[gst-devel] a modest proposal

Andy Wingo apwingo at eos.ncsu.edu
Wed Oct 17 15:57:14 CEST 2001

plugins need to be split off from the main cvs module. that's a known fact.

There are a few goals of the arrangement, when it is done, imo:

1) there will be broad groupings of plugins that can be checked out.
2) they will all build from the same configure script.
3) they will not be in the gst source tree.

wrt 1, how about the following:

* audio: audio-only stuff.
* video: video, including a52dec. ac3dec must die.
* 'system': http*. icecast? rtp*. gnomevfs.

wrt 2, it seems there will need to be an autogen.sh that will search the tree
for files of a well-known name to make the configure.ac script. It has to be
done this way because AC_OUTPUT has to output all .in's, not just for the
plugins that can be built.

wrt 3, there is some stuff in GstHowTo about how to link to uninstalled gst.
Also, we'd want to get gst configuration info as to where to install (is this
right?). gstreamer-register has to be modified to somehow look in this different
path for plugins. We need to figure out why libtool has problems linking to
uninstalled gst when there is a copy of gst installed.

Furthermore, any applications that are within gst's cvs repository need their
own module with their own configure script (one for all: gstmediaplay,
gsteditor, and perhaps even the test/ directory.)

Should there be a docs module? I shudder to think.

Anyway, comment on this and we can come to a conclusion. That would be very



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