[gst-devel] sorenson codec

Jérémy SIMON jesimon at libertysurf.fr
Mon Jun 24 10:56:07 CEST 2002

> quicktime's plugin is a demuxer, not a decoder.
> I hope ffmpeg will implement the codec, so we can simply use ffmpeg for
> this. This actually makes ffmpeg just as troublesome as avifile, except
> that ffmpeg actually works. Is that what we want?
> Most projects simply fork ffmpeg's tree and use it. Do we want that
> or do we want to link against ffmpeg's source tree like we do now?
> We can just fork the xine sorensen codec code of course, but that's not
> really the way-to-go(tm).


last libquicktime release has a native sorenson codec and someone is
working to add it to libavcodec ( ffmpeg )


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