[gst-devel] Io synth progress update

Phil Frost indigo at sempiternity.org
Sat Aug 31 13:15:02 CEST 2002

Some of you may remember me...maybe...
Well anyway, I've been working on a software music synth project called
Io using gstreamer. Gst-editor didn't quite fit my needs, so I've been
writing on a gnomecanvas widget to edit the gstreamer networks from
scratch. It's mostly done as far a drawing stuff goes, but there are
some hellish bugs (in gnomecanvasmm I suspect). For those interested,
the project is on SF at http://sf.net/projects/iosynth/ .

If anyone familiar with gnomecanvas internals could help me debug, that
would be really really great, but more realisticly, some of the code
may be usefull for other gstreamer projects. Besides the incomplete,
buggy network editor, I've been writing C++ for gstreamer as I go; they
are in the gstmm directory of the source. They are quite unique in that
only header files and, unline most other C++ wrappers, involve
absloutely no overhead to use over the straight C interface.


Phil Frost Tate

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