[gst-devel] release

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Tue Jan 8 06:55:20 CET 2002


so I rolled two 0.3.1 tarballs which, if no further errors are found,
should be released.  (One for core, other for plugins)

To be had from http://gstreamer.net/releases/0.3.1/src

RPMS (SRPMS and i386 rpms) can be had from

from there, choose your dir, then choose what rpms you want (gst for
gstreamer ones, ext for external deps, ext-dev for their development
packages - only needed when actually compiling gst-plugins yourself and
dev for up-to-date development packages).

I have to say however that I can't get either of the players to play audio
and that worries me ;)

This is the error :

GStreamer-WARNING **: (internal error) default pad_push in place for pad
queue_play_audio:sink but it has no chain function

repeated all the time.

But gst-launch works so I suspect it's a caps nego thing.

Therefore I would say we do not release any player at all and instead
concentrate on getting the core and plugins right this time, then move
quickly further with the new caps nego.

Let's give arik the time to give us the player he wants.

My personal preference would be to release a 0.4.0 

* a decent working player is included
* new caps nego is in place
* only gnome2 stuff allowed
* we worked out all of the naming mess issues
* we are happy with what gets installed where
* we worked out a decent release practice
* we worked out what to do with the micro versions
* at least the core manual is easily buildable
* we have rpm's and debs working
* we have a working and useful testsuite
* we have renamed and commented our media files (let's use short names for
* we can provide simple shell scripts to run gst-launch commands against
  these media files (this would be great for people to report to us what
  works and what not)

If we have all of this then I think we can provide a rock-solid 0.4.0
release of which we can be proud and which we can actively promote for
some time.  

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