[gst-devel] volume plugin

Baker, Steve SBaker at CHELLO.com
Sun May 5 23:26:03 CEST 2002

DParams are designed so that if you don't want to use them in your app you
don't have to.

Company committed a small fix to the volume plugin which was preventing it
from working in gst-player - this might fix the problem with rb.

The other change is that the muted property has been renamed to "mute" (but
jorn knows this because I told him ;)

So if volume is broken, its not because of dparams - its because I broke it.
Bug reports welcome.

Having said all that, now that volume used dparams we could use dparams in
gst-player and rb.  The only benefit to doing this would be to allow smooth
volume changing.  At the moment if you drag the volume slider the volume
will change jerkily and you will hear audible artifacts like clicks. Using
the smoothing dparam will make volume changes just gradual enough to avoid

Extra memory usage would be minimal since the gstcontrol library is already
loaded for volume.

So I would like some opinions. If anyone has serious objections to having
dparams in consumer apps I will pursue this no further.  Otherwise I was
planning on adding dparams to gst-player as a demo.


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> Hi,
> This is actually for steve but I'm too lazy so I throw it up 
> for general 
> discussion ;)
> THe volume plugin has been changed to use dparams.  While I 
> like dparams, 
> jorn of rhythmbox asked me what's up with the plugin because 
> obviously it 
> doesn't work for them anymore.
> So the question - should volume really have dparams ? How can 
> they get the 
> old functionality with the current dparams ? ...
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