com
[17:20] <hadess> Uraeus: thanks
[17:21] <hadess> btw, you can use sf.net now, they bought the domain
[17:21] <taaz> gst isn't actually done yet either... there are open issues that don't work 100% yet
[17:22] <taaz> like EOS, QoS support... and in general the "event system" that omega hasn't released his ideas about yet
[17:22] <taaz> I think any serious media framework really has to have support for MIDI too... no one has even looked at how that works
[17:22] <hadess> yeah, but right now, we have nothing, and gst is better than nothing...
[17:23] <taaz> its probably part of a general data vs control issue, but people -will- bitch and moan about such things
[17:26] <Uraeus> ok, I added a problems listing now
[17:27] <Uraeus> guess only thing I now need is for Erik and Wim to look at it and comment before shipping it of
[17:27] <taaz> i'd rather see gnome use the OMS media framework than gstreamer...
[17:27] Action: taaz laughs himself to death
[17:29] <Uraeus> taaz: I have upload my problems list now :)
[17:29] <taaz> preferences for gstreamer is an open issue too...  what is the prefered GNOME way?  use GConf for such things?
[17:29] <Uraeus> taaz: yes think so, but it is kinda mentioned in the mail :)
[17:32] <taaz> um.. did you update the web page?
[17:32] <Uraeus> taaz: should be, try again now
[17:33] <Uraeus> oopps
[17:34] <Uraeus> taaz: try again now :)
[17:36] <taaz> hmm... can cothreads be done in only C?  its doing stack pointer manipulation and other voodoo
[17:37] <Uraeus> taaz: I think I remember Erik saying that a plain C replacement should be made for unsupported plattforms
[17:38] <Uraeus> Galeon/netscape friendly version: http://www.linuxrising.org/gstreamerproposal2.txt
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[17:59] <sienap> back
[17:59] <Uraeus> hi sienap
[18:00] <sienap> hello
[18:04] Nick change: taaz -> taaz-lunch
[18:06] <sienap> 01 - Children Of Bodom - Hatebreeder.mp3: MPEG audio stream
[18:06] <sienap> wieeh :)
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[18:18] <sienap> steveb!
[18:19] <Uraeus> hi steveb
[18:28] <hadess> yo
[18:29] Action: hadess is struggling making this damn bonobo component work
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[18:38] <steveb> yo
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[18:43] <hadess> shit
[18:44] Action: hadess got cddb to work
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[18:46] <hadess> (again)
[18:47] Nick change: wtay-zZz -> wtay
[18:47] <wtay> hello
[18:49] <hadess> yo wtay
[18:49] <Uraeus> hi waty
[18:49] <Uraeus> err wtay
[18:50] <wtay> yo hadess, Uraeus
[18:50] <Uraeus> wtay, what do you think -> http://www.linuxrising.org/gstreamerproposal2.txt
[18:50] <wtay> Uraeus: nice
[18:50] <Uraeus> wtay: aything needing change?
[18:51] <wtay> not that I can see right now
[18:52] <wtay> when is the gnome2.0 freeze starting?
[18:52] <hadess> 2 months from now
[18:52] <wtay> ouch
[18:53] <hadess> no, that's api freeze in 2 months
[18:53] <wtay> do we need to be rock stable by then?
[18:53] <hadess> no
[18:53] <hadess> we need to have a well-defined api
[18:54] <wtay> ok
[18:54] <hadess> lemme check
[18:55] <hadess> Jul  29  - platform alpha, library feature freeze
[18:55] <hadess> Aug  15  - core apps list freeze
[18:55] <hadess> Sept  9  - library beta 1
[18:55] <hadess> Sept 30  - core freeze/proposed extra apps list freeze
[18:56] <hadess> alpha in a month and a half
[18:56] <Uraeus> wtay: can be have a Glib2.0 based relased in a month and a half?
[18:57] <hadess> Uraeus: no no
[18:57] <wtay> Uraeus: first we need to get 2.0 out
[18:57] <hadess> porting to glib 2.0 should start _after_ 29 jul
[18:57] <Uraeus> ah, ok
[18:57] <hadess> and that's 2 months and a half even
[18:58] <Uraeus> well I guess we could start the port before 29. jul :)
[18:58] <hadess> probably, but first is 0.2.0
[18:59] <Uraeus> wtay: if there are things in the roadmap with your name on which you now you will not do, please tell me so I can remove you, think it is a bigger chance we get someone else to volunteer if the maintainer field is blank
[18:59] <Uraeus> yes 0.2.0 is important
[19:01] <hadess> Uraeus: can you access http://grue.zork.org/~bratsche/ ?
[19:02] <Uraeus> hmm, no don't think I can
[19:02] <Uraeus> it seems not to find it
[19:02] <wtay> I would like to donate jpegenc/dec to somebody else
[19:02] <hadess> i'm trying to get hacking on the tables a bit...
[19:03] <wtay> mpeg2dec is taaz's brainchild
[19:04] <hadess> wtay: can you put the url to the roadmap in the topic ?
[19:04] <wtay> ok
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[19:07] <hadess> Uraeus: move the gnomevfssink to done as well...
[19:07] <Uraeus> ok
[19:08] <hadess> wtay: stupid question, is it possible to seek if you don't mmap the source file ?
[19:08] <wtay> hadess: sure, use fseek
[19:08] <hadess> wtay: because my gnomevfssrc doesn't seek, i think, how could i test that ?
[19:09] <wtay> hadess: can gnomevfs seek?
[19:09] <hadess> i don't know :)
[19:09] <hadess> yep, it can
[19:09] <wtay> you could try by adding an arg to set the offset and seek to it 
[19:10] <hadess> will have to look into that i guess...
[19:12] <Uraeus> wtay: will you have a small Autoplug seminar online this weekend?
[19:13] <wtay> Uraeus: uh? like a little bit of docs?
[19:16] <Uraeus> wtay: didn't you see the two mails requesting some docs/online help?
[19:17] <wtay> hmm, yes..
[19:19] <Uraeus> wtay: the people are thirsty for knowledge wtay and you are our fountain :)
[19:19] <wtay> th prob is that I don't really know how to explain it...
[19:20] <wtay> other then the docs/random/wtay/caps-negotiation doc that is...
[19:21] <Uraeus> hmm, thats a bummer :)
[19:22] <Uraeus> wtay: have you talked to them?
[19:23] <wtay> no...
[19:33] <wtay> brb
[19:33] Nick change: taaz-lunch -> taaz
[19:33] <Uraeus> hmm, not sure if the mail from Dan George was wisely worded, if the OMS hackers are touchy it could be taken as an insult or something
[19:34] <wtay> yeah, that's what I thought too...
[19:35] <wtay> what he meant to say: "let's all just work together"
[19:35] <CHW> he didn't say anything about their code that they haven't said numerous times in this ongoing discussion
[19:36] <Uraeus> but it came across as: you can be our playground
[19:36] <wtay> OMS did some ground breaking work, now gstreamer can adopt them and we all work together
[19:36] <Uraeus> yup
[19:37] <Uraeus> we know that is what he meant, but do the people on the livid list do that ? 
[19:37] <CHW> they appear intelligent enough <g>
[19:37] <CHW> I guess well find out if they are
[19:39] <CHW> Reality is that GStreamer will be the standard for Linux multimedia.  If they want to survive longterm, they will have to deal with us.  I'd rather it was sooner than later.  They seem to have a lot to contribute.
[19:40] Action: CHW steps off his soapbox
[19:41] Nick change: steveb -> steveb-away
[19:41] <Uraeus> wtay: I think you should mail to the list and say that they can come online and ask you about autoplug, but that you currently have some problems making usefull docs
[19:41] Action: Uraeus applauds CHW
[19:42] <CHW> hehe, txs
[19:42] <wtay> Uraeus: yes, please do
[19:42] <Uraeus> wtay: heh, you know when you are available not I :)
[19:43] <Uraeus> wtay: thomas ask spesifically if you where online this weekend
[19:44] <wtay> Uraeus: I already told him when he was here <g>
[19:44] <Uraeus> aha, then you have talked to them :)
[19:44] <wtay> uh, yes
[19:44] Action: wtay has a bad memory
[19:44] Action: wtay replies to both thomases
[19:45] <CHW> you should swap it for Micron, never trust that generic stuff <g>
[19:45] <Uraeus> <g>
[19:45] Action: wtay runs a ramtest on himself
[19:46] Action: hadess watches wtay reboot and crash past POST
[19:46] <taaz> ohh... new EffecTV effects...  gotta try that out later...
[19:48] <Uraeus> Kuroyi: here now? :)
[19:48] <CHW> btw..saw y'all on Omega's video last night 8-]  looks like you were having fun
[19:48] <taaz> CHW: you're talking about livid people like i'm not reading this ;)
[19:49] Action: Uraeus promises CHW that he was sober in those videos :)
[19:49] <CHW> hehe
[19:50] <Uraeus> taaz: we treat you like royalty and only refer to you in third person
[19:50] <Uraeus> :)
[19:50] <CHW> hehe
[19:50] <taaz> taaz likes to be refered to in 3rd person
[19:50] dr88dr88 (dr88dr88 at c1220.upc-c.chello.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[19:51] <CHW> taaz:but talking to you is like preaching to the choir...o wait, I'm a choir director, umm...nevermind <g>
[19:51] <taaz> i'm not sure what to make of dent and dans comments...
[19:51] <wtay> CHW: did he show you the X-rated stuff too? <g>
[19:52] <Uraeus> hmm, so that is the US version of that saying, in Norway we say' Preaching to the converted' :)
[19:52] <Uraeus> in norwegian
[19:52] <CHW> wtay:no, he said he lost one tape...hmm
[19:52] <wtay> CHW: just kidding... just kidding....
[19:53] <CHW> wtay:hehe
[19:53] Action: Uraeus thanks God for that tape getting lost :)
[19:53] <wtay> CHW: hmm, he didn't lose the tape with the gstreamer talk, did he?
[19:53] <CHW> wtay:no
[19:53] <wtay> good, 'cause I want it in mpeg1 soon
[19:53] <CHW> wtay:now I finally understand the autoplugger 8-]
[19:54] <wtay> heh
[19:54] <wtay> too bad it's obsolete allready :)
[19:56] Action: wtay understands now what Uraeus was looking for in omegas bag...
[19:56] Action: Uraeus puts on his most innocent look
[19:56] <CHW> omega is working on getting all the parts together to transfer his videos
[19:56] <CHW> all the software wasn't there yet
[19:57] <CHW> i think he said something was missing in audio, does that sound right?
[19:57] <wtay> yes, audio is still missing in the gstreamer plugin
[19:58] <Uraeus> gstreamer plugin to what?
[19:58] <hadess> 1394
[19:58] <wtay> dvdec
[19:58] <wtay> hadess: no dvdec
[19:59] <hadess> yeah, you're right
[19:59] Action: Uraeus looks to the channel list and wonder who all these lurkers are; he waves to the lurkers trying to look friendly and unintimidating
[20:00] Action: Uraeus startes waving frantictly
[20:00] <wtay> yeah, and as soon as they talk, they are volunteered to work on some plugin :)
[20:00] <Uraeus> shush
[20:01] <wtay> Uraeus: you can colour cdparanoia green <g>
[20:01] <Uraeus> cool
[20:01] <wtay> Uraeus: you are on -cvs?
[20:02] <Uraeus> no, but I read it on the sucky geocrawl archive
[20:02] <wtay> ok
[20:03] <Uraeus> I convinced the galeon guys to move to gnome.org with their mailing list yesterday, due to the ultra sucking geocrawl archive
[20:10] <sienap> BACK
[20:10] <hadess> FRONT
[20:10] <wtay> Uraeus: you can colour esdsink green
[20:10] Action: Uraeus looks impressed at wtay
[20:11] <hadess> wtay: you're on a f1x0ring spree ?
[20:11] <sienap> hadess how much did he f1x0r last day then  ? >:)
[20:11] <sienap> Hi wtay btw :)
[20:12] <wtay> hi sienap
[20:12] <wtay> hadess: yeah, somewhat...
[20:16] Action: Uraeus adds thomas vander stichele to the adder and volenv plugins
[20:18] <Uraeus> big_T: are you here?
[20:36] Nick change: CHW -> ChiefHighwater
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[20:45] sienap (synap at ipc379c226.dial.wxs.nl) left irc: sienap has no reason
[20:48] <Uraeus> hmm, running autogen.sh under GStreamer causes my disk to go crazy? is there some search taking place through the whole system?
[20:48] <wtay> Uraeus: out of memory too?
[20:53] <Uraeus> yes
[20:53] <Uraeus> when you mention it I see that my memory is gone too
[20:54] <wtay> Uraeus: you need to apply the automake patch as outlined in the README
[20:56] <Uraeus> wtay: is there a newer version of automake available?
[20:56] <wtay> Uraeus: not that I know of
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[21:04] harm (harm at c122070.upc-c.chello.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[21:04] <harm> hi
[21:05] big_T (thomas at fysgr763.sn.umu.se) returned to #gstreamer.
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[21:07] Nick change: omega_ -> omega_breakfast
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[21:12] <wtay> hi ha
[21:12] <wtay> hi iGN_
[21:12] big_T (thomas at fysgr763.sn.umu.se) returned to #gstreamer.
[21:12] <wtay> hi harm
[21:12] <wtay> doh
[21:14] <wtay> actually, hi everybody :)
[21:14] <Uraeus> and hi to you too :)
[21:15] Action: wtay bows before Uraeus
[21:17] harm (harm at c122070.upc-c.chello.nl) left irc: Leaving
[21:21] <omega_breakfast> oh man.  pbd is slowly figuring out things that have been so obvious for years
[21:22] <omega_breakfast> I thought he was smarter than that...
[21:22] Nick change: omega_breakfast -> omega_
[21:22] <wtay> hi :-)
[21:23] <omega_> are you on l-a-d?
[21:24] <hadess> hey omega_
[21:25] <wtay> I am
[21:25] <omega_> you see the two about matrix routing?
[21:26] <wtay> heh, yeah sounds familiar
[21:26] <omega_> he's finally realizing that run_adding is useless in the majority of cases
[21:27] <wtay> what's run_adding? I didn't follow it in detail
[21:27] sienap (synap at ipc379c226.dial.wxs.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[21:28] <sienap> hi guts
[21:28] <sienap> guys
[21:28] <sienap> even
[21:28] <sienap> :)
[21:28] <omega_> run(): output = process(input);
[21:28] <omega_> run_adding: output = process(input) + output;
[21:29] <wtay> why would one need that (expect for a mixer)...
[21:29] <omega_> exactly.  it's only useful at the very end of the pipeline of a mixer
[21:29] <omega_> which only happens once per channel
[21:29] <omega_> it's utterly useless for all other elements in a pipeline, per channel
[21:30] <wtay> yes
[21:30] omega_ (omega at omegacs.net) left irc: [x]chat
[21:31] omega_ (omega at omegacs.net) joined #gstreamer.
[21:31] <omega_> um, /me fixes that
[21:31] <Uraeus> hi omega_, did you get my mail?
[21:31] <omega_> yeah
[21:31] <Uraeus> or DCC mail that is :)
[21:31] <Uraeus> omega_: it is a draft to send to gnome-hackers
[21:31] <Uraeus> omega_: what do you think?
[21:32] <omega_> um, I need to, ah, read it first <g>
[21:32] <Uraeus> hmmm
[21:33] Action: wtay is fixing up the caps of various plugins
[21:33] Action: Uraeus cheers wtay on
[21:34] Action: sienap as well
[21:35] <sienap> GO wtay GO wtay GO wtay ;)
[21:35] <Uraeus> go gadget go
[21:35] Action: Uraeus has seen to many cartoons
[21:35] <omega_> I thought it was 'go go gadget' ?
[21:35] <Uraeus> omega_: not in the theme song I think
[21:35] <omega_> hmm, ok
[21:36] jerwin (jeremy at 66-44-89-137.s518.tnt1.lnhva.md.dialup.rcn.com) joined #gstreamer.
[21:37] <jerwin> hello?
[21:37] <omega_> yo
[21:37] <jerwin> I'm very new to gstreamer...
[21:37] <Uraeus> that is np
[21:38] <jerwin> but I was poking about with gstreamer-inspect
[21:38] <wtay> yo
[21:38] Action: wtay is reading media parameters
[21:38] <jerwin> whay does the ac3dec plugin only have a rate of 11025 - 44100
[21:39] <omega_> probably because it's broken <g>
[21:39] ajzzzz (ajmitch at p37-max5.dun.ihug.co.nz) joined #gstreamer.
[21:39] <jerwin> most ac3 (if not all) material is 48 KHz
[21:39] <omega_> yeah.  a bug <g>
[21:39] <omega_> the ac3dec plugin needs to be rewritten once walken finishes ac3dec 0.6.2 anyway
[21:39] <wtay> jerwin: because else the autoplugger cannot connect it to osssink... it's a hack
[21:40] <jerwin> that's interesting...
[21:40] <jerwin> Is there an ALSA plugin for gstreamer?
[21:41] <Uraeus> yes, but only for 0.5.x series
[21:41] <Uraeus> it is written by big_T
[21:41] <jerwin> Hmm. I'm interested in a 0.9 sink. (don't care much about source)
[21:42] <Uraeus> jerwin: the ALSA driver will support 0.9 eventually but lack of documentation and time is holding it up
[21:42] <Uraeus> jerwin: unless you are preparted to make a patch 
[21:42] <omega_> please please please <g>
[21:43] <jerwin> OK. It should be done in about 4 months
[21:43] <Uraeus> great :)
[21:43] <Uraeus> actually I think big_T will beat you too it then :)
[21:44] <sienap> s/months/hours i hope :)
[21:44] <Uraeus> omega_: it is 'go gadget go' (I just downloaded it from napster)
[21:45] <jerwin> where is the ALSA 0.50 plugin source available?
[21:45] <Uraeus> jerwin: it is in CVS
[21:45] <jerwin> ok. then. I have my work cut out for me
[21:46] jerwin (jeremy at 66-44-89-137.s518.tnt1.lnhva.md.dialup.rcn.com) left irc: [x]chat
[21:46] <omega_> erm
[21:46] <Uraeus> omega_: shall I dcc it to you? :)
[21:46] Action: omega_ hopes he doesn't rev the existing one in place, because the existing one doesn't have the right model
[21:46] <omega_> no
[21:47] <omega_> I'll live <g>
[21:47] Action: Uraeus dances and sings to his new Inspector Gadget mp3
[21:47] <sienap> man
[21:48] <sienap> 02 - Children Of Bodom - Silent Night Bodom Night.mp3: MPEG audio stream
[21:48] <Uraeus> have everyone here heard the Eavel (Eazel) mp3?
[21:49] <omega_> which?
[21:49] <omega_> gnome.mp3 ?
[21:49] <Uraeus> yes
[21:49] <omega_> yeah
[21:50] <Uraeus> thats what I call great gallows humour :)
[21:50] <omega_> I suppose ;-(
[21:51] <omega_> mu
[21:51] <Uraeus> of course one could argue that they should have spent the time it took to make that hacking
[21:52] <omega_> this isn't real southpark?
[21:52] Action: omega_ doesn't watch any, so /me wouldn't know =
[21:52] <Uraeus> no don't think so
[21:52] <omega_> oh boy
[21:53] Nick change: steveb-away -> steveb
[21:53] <steveb> yes that is southpark
[21:53] <sienap> aah i think it is uraeus
[21:53] Action: Uraeus admits his mistake
[21:53] Action: steveb should hope so
[21:53] <Uraeus> 'gnomes are geniouses at corporations' :)
[21:54] <steveb> 1. take underpants
[21:54] <Uraeus> 2.
[21:54] <Uraeus> 3. profitt
[21:54] <omega_> sound like a plan, let's go round up some VC!!!
[21:55] <sienap> hehe
[21:55] <Uraeus> did you see the article in Salon called 'After Eazel'
[21:56] <Uraeus> lots of blah blah, but he had talked to andy and andy said that he had enough money to hack on Nautilus as long as he wanted and that he had lots of great ideas
[21:56] <Uraeus> he also said he could hire a couple of guys to help out if he wanted to :)
[21:57] Action: Uraeus thinks Andy is a cool old dude
[21:58] <sienap> uraeus DAMN
[21:58] <sienap> :)
[21:58] <sienap> uraeus where is the article
[21:58] <sienap> if he can hold some other people on nautilus as well
[21:58] <sienap> :)
[21:58] <sienap> hell yeah
[21:58] Action: Uraeus looks at sienap and wonder how he can like that Children of Bodom crud (rm -f *bodom*)
[21:58] <sienap> ureaus *SLAP*
[21:58] <sienap> :)
[21:58] <Uraeus> http://linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2001-05-18-001-20-OP-BZ-GN
[21:58] <sienap> what is wrong with it ?
[21:59] <Uraeus> apart from sounding like a heavy trafficed tunnel you mean?
[21:59] <sienap> wtf ? :)
[21:59] <sienap> what kind of music you listen dewd ? :)
[22:00] Action: Uraeus blushes a bit and says '80ies stuff
[22:01] <sienap> he everyone his own stuff huh :)
[22:01] Action: Uraeus has bought a ticket to a depeche mode concert in september
[22:02] <sienap> i just like "RAKTAKTATKATKATKATK AAAAH" music :)
[22:02] <Uraeus> yes, what the rest of us calls noise :)
[22:02] <omega_> hehehe
[22:02] <sienap> hmm some of you guys :)
[22:02] <sienap> not all
[22:02] <sienap> *G*
[22:03] <omega_> Uraeus: I have some minor edits for you <g>
[22:03] <Uraeus> dcc?
[22:03] <omega_> sec.
[22:03] <Uraeus> or you could tell me what to fix
[22:03] <omega_> too much <g>
[22:03] <Uraeus> hmm
[22:03] <omega_> various words replaced
[22:04] <omega_> I'll let you do the conceptual changes (some things aren't quite accurate)
[22:04] Action: Uraeus considers writing in norwegian and including a babelfish link in the email
[22:04] <omega_> mu
[22:05] <omega_> you may want to think about how you're gonna explain the term 'videoserving'
[22:05] Action: wtay was away
[22:06] <omega_> Uraeus: has wtay seen this?
[22:06] <Uraeus> yes
[22:06] <Uraeus> everyone but you have seen it
[22:06] <omega_> ok
[22:06] <omega_> even ChiefHighwater?
[22:06] harm (harm at c122070.upc-c.chello.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[22:07] <harm> hiz
[22:07] <Uraeus> yes, even him if he wanted to
[22:07] <Uraeus> hi harm
[22:07] <omega_> heh
[22:07] <harm> has gstreamer an interface to configure the filters ?
[22:07] <Uraeus> I posted an URL here, but it seems the traffic was to much on it, cause linuxrising is down now
[22:07] <omega_> oops
[22:07] <harm> like make demux parse subpicstream#5 ?
[22:08] <omega_> which filters?
[22:08] <harm> is there a generic interface to configure any filter ?
[22:08] <omega_> yes, the g[tk]object model
[22:08] <sienap> "I've been compensated enough from my previous adventures so I can work on free software without pay
[22:08] <sienap>                                indefinitely," says Hertzfeld. "I can even afford to pay a few other folks to work on Nautilus if that is the right
[22:08] <sienap>                                thing to do." 
[22:08] <sienap> hell yeah
[22:09] <harm> omega_ could you give some more hints ?
[22:10] <omega_> not sure what you mean, exactly
[22:10] <omega_> the object model has support for get/set of parameters of an element, yes
[22:10] <sienap> I can say.. that andy dude has STYLE :)
[22:10] <omega_> same mechanism as gtk
[22:10] <harm> omega_ ok i understand
[22:10] <harm> next question
[22:11] <harm> omega_: is there a way to make filters pass info to the layers above the gstreamer interface using some callback ?
[22:11] <harm> btw: i'm not really familiar with gtk
[22:12] <wtay> harm: using gtk signals...
[22:12] <harm> can signals carry data ?
[22:12] <wtay> yes, arbitrary data
[22:12] <omega_> now, the changes I suggest: RidgeRun's timeline is unknown
[22:12] <omega_> pa-risc and mips will indeed be written blind, but there's a very high probability that they'll work
[22:13] <omega_> there is no C equiv yet, and if there was, it would not be slower
[22:13] <harm> i'm asking these question because I was thinking what is needed for dvd playback
[22:13] <omega_> taaz: you here?
[22:13] <wtay> can a C equivalent even be made?
[22:13] <omega_> Uraeus: GNU Pth with IBM's mods will probably eventually replace our own cothreads, which indeed is a C-only implementation
[22:14] <omega_> wtay: they use all sorts of tricks to do it in C, have a half-dozen models that work for the majority of all platforms
[22:14] <omega_> grab a copy, it's interesting
[22:14] <wtay> cool
[22:14] <omega_> but it's not pthread safe, that's what IBM is adding
[22:20] <Uraeus> ok, anything else?
[22:20] <omega_> um, checking
[22:20] Action: Uraeus catches some typos waiting for omega_
[22:21] <omega_> I guess it should be made clear that there's going to be a gnome-specific library between gstreamer and the apps....
[22:21] <omega_> justl ike the API layer that wraps esd now
[22:21] <Uraeus> omega_: explain
[22:22] <omega_> while the gstreamer API is nice, the majority of applications want to `gnome_play_sound("bleep.wav")`
[22:22] <omega_> there's already an API for this, which we'd have to create an implementation of
[22:23] <omega_> and extend that API to support more stuff like longer-term audio (mp3's) and video
[22:23] <omega_> very much based on the libgstplay API, of course
[22:23] steveb (steveb at node1ee04.a2000.nl) left irc: Ping timeout for steveb[node1ee04.a2000.nl]
[22:24] <Uraeus> ok, I added that
[22:24] <omega_> of course, libgstplay is what everyone else will use to, from the bonobo-media component to the mozilla plugin
[22:25] <omega_> wheeee! havoc added the pkg-config stuff I've wanted for years!
[22:25] <Uraeus> Another thing needed is a simple API layer between GStreamer and GNOME to enable simple stuff
[22:26] <Uraeus> like `gnome_play_sound("bleep.wav")` for all those apps not in need of the full GStreamer API.
[22:26] <Uraeus> This will be based upon the current gstmediaplay API (libgstplay).
[22:26] <Uraeus> ok?
[22:26] <omega_> sounds good
[22:26] <omega_> dcc another copy?
[22:28] <omega_> specifically, 
[22:28] <omega_> with IBM's N:M mods, which is a pthread-safe C-only implementation.
[22:29] <omega_> looks good
[22:29] Action: Uraeus wonders if sending a mail talking about pthread-safe N:M moods might give people a mistaken perception of him :)
[22:30] <omega_> howso?
[22:30] <omega_> ah, moods.  hrm, yeah
[22:30] <Uraeus> people might think I have any idea what that means :)
[22:30] <omega_> so? <g>
[22:30] <Uraeus> np
[22:31] <omega_> but if you talk about pthread-safe N:M moods, we'll have to start deciding whether to talk to Uraeus1, Uraeus2, or Uraeus3, at any given time
[22:35] <Uraeus> hehe, ok I shipping the mail of to gnome-hackers wish me luck :)
[22:35] Action: omega_ runs from the scene <g>
[22:35] <Uraeus> my idea for a system (gnome) wide soundoutput setting is workable right?
[22:36] <omega_> yup
[22:36] <omega_> that's part of the gnome-mm wrapper lib that must be written
[22:37] <sienap> uraeus i hope their response will be positive
[22:37] <Uraeus> sienap: me to, I fear being ignored more than getting a negative response actually 
[22:38] <omega_> I didn't have any way to judge people's reaction at GUADEC, so this'll be the real test
[22:39] <sienap> uraeus he
[22:41] Action: wtay prepares for a flame war
[22:41] Action: omega_ suits up
[22:41] Action: Uraeus puts on his asbestos thong
[22:41] Action: taaz pops in...
[22:41] Action: sienap prepares some 31337 /ignore tools for leet flamers :)
[22:41] Action: ChiefHighwater distributes asbestos gloves
[22:41] Action: wtay oils his keyboard
[22:41] Action: omega_ looks away
[22:42] <omega_> <click>
[22:42] <taaz> you wanted something? dvd playback? what?
[22:42] <Uraeus> dvd playback yes that would be great :)
[22:42] <omega_> taaz: someone was in here asking about gstreamer features, mentioning DVD playback as his interest
[22:42] <omega_> ah, he's still here: 'harm'
[22:43] <taaz> yeah... i was working on this stuff last night.  some odd control and data flow things to consider
[22:43] <omega_> also, it looks like you're the leader of the gstreamer faction of livid <g>
[22:43] <wtay> taaz: any idea how you're going to make the code public (like in CVS or something...)?
[22:44] <taaz> leader? that implys followers ;)
[22:44] <omega_> yup
[22:44] <wtay> I'm a born follower :)
[22:45] <taaz> wtay: i dunno... the code i have right now tears the hell out of the current livid code.  at this point i don't think i should even try to use cvs branching since i changed so much...
[22:45] <omega_> I'm a dubbed leader, sorta <g>
[22:45] <omega_> 'Erik' afaik has leader connotations, in Norsk
[22:45] <wtay> taaz: is there a point in keeping livid code?
[22:45] <harm> omega_: yes ?
[22:45] <omega_> taaz: I have a feeling your branch will break off
[22:45] <omega_> harm: taaz is doing oms stuff with gstreamer
[22:45] <wtay> doh
[22:46] <ChiefHighwater> yet omega_ is which letter of the alphabet...hrmm
[22:46] <omega_> ChiefHighwater: yeah,yeah
[22:46] Nick change: ajzzzz -> ajmitch
[22:46] <Uraeus> sopwith is already discussing my mail with me in #gnome :)
[22:46] Nick change: wtay -> _4lpha_
[22:46] <harm> cool
[22:46] <omega_> doh
[22:46] omega_ (omega at omegacs.net) left irc: [x]chat
[22:46] Nick change: _4lpha_ -> wt4y
[22:47] omega_ (omega at omegacs.net) joined #gstreamer.
[22:47] <ajmitch> morning
[22:47] <omega_> oops
[22:47] <harm> taaz: does it fits dvd needs ?
[22:47] <harm> fits = fit
[22:47] Nick change: wt4y -> wtay
[22:49] <harm> on the gstreaer page, I see examples where a codec and a sink are in 1 thread.
[22:49] <harm> is this optimal ? (considering a sink needs some interrupt/and/or device driver support ?
[22:49] <taaz> i think it will need to use autoplugging and incsched and so on... or at least if i follow how the oms code works
[22:50] Action: omega_ is in #gnome
[22:50] Action: wtay heads to #gnome to lurk
[22:50] <taaz> there's some stuff in there like after you read ifo info you know what kind of audio track you have... ac3, mpeg, pcm... not sure if thats in the stream too
[22:50] Action: ajmitch lurks in #gnome constantly
[22:51] dobey (dobey at dreadnought.ximian.com) joined #gstreamer.
[22:51] <dobey> hrmm
[22:51] <ChiefHighwater> ello
[22:51] <harm> it's in the stream too. but you can have multiple audio types in the stream. the ifo + nav commands decide which to play
[22:51] <sienap> so hi dobey
[22:51] <sienap> how is it at ximian ?
[22:51] <dobey> did i hear right? arik is the maintainer of gstmediaplay?
[22:52] <ajmitch> i think he may be 
[22:52] <dobey> hrmm
[22:53] <sienap> <sienap> en je moet echt ffkes je flx plugin fixen
[22:53] <sienap> <mrrazz__> heb jij werkende gstreamers soers ? :)
[22:53] <sienap> hmmm :)
[22:53] <sienap> i really have to spank him
[22:53] <harm> does gstreamer provide any synchronisation or is that the responsibility of the filters/sinks ?
[22:54] <wtay> harm: plugins are responsible, gstreamer is going to provide an event machanisms to make it possible
[22:55] <harm> for example if you'd like to have audio/vid/subpic synchronisation.
[22:55] <harm> all three routes must have a shared clock or something.
[22:55] <wtay> yes
[22:55] <dobey> wtay you should know
[22:55] <wtay> we have a global clock
[22:56] <harm> taaz: how was that done in oms ?
[22:56] <dobey> wtay is arik the gstmediaplay maintainer?
[22:56] <taaz> how was what done?
[22:56] <wtay> dobey: I think he volunteered, yes
[22:56] <harm> wtay what resolution ? (90kHz mpeg clock ?)
[22:56] <dobey> wtay shit, i would have volunteered if i knew you needed one
[22:56] <ajmitch> bah, why don't the gnome people just accept the superiority of gstreamer and let the assimilation happen
[22:57] <wtay> harm: system clock, ns level 
[22:57] <wtay> dobey: why didn't you then?
[22:57] <dobey> ajmitch what do you mean?
[22:57] <sienap> 07 - Children Of Bodom - Hate Me.mp3: MPEG audio stream
[22:57] <sienap> Wieeeeh :)
[22:57] <dobey> wtay no body told me you needed anyone
[22:57] <sienap> *cute cute goodie goodie*
[22:57] <ajmitch> dobey: oh, just listening to conversation in #gnome as they argue about threading
[22:58] <dobey> oh
[22:58] <wtay> dobey: I didn't tell arik either...
[22:58] <dobey> i usually ignore arguments, nothing good comes out of them
[22:59] <dobey> wtay it would have helped if i knew
[22:59] <dobey> can i volunteer now?
[22:59] <wtay> dobey: you still can, and there is plenty of other work if you're interested
[22:59] <harm> taaz: one way could be, controlling the gstreamer interface on a sector level, reading the nav_packs back from gstreamer signals. configuring the filters (elements?) on the fly
[22:59] <dobey> wtay heh
[23:00] Action: dobey volunteers
[23:00] <wtay> dobey: like the bonobo stuff
[23:00] <taaz> dobey: don't ask to do work... just do it and send in patches ;)
[23:00] <dobey> taaz yeah, right
[23:01] <wtay> what about the editor? that's a very nice project IMO
[23:01] <ajmitch> dobey: i know that i don't have much time (or knowledge) to work on the bonobo stuff
[23:02] <dobey> ajmitch i don't have much time either
[23:02] <ajmitch> :(
[23:02] <dobey> ajmitch particularly since people don't help me
[23:08] <harm> q: Is there support for more playstates in gstreamer (fastfw.. ) ?
[23:09] <wtay> harm: nope, the event system will provide seeking etc, fast forward is just letting the clock run at a higher speed
[23:10] ChiefHighwater (paul at temple-baptist.com) left irc: Ping timeout for ChiefHighwater[temple-baptist.com]
[23:10] <harm> wtay: on dvd, fastforward is just a bunch of seeked stills.
[23:11] <wtay> harm: ok
[23:11] <wtay> harm: a seek to every GOP
[23:12] <harm> dvd-video fastforward is seeking to i-frames
[23:12] <omega_> <Sopwith> 1. gstreamer will probably be multimedia framework out of default, no matter whether cothreads or pthreads are utilized
[23:12] <omega_> <Sopwith> (because they have their butts in gear and are doing something)
[23:13] <wtay> :)
[23:13] <sienap> HELL YEAH
[23:13] <sienap> where from ?
[23:13] <omega_> #gnome
[23:13] <dobey> eh
[23:13] <sienap> sopwith is saying strange things lately :)
[23:13] <sienap> he suddenly love galeon
[23:13] <sienap> and now this :)
[23:38] <omega_> Uraeus: why didn't you send the mail to the gst-devel list too??
[23:38] <Uraeus> omega_: I forgot
[23:38] <Uraeus> I can send it now, but we don't get the crossposting then :(
[23:38] <omega_> better get it added to any reply you send, so it gets xposted as appropriate
[23:38] <ajmitch> hehe
[23:38] <ajmitch> Uraeus: it does sorta help to inform the relevant people ;)
[23:39] <Uraeus> I will
[23:39] <ajmitch> although ppl on gst-devel should be on g-h anyway ;) 
[23:40] <Uraeus> yes, they should unfortunatly I don't think many of them are
[23:40] Action: ajmitch just got the mail posted by some Christian Schaller person... ;)
[23:40] sienap (synap at ipc379c226.dial.wxs.nl) left irc: BYE
[23:41] <wtay> ajmitch: is he spamming again? <g>
[23:41] <ajmitch> wtay: yeah, unfortunately
[23:41] <Uraeus> hehe, that bloody spammer is running about again
[23:42] <Uraeus> response from Alan too, nice :)
[23:42] <ajmitch> yup
[23:42] <ajmitch> no didn't have anything negative to say, so that's good ;)
[23:42] <ajmitch> s/no/he
[23:42] Action: ajmitch slaps himself awake
[23:42] <Uraeus> ajmitch: he wouldn't dare since I was such a splendid host for him when he visited Oslo :)
[23:43] <ajmitch> wtay: hmm, i think it is time for me to review the irc logs for your excellent caps nego explanation ;)
[23:43] <wtay> ajmitch: hehe, while you're at it, write a book about it too :-)
[23:43] <ajmitch> wtay: lol
[23:45] <dobey> hrmm
[23:46] <ajmitch> wtay: the only docs right now are the ones in docs/random/wtay, right?
[23:46] <wtay> ajmitch: yup
[23:46] <ajmitch> dobey: something wrong?
[23:47] <ajmitch> wtay: it's a pity i'm not too great at doc writing then, eh? ;)
[23:47] <dobey> ajmitch: define wrong, there are lots of things wrong :-/
[23:47] <ajmitch> dobey: there is something that caused you to go 'hrmm' just then? ;)
[23:47] <dobey> ajmitch: not particularly, but yeah ;-)
[23:50] jerwin (jeremy at 66-44-55-118.s372.tnt1.lnhva.md.dialup.rcn.com) joined #gstreamer.
[23:52] <jerwin> I'm having difficulty with automake-- I'm running out of memory while running autogen.sh within gstreamer
[23:53] <wtay> jerwin: yup, a bug in automake, we have a patch for that
[23:54] <wtay> jerwin: see CVS README
[23:54] ChiefHighwater (paul at temple-baptist.com) joined #gstreamer.
[23:54] <ajmitch> jerwin: yeah, i had to add about 512MB more swap before giving up - i patched automake and it only used 3MB instead of 400 ;)
[23:55] <ajmitch> ello ChiefHighwater
[23:55] <ChiefHighwater> ello ajmitch 8-]
[23:55] <arnd> I had no success even with 512 swap + ~110 RAM until I saw the note
[23:55] <jerwin> ok, thanks
[23:56] <ajmitch> arnd: yeah, it was just sitting for me, i used 780MB swap & 384MB ram (still had plenty swap free, but automake was chugging)
[23:57] <arnd> At least I saw the out-of-memory killer work correctly
[23:57] <ajmitch> hehe
[23:59] dobey (dobey at dreadnought.ximian.com) left irc: home
[00:00] --- Sat May 19 2001
[00:04] <Uraeus> ok, guys starting hacking on an asd plugins
[00:04] <ajmitch> hehe
[00:05] <ajmitch> Uraeus: you spoke, so you volunteered ;)
[00:05] <wtay> Uraeus: nice to see you voluteer for that
[00:05] <Uraeus> well, heh, aeh, did I say that my grandmother is dying and I need to take care of her? um...
[00:06] <arnd> is anyone working on a cd-writing plugin?
[00:06] <ajmitch> Uraeus: take a laptop to the funeral
[00:06] <Uraeus> arnd: think hadess is looking into it for rhytmbox
[00:06] <ajmitch> yay, i need one of them ;)
[00:06] <Uraeus> my eyes, my eyes...I am blind...damn so close to making that plugin
[00:07] <ajmitch> Uraeus: i know of blind people that program
[00:07] Action: ajmitch doesn't know how they do it, but they manage
[00:08] <Uraeus> fgdfgj sfgøjd ødfjgosj jsjdjs
[00:08] <wtay> wow, Uraeus makes sense! :-)
[00:08] <ajmitch> Uraeus: what sorta cd-writing plugin?
[00:08] <ajmitch> Uraeus: one that writes audio tracks, or one that writes files to the cd?
[00:09] <arnd> I want to write VCDs
[00:09] <Uraeus> ajmitch: I don't know, but since he want to emulate iTunes I guess audiotracks
[00:09] <arnd> it's my bachelor's thesis
[00:09] <Uraeus> arnd: think you will not be steppin on anyones toes then
[00:10] <arnd> Is GStreamer suitable for that anyway?
[00:10] <arnd> I want to have a mp1e source
[00:10] <wtay> yes
[00:11] omega_ (omega at omegacs.net) got netsplit.
[00:11] big_T (thomas at fysgr763.sn.umu.se) got netsplit.
[00:11] hadess (hadess at pc2-guil2-0-cust150.gui.cable.ntl.com) got netsplit.
[00:11] hadess (hadess at pc2-guil2-0-cust150.gui.cable.ntl.com) returned to #gstreamer.
[00:11] big_T (thomas at fysgr763.sn.umu.se) returned to #gstreamer.
[00:11] omega_ (omega at omegacs.net) returned to #gstreamer.
[00:11] harm (harm at c122070.upc-c.chello.nl) left #gstreamer.
[00:11] <omega_> arnd: isn't there a libcdrecord or something?
[00:12] <arnd> cdrecord does not work with 2324 byte sectors
[00:12] <omega_> what uses that?
[00:12] <arnd> I thought I'd rather write my own lib
[00:12] <arnd> It's the video CD standard
[00:12] <ajmitch> arnd: i'm sure there's software that uses cdrecord to write vcds
[00:12] <omega_> hrm, I'd try to get cdrecord to do it, and have libcdrecord
[00:12] <omega_> cdrecord has all the other kinks worked out already
[00:12] <arnd> You can only write them with cdrdao atm
[00:13] <hadess> omega_: i'm still looking for this libcdrecord btw
[00:13] <omega_> hadess: dunno if it exists ;-(
[00:13] <arnd> problem is also feedback from cdrecord buffer fill to mpeg compression level
[00:14] <hadess> arnd: you don't want to write directly to the CD anyway
[00:14] <arnd> well, that's what my thesis is about
[00:15] <wtay> arnd: direct v4l->mpeg->cd stuff?
[00:15] <arnd> I basically want to have software that I could use in a set-top VCD recorder/player without hdd
[00:15] <hadess> arnd: what you want is gst to take care of everything up to the file formatting part, the last gst part being a gstpipe element, and then piping that into cdrecord/cdrdao
[00:15] <omega_> hadess: good idea <g>
[00:16] <hadess> omega_: that's why i need a raw audio/wav output sink =)
[00:16] <arnd> Well, mp1e does already give me an mpeg stream from v4l
[00:16] <arnd> I don't want to split it up
[00:17] <omega_> hadess: just use fdsink and set the caps to match the audio props you need
[00:17] <omega_> audio/wav != raw, btw
[00:17] <hadess> omega_: i know, the only difference is header (for 44.1 kHz, 16bit lalala)
[00:18] <ajmitch> bbl, pplz ;)
[00:18] Nick change: ajmitch -> aj-busy
[00:18] <Kuroyi> hmm
[00:18] <hadess> cya volunteer
[00:18] <aj-busy> hehe
[00:18] <Uraeus> Kuroyi: you are making a DVD hardware plugin?
[00:19] <Kuroyi> I'm not right at the moment
[00:19] <Kuroyi> but soon probably
[00:19] Action: hadess hacking on messages passing between container and control
[00:20] <hadess> meaning that i could get rhythmbox to play stuff this week-end :)
[00:20] <wtay> cool
[00:21] <hadess> hmm, i need cigarettes
[00:25] Action: hadess is away: ciggies
[00:29] <Uraeus> for the IRC log:  http://people.redhat.com/sopwith/esound-reqs.txt
[00:29] <omega_> thx
[00:43] arnd (arnd at k59.leppavaara.hoasnet.fi) left #gstreamer (KVIrc : the client that can't make coffee...).
[00:44] jerwin (jeremy at 66-44-55-118.s372.tnt1.lnhva.md.dialup.rcn.com) left irc: Read error to jerwin[66-44-55-118.s372.tnt1.lnhva.md.dialup.rcn.com]: EOF from client
[00:44] Nick change: omega_ -> omega_away
[00:47] Action: hadess is back (gone 00:21:57)
[00:47] <Uraeus> hi hadess
[01:03] <Uraeus> night
[01:03] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) left #gstreamer.
[01:11] Nick change: taaz -> taaz-away
[01:43] ChiefHighwater (paul at temple-baptist.com) left irc: 
[01:48] <hadess> wtay: still hacking ?
[01:49] <wtay> yeah
[01:49] <hadess> i'm trying to gather my sources and stop staring at the code
[01:50] <wtay> hadess: what are you staring at?
[01:50] <hadess> bonobo property bags
[01:50] <wtay> ah
[01:50] <wtay> heh
[01:50] <wtay> com'on hadess, code something! <g>
[01:50] <hadess> i just need to get one running, and a bit of gst glue, and i have a working player
[01:51] <wtay> neat
[01:51] <wtay> I'm working on mpegaudio
[01:52] <hadess> part of mpeg audio/video ?
[01:52] <wtay> mp3 layer1/2 encoder
[01:53] <hadess> mpg123 ?
[01:53] <hadess> oh, encoder
[01:53] <wtay> encoder
[01:53] <hadess> heh, sorry
[01:53] <wtay> more args and proper caps nego
[01:53] <hadess> boring stuff ?
[01:53] <wtay> yeah
[01:53] <wtay> nothing new
[02:01] <wtay> ./gstreamer-launch cdparanoia ! mpegaudio layer=2 mode=1 bitrate=384 ! mp3parse ! mpg123 ! osssink
[02:01] <hadess> workie ?
[02:01] <wtay> yeah
[02:02] <hadess> coolness
[02:02] <hadess> nearly there with my bags
[02:02] <wtay> coolness, in a way, yes. :)
[02:02] <wtay> sounds horrible
[02:02] <hadess> heh, why ?
[02:02] <wtay> wastes CPU...
[02:03] <wtay> my CD player is broken
[02:03] <hadess> ooh, that explains it
[02:03] <wtay> cdparanoia can only get the audio off of it at half speed
[02:03] <hadess> maybe you could decode an mp3 and recode it in mpeg layer 2
[02:04] <wtay> yup
[02:04] <hadess> ./gstreamer-launch gnomevfssrc location=/opt/foo.mp3 ! mad ! mpegaudio layer=2 mode=1 bitrate=384 ! mp3parse ! mpg123 ! osssink
[02:04] <wtay> doh
[02:04] <hadess> what is it ?
[02:05] <wtay> naah, mad and mpegaudio have a symbol conflict, they segv eachother
[02:05] <hadess> hmm, bad
[02:05] <wtay> yes
[02:07] <wtay> is toolame supposed to be a better encoder?
[02:07] <hadess> what is toolame ?
[02:07] <hadess> a lame modif i guess
[02:07] <wtay> another mpeg audio encoder :-)
[02:07] <wtay> based on mpegaudio
[02:08] <hadess> oh
[02:08] <wtay> but also borrows from lame
[02:08] <hadess> so it does every layer, 1,2 and 3 ?
[02:09] <wtay> only 1 and 2 AFAIK
[02:09] <hadess> weird
[02:12] <wtay> the problem is that none of them have proper namespaces and thread safety...
[02:17] <hadess> Gtk-WARNING **: invalid cast from (NULL) pointer to `BonoboWindow' <- bleh
[02:22] <hadess> more corba troubles :/
[02:25] Action: hadess dances around
[02:26] <hadess> uri: /opt/mp3s/techno/Fat Boy Slim - Star 69.mp3 <- this comes from the playlist control =)
[02:27] <wtay> hmm?
[02:27] <wtay> it looks cool although I have no clue what you're talking about.. <g>
[02:28] <hadess> i use a control (playlist, tuner, audiocd) and a container (the shell/gui)
[02:28] <hadess> and i got them to comminucate right
[02:28] <wtay> cool
[02:28] <hadess> s/inu/uni/
[02:30] <hadess> i just need to add some code and i will have the beginning of a playlist
[02:31] Action: wtay is tired.. :(
[02:32] <hadess> i will go to bed soon as well...
[02:32] <wtay> commiting my changes
[02:34] <wtay> time for bed now, cya all
[02:34] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-ZzZ
[02:34] <hadess> cya
[02:50] arik (arik at sdn-ar-001waseatP011.dialsprint.net) joined #gstreamer.
[02:50] <hadess> yo arik
[02:50] <arik> lo all
[02:50] <arik> hadess: hey
[02:54] Nick change: aj-busy -> ajmitch
[02:54] <hadess> yo ajmitch
[02:54] <ajmitch> uh oh
[02:54] Action: hadess staying late to catch up on the antipodians
[02:55] Action: ajmitch didn't do it!
[02:55] <arik> heh
[02:57] Action: hadess juggles with listeners and property bags
[02:58] <ajmitch> poor hadess, playing with bonobo?
[02:58] <hadess> not playing...
[02:58] <arik> heh
[02:59] <ajmitch> hadess: you have a nice functional control?
[02:59] <hadess> yep
[02:59] <ajmitch> excellent ;)
[03:00] <hadess> just need to get some communication between the control and the container, and that's the hard part
[03:01] <arik> it doesn't seem like it would be that hard to do a gnome_play_sound for gstreamer
[03:02] <hadess> not hard at all
[03:02] <arik> hmm
[03:02] <arik> maybe i'll do it this weekend
[03:03] <arik> and the esd wrapper calls
[03:06] <hadess> more dodgy this side...
[03:06] <arik> hmm
[03:11] <hadess> hahaha !
[03:11] <ajmitch> hadess has lost it...
[03:12] <hadess> no, i got it to work =)
[03:12] <arik> heh
[03:12] <ajmitch> hehe
[03:12] <ajmitch> show us your results, please ;)
[03:12] <hadess> i should have something to show rather soon
[03:14] <hadess> uri changed: newwwwwwww 1
[03:14] <hadess> uri changed: newwwwwwww 2
[03:14] <hadess> uri changed: newwwwwwww 3
[03:14] <hadess> uri changed: newwwwwwww 4
[03:14] <hadess> this is the result, if that's what you meant :P
[03:15] <ajmitch> nah, i mean show us the code, commit it to cvs if you can (or send to the appropriate gstreamer ppl so the masses can adore the work)
[03:16] <hadess> it's for rhythmbox, and it still doesn't contain any gstreamer code...
[03:16] <arik> heh
[03:16] <ajmitch> oh :(
[03:17] <arik> man i wish i could get alsa working right on this machine
[03:17] <arik> i hate having to turn off and on my sound every 20 minutes and i'm not gonna pay for commercial drivers
[03:19] <ajmitch> hehe, what sound card?
[03:20] <hadess> arik: i can send you a license if you want
[03:20] <arik> hadess: heh, why do you have a license?
[03:20] <arik> ajmitch: yamaha pci thingie
[03:20] <arik> ajmitch: it is supported and it compiles and runs
[03:20] <ajmitch> arik: my condolences ;)
[03:20] <hadess> arik: i bought one in 1998
[03:20] <arik> ajmitch: i just don't hear anything and i have unmuted it
[03:21] <hadess> Friday, May 22, 1998 to be precise
[03:21] <arik> hadess: hmm, i would still have to buy one for the driver, i think i'll just hunt down alsa ppl and bug em
[03:21] <hadess> oh, almost 3 years...
[03:21] <arik> yep
[03:21] <arik> almost exactly 3
[03:22] <hadess> arik: so, do you want the license or not ?
[03:23] <arik> nah, not yet anyway, i'm not willing to admit defeat
[03:23] <arik> i might at some point though ;-)
[03:23] <hadess> heh, just tell me
[03:23] <hadess> tomorrow is some xml job
[03:24] <arik> hehe
[03:24] Nick change: ajmitch -> ajbusy
[03:24] <hadess> that will be hairy i guess...
[03:25] <hadess> i've written over 5000 lines already...
[03:26] <hadess> bye gang
[03:26] hadess (hadess at pc2-guil2-0-cust150.gui.cable.ntl.com) left irc: mooooh!
[03:49] arik (arik at sdn-ar-001waseatP011.dialsprint.net) left irc: leaving
[04:42] Nick change: ajbusy -> ajmitch
[05:20] _gst_newt_ joined #gstreamer.

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