[gst-devel] incognize the end of play.

Kang Jeong-Hee Keizi at mail.co.kr
Wed Apr 24 21:28:03 CEST 2002

first of all, I'l happy to announce the chicky release of http://gramophone.sf.net/ 0.0.3. thanks to give voice to my project. :)

well, I've built playlist to feed gst one by one.
but there's an issue that I cannot find help anywhere.

how can I incognize the end of play?
I expected there must be a signal to do that. but not.
I suspected "state_change" signal is that if I check PLAYING_TO_NULL, but my applet freezed. (a little funny, may need more test)

and I have a problem of 'stall if I quit applet'.
I think I have to finish and destory whole gst objects.
but I cannot find the trigger to do that, like "finished" signal of applet.

pliz help me. those issue hold me away from bed.

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