[gst-devel] IRIX port?

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Tue Oct 2 14:54:04 CEST 2001

On Wed, 3 Oct 2001, Nick Blievers wrote:

> 	I was wondering what the status of the IRIX cothreads port
> was... a little while ago I offered to help but was told it was
> underway. Anyway, I checked out the latest CVS source, and sure
> enough, noticed some changes in gstarch with some MIPS specific
> code... however, there doesn't seem to be any mechanism for selecting
> the appropriate ABI (eg o32, n32 n64) or Architechture (mips1,2,3 or
> 4) (not to mention R4k and R10K processors issues), and so I cannot
> get it to compile. Can anyone give me an update as to the status of
> this? will I be duplicating effort if I work on this problem? What
> system was the initial mips code written on (eg ABI, Arch, processor
> type)?

Oh, you're under the impression that the ASM code has been tested?  hehehe

I just grabbed that code from DjVu, which has the asm code for several
architectures.  I haven't done anything else as far as getting it to
compile, and can't because I don't have a machine to do it on.  Do you
have a reference for the differences between the ABIs and architectures?
The ASM should be similar, if not the same, the biggest problem you're
likely to have is getting the right gcc and as options (such as with
AltiVec code on the PPC G4).

Since you have the machine(s), you're probably the only one able to figure
out what the required compile tricks are.  Once you have them, we'll merge
them into the CVS configure.in and get that working.  Send mail to the
list if you have any other questions, I'll see what I can help with.

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