[gst-devel] hardware filter elements

Ted Gould ted at gould.cx
Mon Aug 26 08:33:02 CEST 2002

No one else answered this question, so I'll take a shot at it...  please
correct me if I'm wrong.

> 	does gstreamer supports harware filter elements where in the data remains
> in the hardware and flows in the hardware. a typical example could be :

Using GStreamer to get data to and from the hardware, no problem. 
Dealing with data in the hardware, well, your kinda using GStreamer for
something that it wasn't designed for.  GStreamer can probably be best
described as a data passing architecture with multimedia extensions. 
Almost all of the connections are data based.  The problem with your
hardware blocks is that there would be no data to pass.  You could
probably trick GStreamer by passing some sort of information like buffer
pointers or something else that relates to the hardware, but you are
moving outside of the design at that point.

I think if you want to look at examples of this, I believe that you'd
want to look at the V4L stuff.  In this case on the output there are
several filters that alot of boards implement.  And (please someone
correct me if I'm wrong) what has happened is those filters are seen as
options on the output module, not as individual GStreamer elements.

Guessing what you are trying to do (from your e-mail address mostly),
you are probably trying to do something like the C6X tools from TI and
3-rd parties.  Basically where you can set up a pipeline and then move
parts of it back and forth from being on the DSP, and then on the host. 
If I was implementing this I would probably implement a GStreamer
element that transfers back and forth to the hardware, and then have all
the hardware configuration dealt with in the application.

I hope that was correct, and answered your questions :)

		Good Luck,
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