[gst-devel] IRIX port?

Nick Blievers nick.blievers at adacel.com
Tue Oct 2 15:13:04 CEST 2001

> I just grabbed that code from DjVu, which has the asm code for several
> architectures.  I haven't done anything else as far as getting it to
> compile, and can't because I don't have a machine to do it on.  Do you
> have a reference for the differences between the ABIs and architectures?
> The ASM should be similar, if not the same, the biggest problem you're
> likely to have is getting the right gcc and as options (such as with
> AltiVec code on the PPC G4).
> Since you have the machine(s), you're probably the only one able to figure
> out what the required compile tricks are.  Once you have them, we'll merge
> them into the CVS configure.in and get that working.  Send mail to the
> list if you have any other questions, I'll see what I can help with.
I have access to the infosearch manuals, although they are scattered around
online, so you should be able to access them too... (eg
techpubs.sgi.com/infosearch or
ery=asm which is the n32 handbook.)

Anyway, I also have access to a variety of SGI hardware (IP22 -> IP35) and
so should be able to help testing, and will investigate the probably
compiler/as options. Will let you know how I go.

Thanks for the info!

Nick Blievers
Adacel Technologies

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