[gst-devel] gst-editor low-hanging fruit

Andy Wingo wingo at pobox.com
Mon Jun 24 08:54:03 CEST 2002

Hey folks,

If you haven't been following things, I've been working on the editor
recently. I ported it to Gnome 2, modularized it, and made it work
again. It had been nonfunctional for over a year, ugh.. Anyway, you can
create elements, add them to bins, connect them, change their properties
in realtime, run the pipelines, and save them to XML. The XML can be run
with the gst-xmllaunch command-line utility. Neat, neat. It's not
threadsafe yet, but that's on the TODO.

In any case, there's a lot of low-hanging fruit here for people to
pluck. If you're going to tackle something on this list, or even
something else, lemme know so I don't do it ;) -- I think we're about
30-40 hours of work away from a solid, solid product. It's so easy
going, with the backend being as stable and flexible as it is now.

1) Loading from (attaching to) an already-constructed pipeline - 5 hrs

2) Loading from XML - 1 hr, depends on 1)

3) Rapid prototyping with -launch syntax - 1 hr, depends on 1)

4) Fix some bugs in connection end misplacement, and add arrow heads to
   connections - 2 hrs

5) Make connections MVC - 1 hr
   * Connections should be dashed when they are first constructed
   * They turn solid when the pad_connected signal is fired

6) Make it possible to disconnect pads by dragging a connection off a pad - 1 hr

7) Make it possible to de-request pads - 2 hrs

8) Make editor threadsafe - unknown, possibly 5 hrs

9) Allow element removal - 2 hrs

10) Implement clipboard actions - 1 hr, depends on 9) and 2)

11) Add debug-ui page from libs/gst/debug-ui - 0.5 hr

12) Fix mapping / realization bugs in element-ui - 1 hr

13) Better status bar info - 4 hrs

14) 'Tip of the day' - 2 hrs

15) Help - 5-10 hrs

16) Integration with plugin docs - 3 hrs, depends on plugin docs being made

17) Make root pipeline immobile - 2 hrs

18) Replace NRPP boxes with something more intuitive - maybe O | " > in icons -
    2 hrs

19) Make GStreamer DTD - who knows...

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