[gst-devel] Docs/RFC: GstData

Baker, Steve SBaker at CHELLO.com
Sat Apr 20 03:28:01 CEST 2002

Benjamin enumerated:
> Instream events
> ===============
> GstEventNewMedia
> ----------------
> Signals the start of a new stream. This must be send before 
> any buffer of
> a new stream can be send.
> FIXME: The "must be send" can only be enforced if all 
> elements are event
> aware. And this is necessary if we don't want to get parts of stream 1
> inside stream 2.
> GstEventDiscontinuous
> ---------------------
> This must be send between buffers, that don't have continuous 
> data. This
> is necessary for example after seeking or when data is 
> dropped for speed.
> GstEventLength
> --------------
> Specifies the length of the stream.
> FIXME: Write more, when sure how to do this.

Instead of having a GstEventLength, the GstEventNewMedia could contain the
length of the stream if known.

Also, it would be good if GstEventDiscontinuous contained the byte offset so
that (for example) gst_bytestream_tell can be updated correctly.


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