[gst-devel] gconf stuff

Baker, Steve SBaker at CHELLO.com
Mon May 6 04:44:03 CEST 2002

Thomas pointed:
> Here's a few points that represent my view on it :
> a) gconf should be used to store gstreamer-related defaults for every 
> gnome app that uses GStreamer.  For example, rhythmbox (actually 
> monkey-sound) has it's own key for the default audiosink, and 
> IMO this 
> should be a global gstreamer key - you'd want the same 
> audiosink across 
> all apps.

I've been thinking about default audiosink. Considering recent Gnome rants
about the evils of giving users too many options, would it be possible to
write an audiosink which JustWorks by trying all the options until a working
audio sink is found.

It could do something like:
- attempt to create alsasink
- attampt to create osssink
- attempt to create esoundsink, massink, etc

I have no idea if this is really feasable or if it would sometimes give the
wrong result.  Each sink would need to do checks on creation (which don't
block) to confirm whether the sink method is usable.

The resulting sink name could be cached in a gconf key.  Then this would
mean one less potentially confusing capplet dialog that users have to grok.


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