[gst-devel] patch udp plugin

Ronald Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Thu Mar 21 11:21:04 CET 2002

Hi Jim,

On Thu, 2002-03-21 at 19:57, Jim Thornton wrote:
> I'm new to gstreamer and so I've been running random pieces of the system 
> to find out how it works.  I've been finding various bugs, some perhaps 
> well off the beaten path.  I'm going to try to submit some patches 
> with small fixes here and hope that I've done this correctly.   These are 
> off of the March 10 tarball.

First off: great work! Thanks for helping!


> First, for gstudpsink, it wasn't clocking out the data so I added a wait 
> with the system clock.

I don't think it shouldn't. The receiving client should just read UDP
sockets when it needs to, you shouldn't wait on the server side or
you'll get extremely weird sync behaviour (I think). The client side
will temporarily stop reading packets when it needs to wait for the


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