[gst-devel] patch udp plugin

Jim Thornton jthornton at parc.com
Thu Mar 21 12:26:31 CET 2002

> First off: great work! Thanks for helping!


> I don't think it shouldn't. The receiving client should just read UDP
> sockets when it needs to, you shouldn't wait on the server side or
> you'll get extremely weird sync behaviour (I think). The client side
> will temporarily stop reading packets when it needs to wait for the
> clock.

Yeah, this is what one would think.  The problem is that with the simple UDP
transport, there is no feedback connection from the receiver to the sender
for flow control.  The sender just sends data as fast as it can and much of
it appears to get dropped (presumably fills up what the kernel is willing to
buffer for the receiver then drops everything else).  Clocking the data out
at the playback rate from the sender at least assures that this will not
happen.  This is what the RTP plugin appears to do as well.  I've got some
fixes there also, but haven't got them assembled yet.



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