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On 14 Aug 2002 10:59:22 -0400, "Thomas J. Baker" <tjb at unh.edu> wrote:

> Has anyone had any luck with the gstreamer repository? I'm using RH 7.3
> and Ximian Gnome 2 snaps and the gstreamer stuff just doesn't work at
> all. Rhythmbox crashes on startup, gst-player can't play a simple mpg
> file, etc.

    I'm in your same shoes- I can get it upgraded and all, but I can never seem to work out where to start out with the thing; it strikes me as confusing!  But to be fair, I appreciate the pipline idea; just as it's useful on the commandline, it'll be emensely powerful for manipulating multimedia, too.    It's just not EASY yet.  I'm sure all kindsa glade-produced front-ends will come up for it soon, though.  And the docs are complete, too...

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