[gst-devel] First draft of MCF transor API .. pleae have a look

Christian HJ Wiesner cwiesner at t-online.de
Thu Aug 15 05:55:01 CEST 2002

To.: gstreamer-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
cc : mcf-devel at lists.sourceforge.net


thomasvs suggested i drop you an email so everybody can have a look.

I hope i dont have to introduce the MCF project to you now anymore, else you
find all the necessary links on the bottom of this mail.
As we are in the middle of cementing some vital parts of the MCF specs or
'chief specs creator' robux4 desperately needs some input on his first draft
version of this API. Link to the API is here :
http://mcf.sourceforge.net/transor/transor-API.html  .

Comments are very well appreciated to go here
=24&sid=0f97a327ff8d61ec4fbddd0f79647fdf ( preferred way ) , being the new
home for technical discussion of MCF spec issues, or alternatively to MCF
devel ML, wich can be found either on news://news.gmane.org (
gmane.comp.video.mcf.devel ) or be accessed via very normal mail to
mcf-devel at lists.sourceforge.net  ( subscribe : http://sf.net/projects/mcf )

An explanation of what MCF transors are can be found here :

Basically for gstreamer both transors, decoding and encoding, could be
necessary, although from my ( basic ) understanding of what gstreamer is i
guess the decoding is more probable, as encoding will more likely be done by
an app as vdub ( Windows ) or mencoder .

What had to be done to allow MCF playback on gstreamer is in some way
comparable to the AVI parser for M$ Dshow, means it must
- detect the nr. of video/audio streams in an MCF file and the used codecs
for each ( by either FourCC if MCF is used in VfW mode or by native MCF
codec ident string, if codec is listed )
- parse the desired streams ( may be several languages, only one is wanted
at a time ) as requested by player app ( gstreamer player API )
- render them to the 'standard' audio/video renderers on gstreamer

Looking forward to your input, being urgently necessary her if we want to
make sure MCF can be supported on gstreamer


Sites : http://mcf.sourceforge.net
MCF mailing lists : news://news.gmane.org
Soon :  www.corecodec.com

3rd sending !! First 2 were sent via gmane and never arrived at ML ?

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