[gst-devel] code review & commiting

Dennis Smit synap at area101.penguin.nl
Thu Oct 11 00:52:11 CEST 2001

On Wed, 2001-10-10 at 21:14, David I. Lehn wrote:

> I hate to nag about things but now I feel I'm in the same situation as
> vishnu.  I posted some dvd reorg ideas and even a patch and i get no
> comments.  Feeling I got in the past in IRC discussion is my patch is
> not what should be in cvs. Personally I think what is in cvs now is
> useless.  Do I lose cvs access if I commit my code?  Does anyone but me
> care how the dvd code works?
> -dave

Hej Dave.. i personally think a lot of people care about the DVD part
and i (also i guess) find it terrible sad how the vishnu issue got 

He is / was a good comitter and was commiting a lot of new / cool stuff.
Anyway that is over now.. 

I wish that Erik and Vishnu could talk and solve their problems and
so vishnu gets his cvs acount back..


Dennis Smit (sienap).

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