[gst-devel] snapshot plugin

Jérémy SIMON jesimon at libertysurf.fr
Tue May 21 12:49:02 CEST 2002

Hello everyone,

  I wrote a plugin ( snapshot ). It's goal is to dump a frame to a png
file when it gets a signal. I compile it with yuv2rgb.c and yuv2yuv.c in
hermes directory. Wim and Thomas are not agree with that ... I can
understand ;)

  How does it works actually :
  When the plugin get a signal, it convert, if needed, the current frame
to RGB, and use libpng API to create a png file.

  We can do that in several manners : 

  1) ... ! colorspace ! snapshot ! colorspace ! xvideosink ( not very
good ;)
  2) Create a gst-colorspace like bytestream, ... to convert the frame
  3) Modify the plugin to create a *branch*, like a demuxer, to send the
frame to a pngenc plugin and then to a disksink element. But I don't
know if it's possible.

  Any ideas, suggestions ?



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