[gst-devel] smb via gnome-vfs

Matthew Eaton gs at divinehawk.com
Sat Oct 26 21:05:02 CEST 2002

Any ideas on what is going on here? I'm running debian unstable, gnome2, 
and installed all the gstreamer-* packages.

In Nautilus while trying to play an mp3 on a network share:
"Media Player" can't open "Michael W. Smith - Turn Your Eyes Upon 
Jesus.mp3" because "Media Player" can't access files at "smb" locations. 
  No other applications are available to view this file.  If you copy 
this file onto your computer, you may be able to open it.

I tried this directly:

gst-launch gnomevfssrc 
location="smb://zion/C/My%20Documents/My%20Music/05 - Michael W. Smith - 
Open the Eyes of My Heart.mp3"

response was:
INFO (25069: 0) Initializing GStreamer Core Library version 0.4.1
INFO (25069: 0) CPU features: (c1c3f9ff) MMX 3DNOW MMXEXT
registry: loaded global_registry in 0.227693 seconds
GStreamer-INFO: 0 live buffer(s)
GStreamer-INFO: 0 live bufferpool(s)
GStreamer-INFO: 0 live event(s)
RUNNING pipeline
gnomevfssrc0: filesize = 5219517

but then it just took up 97 % of the cpu and did nothing.

Any help appreciated.

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