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Bastien Nocera hadess at hadess.net
Fri Apr 19 07:39:47 CEST 2002

On Fri, 2002-04-19 at 09:37, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> Hi,
> well I had just woken up and read your mail and started to write a really 
> pissy mail back but luckily I got interrupted.
> So now that I'm at work I'll keep it simple ;)
> > Heya,
> > 
> > I told Thomas (how many times did I tell you, don't know, but a lot of
> > times) to disable -Werror in the tarballs.
> 1) If you're not my father or my mother then don't patronise me.
> 2) If you're not my boss or alternatively paying me handsome amounts of
>    cash then don't TELL me what to do.  You might always try asking 
>    however.

Fair enough, I asked you many times still, and didn't get it.

> > It seems that the plugins for
> > 0.3.4 were distributed with -Werror enabled by default.
> 3) I seem to remember that in the end the consensus was to use -Wall and 
> not -Werror for releases, while keeping both for cvs.  I might have, in 
> one of the tarballs, mixed up the two since in my subconsciousness it 
> still feels like "Wall" is more restrictive than "Werror", even though I 
> know I'm wrong.  In any case, you couldn't have asked much since the 
> Werror and Wall were only added by Company after the previous release.
> HOWEVER, There were TWO prereleases allowing anyone to catch these kinds 
> of mistakes BEFORE the release, and maybe even help fix.

I told you about them.

> > cc1: warnings being treated as errors
> > motion.c:87: warning: `dist1_MMX' declared `static' but never defined
> > motion.c:98: warning: `dist1_SSE' declared `static' but never defined
> These are relatively easy errors to fix and if you had been a good 
> developer and used regular cvs then these would have poked your eye out a 
> lot sooner.  I think it's up to each of the gstreamer developers to do the 
> right thing and fix warnings on their archs.

These errors I pointed out to you while we were testing the pre-release

> > I hope that it won't happen next time.
> The best way to ensure that is to help out.  I had announced the fact that 
> we were doing a release a week beforehand, yet still people succeed in 
> showing up at the VERY LAST MINUTE complaining about stuff they could have 
> fixed themselves a week before.  To you it might not seem like that big of 
> a deal, but I end up spending big chunks of my week-end trying to make 
> sure we get a good release out and waiting for everyone to chip in their 
> two cents long after the due date.  Most of the time the end result is 
> worth it, but not when someone comes back round complaining about stuff he 
> told us to do and didn't get done.  That kinda takes the fun out of it.

I know, but I also know that you have high standards, and presumably a
thick skin so that you don't take the piss when somebody makes comments
about your work. I also pointed out that -Werror was evil during the
code review... And if I was frb, I'd even tell you that it only works
with gcc and should only be used with gcc.

> The irony of it all is that I spent a whole week fixing up whatever I 
> could and motivating other people to help fix stuff in support of a decent 
> rhythmbox release to show other people the potential ;) And when I found a 
> few inconsistencies in the rhythmbox spec files, I didn't tell you to fix 
> them, I sent a patch.  I hope that kind of behaviour rubs off...

That's because you know that I don't use the spec files ;)

> Oh, and sorry for the still relatively high piss factor of this mail.

I love you too, and you know that.


/Bastien Nocera
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