[gst-devel] gconf stuff

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Mon May 6 04:27:03 CEST 2002


we talked about this a little on IRC before.  I'm currently going over 
GConf and how GStreamer should use it.

Here's a few points that represent my view on it :

a) gconf should be used to store gstreamer-related defaults for every 
gnome app that uses GStreamer.  For example, rhythmbox (actually 
monkey-sound) has it's own key for the default audiosink, and IMO this 
should be a global gstreamer key - you'd want the same audiosink across 
all apps.

b) gconf can also store other defaults for plugins - like, buffer size for 

c) gconf should be in no way mandatory - people not using gconf should not 
be hindered in any way.  In practice, this means we just add GConf checks 
to configure and make them optional, and (IMO, but not sure yet about 
this) put all gconf-related things in a separate package (on the distro 

d) IMO the things we want to put there at this time are plugin-related and 
should thus go in gst-plugins.
On the other hand, maybe there are things (can't think of any atm though) 
that we would want to make a preference for the core ?

So basically, my idea at this point would be to :

* use /apps/gstreamer/defaults/audiosink and ../videosink and ../plugins
* create a gconf dir in gst-plugins with the schema file
* add a gstreamer-gconf rpm in the plugins
* make gst-player and rhythmbox use this gconf stuff

What do you think ?



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