[gst-devel] a modest proposal

Baker, Steve SBaker at CHELLO.com
Thu Oct 18 00:45:14 CEST 2001

> >    6) perhaps adopt a simple linux kernel like config util to select
> >       features and plugins you want.  this would just 
> output a script
> >       with appropriate flags for configure.  #4 would 
> provide a fairly
> >       uniform way to enable/disable and scan for available plugins.
> this is intriguing, and could solve my concerns about 
> categorization. I just
> don't want to have to go through hoops to disable all video 
> plugins, and this
> could do it for us. Still, another program to maintain, but 
> hey. Sounds pretty
> cool to me. This might even solve the splitting-modules-out 
> problem. I really
> don't want to have to recompile all plugins when something 
> really minor in core
> changes though.

CML2 should handle the level of configurability we require. It is already
used on projects other than the kernel:

I think I favour a flat plugin tree. Any taxonomy we devise will have its
platypus and over time the tree will probably again become the mess it is
now.  We may have to rename some plugins to make it obvious whether they are
for audio or video.


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