[gst-devel] Any periodic broadcasting in practice now on Internet?

Zhu Nan zhunan at moon.bjnet.edu.cn
Wed Apr 24 08:04:09 CEST 2002

    Hi all, are there any periodic broadcasting service on the Internet ,and it can provide Near-VOD video service in practice ?  Can you give me some examples ? or just prototype is also OK.

    I know to deploy periodic broadcasting in a local network is easy. but how about running on a wider network such as Internet, across AS? the same easy?

    There are some periodic broadcast schemes such as Pyramid, Skyscraper and GDB... with fully analysis and discuss. But are there any such system in practice?

    I know there are lots broadcasting system in real time works, but I hear no periodic broadcasting example with Near-VOD service. Tell me some.  Thank you.

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