[gst-devel] DEBUG output

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Tue Jun 18 01:53:04 CEST 2002

Hi all,

I'm getting a bit tired of wading through debug output and not being able 
to find my way much ;) I think there's some things that might be improved 
so I'm going to ramble a bit and let you all comment.

* I would like it if I could get a good indication of what the message is
  about; ie. the DEBUG category, so you can easily search for them.
* INFO and DEBUG might as well just be shortened to I and D
* I think it'd be nice to have the actual message be indented further
  as the function nesting goes deeper.
  This might involve keeping track of each (co)thread's indentation level
  and I'm not sure that can be easily done.
* I see that functions can have their own colour but I'm clueless as to 
  what the colours mean at this point.  Does anyone know ?
* IMO I'd rather have the whole bit listing INFO/DEBUG pid:cothread take a 
  different color based on the pid/cothread combo entirely.
* There might be something wrong with the categories because we never seem
  to use them at all.  Why don't we use them ? Maybe specifying a mask on 
  the cmdline is too hard and we maybe should find a way to make this

Feel free to comment/shoot down ;)

On the include header issue : the general idea right now seems to be to 
put the headers in prefix/include/gstreamer-$(version)/

This makes clear that we're still in an unstable api and avoids all "you 
have old headers around" type of problems entirely.

If you have problems with this, comment, if not, I'm going to change to 


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