[gst-devel] plugin build proposal, part N

Andy Wingo apwingo at eos.ncsu.edu
Fri Nov 23 12:40:03 CET 2001

ok. i've taken a look at cml2, as well as at gtk+-all (which is defunct
now, it appears), and this is my new, bright and shiny proposal:

CVS modules:

gstreamer: core libs, core elements, tools, docs, tests that don't
         depend on plugins

plugins: all the plugins, each in their own subdir from the root dir,
         and the libs, as they are "plugins", just not gst elements,
         tests that depend on certain plugins

gstmediaplay: gstmediaplay, libgstplay, and associated bonobo control(s)

gsteditor: gsteditor-specific files

gstreamer-all: contains autogen.sh to check out the other modules, and a
         cml2 configurator

and that's it. each of these would have configure scripts, etc, so they
could be check out alone. the build process would go like this:

- check out gstreamer-all
- run autogen.sh, which checks out other packages and runs their
  autogen.sh's, including the 'configure' stages
- run make config (or make xconfig, etc) that runs cml2 config frontend,
  outputs a file similar to .config in the kernel. restrictions on this
  file's contents based on what was found in the configure runs can be
  incorporated into the rules base (perhaps using rules.in -> rules).
  values in .config are then used to set SUBDIRS and other things.
- run make, which recurses into all directories.

there are a few rough edges, but what do you all think? check out
http://tuxedo.org/~esr/cml2/webmachines.cml for an example rules file
that's actually in use.



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