[gst-devel] asfdemux/gstreamer

Ronald Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Fri Oct 18 13:21:02 CEST 2002

Hi Owen,

I tested asfdemux today. Some observations (as a test asf file, I'm
using your example asf file in the media/ directory):

gst-launch filesrc location=test.asf ! asfdemux video_%02d! { queue !
fakesink }

doesn't give any usable output from fakesink. Obviously, changing
fakesink into 'ffmpegdec_mpeg4 ! colorspace ! xvideosink' doesn't help

This is what I understand from the plugin (mind me, I'm not an ASF
expert, I know nothing about it): it's an object file, where each object
(media data, stream information, metadata, comments etc.) are divided
over the file as binary data.

Okay, I noticed that process_stream() reads video/audio data and sets
the GstCaps on the GstPad. However, it doesn't push any data to the src
pads (which would give the data to the next plugin). process_data() does
(well, it calls process_segment(), which calls process_chunk(), which
calles gst_pad_push()). This doesn't seem right, since process_data
doesn't seem to read any audio. Am I missing something here?

Anyway, some ASF docs would be helpful, I'm clueless about the ASF file
format. I hope I can help in making the plugin work!


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