[gst-devel] guadec results

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Wed Apr 10 03:13:21 CEST 2002

So guys,

a quick recap of what guadec did for us.

a) we did a gstreamer code review where we went over quite a bit of stuff 
(together with the MAS guys).  The results of that will make it's way in 
cvs and docs and such.

b) We established good relations with MAS.  Some of us wil probably start 
looking through their code and stuff, and hopefully we can work out 
something fruitful with  them.

c) Ximian is interested in us setting up a red carpet channel for 
gstreamer.  We'll start with an ix86/redhat one, but it's a really good 
start to draw in new people.  I'll look into this.

d) We're in gnome's BugZilla as of now ! Bugzilla is way handier to use 
than sourceforge, so I'd suggest you start filing bugs there.  There much 
easier to track and follow.  Sourceforge's tracker wasn't working out too 
well for us imo ;) So start filing bugs !

e) There seems to be much anticipation for GStreamer in the Gnome world, 
that's a really good thing.

f) We kinda sort of agreed on starting to write a kde gstreamer media 
player as well.  From a political point of view this makes heaps of sense.  
We never quite connected with kde media developers at all, and it would 
make good sense to put the pressure on them by way of the users of kde.  
We just need someone to do it of course.

g) I'm hoping to fix the simplest stuff in the registry (please check the 
doc about it in docs/random/thomasvs) because it is really needed for 
stuff like garnome.  I would like us to do a 0.3.4 release this weekend - 
that's basically what we agreed on in Seville.  This is just an inbetween 
release, nothing special, but it is highly needed for the new rhythmbox 
(which is starting to look really good, thanks to jorn and hadess).

h) We need to focus on getting in a few basic stuff REAL soon now.  One of 
these is events.  Company, please share your views in a document 
explaining your current views so that we can all understand how it's 
supposed to work and help you and wtay out with sanity checking.  This is 
an ESSENTIAL bit for the player and we need to get a player out soon.
Another thing I think should go in soon is clocking.  I have some ideas 
for a subtitle plugin to test the clocking, because it's probably 
something very simple to do.

I'm guessing the event stuff is so complex we might as well start putting 
code for it in - it doesn't break other stuff too much, I suppose, if we 
get it fixed - and maybe redo it later after the 0.5.0.

i) I'll check my ideas for the 0.4.0 release, which should be a pretty 
solid one, from which on we'll start to come out more (red-carpet, 
bugzilla, general gnome things) and have to put in a little more work in 
quality control.  So that's probably what I'll be focussing on from now on 
until we have a good 0.5.0, with our semi-stable API we can commit to for 
some time while the core hackers can go back to messing up the core again 

j) Uraeus and Omega will probably only be back after the next weekend, as 
well as steveb, who's having a good holiday with his wife in Malaga ;)

That's about it for now.  Hope we can get stuff going !



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