[gst-devel] branched

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Wed Oct 30 02:59:02 CET 2002

Hey guys,

I branched for a 0.4.2 release, both core and plugins.
Player is to follow soon.

I  would appreciate it if you make my work easy this time by either 
holding off committing to head for a bit, or explaining fully what a patch 

If a patch is to be considered for a release, then
a) please make sure it fixes a known bug, not add a feature
b) commit it to the 0-4-2 release branch, NOT to head (I merge back 
afterwards anyway)
c) make sure it fixes the bug or at least tell us about what it fixes and 
how to check it.

Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

Iain, make sure that the wavenc plugin is included properly and to your 
satisfaction ;) This release is for you.

Oh yeah - yesterday's mail was meant to say that not ALL of the features 
mentioned are going to make it into gnome 2.2, it's a roadmap for what 
GStreamer can do for Gnome in the next year ;) We'll take it as we can.



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