[gst-devel] FW: hardware filter elements

kshitij kshitij at ti.com
Thu Aug 22 23:08:02 CEST 2002

	does gstreamer supports harware filter elements where in the data remains
in the hardware and flows in the hardware. a typical example could be :

mp3 decoder with decode and mixing capability on the harware

src element filter ---->  mp3 decoder filter element--------> sink filter
					|						 	|
					|						 	|
					|							|
				hardware mp3 decoder --------------> hardware mixer/rendered

here the src element filter might collect the source data from a file and
then send it to a harware mp3 decoder, which then sends it to a harware
mixer/renderer.  Now in this scenario the mp3 decoder filter element and
sink filter element are kind of ghost filter elements and does no actual
work.  once the data is pumped to harware it is streamed inside.
If we get the data back (to the filter element) in the mp3 decoder element
then gstreamer will easily fit into the scenario.  But can some one suggest
me about how do I have this kind of scenario with Gstreamer.


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