[gst-devel] release

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Tue Jan 8 10:54:20 CET 2002


> This plan got my vote, but if Wim thinks the new capsnego stuff is ready
> in a week I have no objections to putting out a 0.3.2 with that and
> other fixes we manage to put in this week.

Yeah, capsnego should be in for 0.3.2.  My idea is that 0.4.0 should only
be released when all of the above is done, not just capsnego.  Until that
is done, we should be releasing 0.3.x IMO

> > >From that point on we can consider keing the core stable for
> > practical development while our core hackers can tear apart the core as
> > much as they want.
> Well last time I suggested this I was told that there was no way we
> should/could have a stable core before what I scheduled as 0.5.0 in the
> dotplan. Anything frozen before that would be to much crack.

Well, this doesn't really imply a frozen api per se.  It means piecewise
frozen.  We "freeze" it for 0.4.0 and work on plugins against that core.
This doesn't mean an API freeze for the core at all.  Rather, it gives the
core hackers freedom to experiment without breaking stuff for the plugin
developers.  But we should just discuss this on IRC imo ;)


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