[gst-devel] guadec results

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Wed Apr 10 17:41:03 CEST 2002

* Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be> [20020410 06:15]:
> b) We established good relations with MAS.

does MAS have a webiste?  the obvious searches with google don't turn up

> d) We're in gnome's BugZilla as of now ! Bugzilla is way handier to use 
> than sourceforge, so I'd suggest you start filing bugs there.  There much 
> easier to track and follow.  Sourceforge's tracker wasn't working out too 
> well for us imo ;) So start filing bugs !

Is this a good idea?  It's certainly unfortunate sf doesn't use
bugzilla.  But it seems having two bug databases is a mess.  And it's
not integrated with our mailing lists... which i for one find useful.
(despite the gawd awful format sf uses)

you're right that sf tracker doesn't work:  i still have numerous bugs
and requests that no one has fixed for me. ;)

did you plan on moving the current bugs to the gnome system?

> I would like us to do a 0.3.4 release this weekend - 
> i) I'll check my ideas for the 0.4.0 release, which should be a pretty 
> solid one, from which on we'll start to come out more (red-carpet, 
> bugzilla, general gnome things) and have to put in a little more work in 
> quality control.  So that's probably what I'll be focussing on from now on 
> until we have a good 0.5.0, with our semi-stable API we can commit to for 
> some time while the core hackers can go back to messing up the core again 
> <g>.

as far as versioning... i still think we should bump the minor number
every release we break compatability.  and use micro for just fixes and
improvements that don't effect lib users.  and do libtool versioning.
but i guess no one else agrees...

i put in some outstanding bugs that effect alot of the api.  the macro
and function renaming thing as well as the addition of glib-mkenums
code.  i'll do all that when i have time (ie, very busy now, i have no
idea when) but how does this mesh with release plans?  it's going to
break every app that isn't fixed for it.  if you want to call 0.4.0
"solid" and continue with current versioning scheme i'd suggest we
continue 0.3.{4,5,6,...} until no one has pending major api changes to

the glib-mkenum stuff is partially in the gst-python module now.  just
needs some makefile voodoo integrate with core properly.

is there more that needs to be discussed about macro renames?  i'm not
sure we ever came to a decision on irc about doing it for all the
functions and macros that are not in standard format. ?

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