[gst-devel] Moving applications to GNOME CVS

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Mon Nov 4 15:41:08 CET 2002


> Guess I missed that on irc..
> Who is menthos?
> [searches through gst-devel archives...]
> Ah.. so back in July (!) there were 4 messages from the middle of a
> discussion.

Uhm, don't know how triggerhappy you are with the delete button, but the 
mail from Christian Rose, aka menthos, came in yesterday ;)

> > The reason is very simple :
> > a) it needs translation
> > b) it's going to be a full-fledged gnome app.
> What does that have to do with where the code is?  Anyone can send in
> patches for translations or gnomeappness.

Dude - this is how gnome works.
a) we want gst-player to be in the desktop platform
b) all gnome apps get translated by the gnome translation team
c) the gnome translation team has a huge job and for convenience and 
because it is customary they do it in their cvs.

We want gst-player to live in rome, so we do as the romans do.  Unless you 
have good reason to object to that, I don't see what the deal is.  It 
currently is steve's codebase anyway.  Had he said - no, I don't want it 
to move, it'd probably have stayed right where it is.  As it so happens, 
steve moved libgstplay to gst-plugins (which I think is a good idea) and 
he wants the player to go in cvs.

> I'm not trying to be negative about this... just trying to understand
> why we should go to the trouble of moving stuff.  For instance, the
> magic CVS "common" dir we have in gst CVS is going to break with this
> move.  Now someone is going to have to keep that in sync across CVSes.
> Fun.

As the person who made that dir, and the person who made all of that work, 
I think I'm in place to say "who cares".  We'll deal when it causes 
problems ;)

> Are releases still going to be on sf?

Sure, why not ?

> In theory I would be keeping the debian/ dir up-to-date.  I've been a
> little slack about that though, sorry.  So I guess I need GNOME CVS
> access just to update that?

You can send us patches ;)

> > I don't see any other apps moving any time soon however.
> > 
> Why are the other two, editor and recorder, treated different?  They
> could certainly use similar patches I suppose.

I don't see the editor going into a core gnome desktop any time soon.
The editor itself is a lot more useful as a gst hacker app than a gnome 
app.  The recorder might, but not currently.   The question is - would 
both benefit from getting translation ?
I would suggest if it came to that though to take out the library part 
from gstrec and keep it here, yes.

I think too big of a deal is being made of this.  If the people who write 
the code and maintain it want it translated, I don't see the problem.



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