[gst-devel] Hello

Dr.Wale Smith smith.wale at lycos.co.uk
Thu Oct 24 07:54:07 CEST 2002

Dear Friend, 

I Apologise for this intrusion into your personal 
affairs,but i need your assistance which will turn 
out to be mutually beneficial to both parties.I 
have a proposal for you. 

We are top officials of the new civilian 
administration Committee on Foreign and Local Contract Payment, 
who are interested in the importation of goods into our country 
with funds which are presently trapped in Nigeria. 
In order to actualize this dream, we seek 
your assistance to transfer the said-trapped fund 
into an interest bearing account which you have 
absolute control over in your country or a third 
country other than Nigeria. 

The new civilian administration of General Olusegun 
Obasanjo (rtd) set-up this committee specifically 
to review all contracts/oil licenses to determine 
their propriety and relevance in the light of the 
country's current economic and political realities. 
We have identified a lot of inflated contract fund 
which are currently floating in our Apex Bank. At 
this moment we have worked out modalities within 
ourselves and some acquaintances at the Apex Bank 
to collect the sum of US$31,000,000.00 (Thirty one 
million, United States Dollars) only, for our 
personal use. 

However, by virtue of our positions as Civil 
Servants and members of the Contract Review Panel, 
we cannot acquire this money in our names, 
consequently, I was delegated by my colleagues as a 
matter of trust to look for an overseas partner 
into whose account we can transfer this sum of money, 
hence this letter to you. 

Furthermore, my colleagues and I are willing to 
transfer the total sum of US$31,0000.00 (Thirty one 
Million, United States Dollars) into your account 
for disbursement. Your areas of specialization is 
not a hindrance to the successful execution of this 
transaction and the account required for this 
project can either be PERSONAL, COMPANY or an 
OFFSHORE account you have total control over. 
Needless to say, the trust reposed on you at this 
juncture is enormous. In return, we have agreed to 
offer you 15% of this sum while 2% shall be set 
aside for incidental expenses between the parties 
in the course of this transaction. You must however 
note that this transaction is subject to the 
following terms and conditions: - 

(a) Our conviction of your transparent honesty 
and diligence 

(b) That you would treat this transaction with 
utmost secrecy and confidentiality. 

(c) That the funds would be transferred to an 
account where you have absolute control over. 

This however depends on your response to conditions 
A and C above. 

Modalities have been worked out to the highest 
level for the immediate transfer of the funds 
within 14 working days subject to your satisfaction 
of the above stated terms. Our assurance is that 
your role is RISK FREE. To accord this transaction 
the legality it deserves and for mutual security of 
the funds, the whole approval procedures will be 
officially and legally processed with your name or 
the name of any company you may nominates as the 
bonafide beneficiary. 

Once more, I want you to understand that having put 
over 23 years in the civil service of my country, 
I am averse to having my image, and career dented. 
This matter should be treated with utmost secrecy 
and urgency. 

Kindly expedite action as we are behind schedule to 
enable us include this transfer in this batch as 
payments to foreign contractors is usually carried 
out on quarterly basis. Contact me on my e-mail 
address . 

Wale Smith

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